Saved by One Diretion

I run. Fast. Run for ny life...
Shopie-June is a normal girl. 16 years old. Got a boyfriend. Friends. Day her boyfriend get killed, she starts to find out who it was. She finds out who it was, when she almost die because off him...


7. What...

Harry push the chair out for me, and i sit on it. he is a real gentleman. swag. she wants a gentleman. thats how am I. and i got one.

Harry: boys met June.

Zayn: hey, i am Zayn.

June: nice to met you. i am June.

Liam: hi, am Liam.

June: hey Liam. I am June.

Niall: hey June. Wait, June? Shopie-June? is that you?

June: how do you know my full name?

Niall:  can't you remember singing clas?

June: mmmmm....little horan?

Niall: yep that me.

June: Shit, i missed you.

Niall give a hug and a little kiss on my cheek. harry don't see it because he find the food to me.

Zayn: wait, do you to know each other?

June: yes it's long time ago. we were dateing.

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