Saved by One Diretion

I run. Fast. Run for ny life...
Shopie-June is a normal girl. 16 years old. Got a boyfriend. Friends. Day her boyfriend get killed, she starts to find out who it was. She finds out who it was, when she almost die because off him...


6. Proves...

Harry: hey honny! how are you?

the first think i hear when i get downstairs is Harry's sweet voice.

June: better thanks. I missed you.

Harry: missed you to.

Harry fast go over to me and kiss me. i smile to him. louis come in to the room.

Louis: okay harry. who is that girl.

Harry: let her explain it.

harry and louis is looking at me. shit. what shall I say to them.

Louis: can she talk?

June: yes, she can. what do want to know?

Louis: name? age? why th hell you're here?

June: my name is Sho... June. i am 16 years old. because Harry saved my life.

Louis: Sho-June? what is you real name?

June: okay. Shopie-June bach. call me June.

Louis: okay June. wait, Harry saved you're life?

June: jep.

Harry: lou let her eat.  She has hardly eaten for 2 weeks.

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