Love in her eyes, Scars on her arms, Fear in her heart..

Well this is a little fan fiction of One Direction. I have never written a fan fiction before ... So.. if you would read the the begining of this and tell me what you think, and if I should keep going or not? ^^ Thanks...


2. Another Shock

Harry’s POV –

“There they are!” I heard the girl shout, realizing I still don’t know her name. I saw her take off half sprint have walk to them. They were extatic to reunite with each other.

“I guess our work here is done.” Nial said sounding accomplished, also while staring at the other beautiful young lady in the group. She had such red such plump kissable lips. Nial licked his lips nervously.

“Hey, haven’t I seen you before?” The blonde girl said to Harry.

“Well yeah … I’m Harry Styles!!” He shouted. Just a bit too loud, next thing you know, there is a big ass crowd surrounding them.

“Oh great Harry! Girls, follow us, lets get out of here!” Nial grabs two of the girls, the blonde and the black haired ones while harry grabs the brownish blonde haired girl. (haha go figure right)

They race out the doors onto the street and turn the corner into a tight alley. They take what seems like a million back roads until they come upon a huuuuuuge House.

“Welcome to the One Direction  hangout..” Whispers Nial. He continues to lead the way up some stairs and into the house.

For some reason Harry and the other gal had disappeared but Nial thought nothing of it, until he heard …

“Get your filthy ass hands off of me! You’ve no right to man handle me!” She screeched.

“Yes fucking ma’am.” Harry said with sarcasm jerking his hands off of her.

“Justyce! That’s Harry Styles your talking to!” The blonde one gasped.

“I. Don’t. Give. A. Rats. Ass. If. It. Was. The. President. YOU DON’T TOUCH ME IN ANY WAY THAT I DON’T ASK!” She yelled, gasping the words out, running out of breath.

Next thing they knew, she was running into the unfamiliar house of theirs, and hiding herself somewhere. Alone. Quiet. And very very scared…

"Is she always like this?" Nial asks the blonde.

"She has had... a rough life.. " The blonde said looking gloomed."By the way, I'm Savannah" She finished smiling.

"I'm Elizabeth! But you can call me Lizz" Lizz said grining from ear to ear.

"Haha, nice to meet you both." Nial smiled, " now if you will excuse me, I will call the rest of the boys home."

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