Saved by One Diretion

I run. Fast. Run for ny life...
Shopie-June is a normal girl. 16 years old. Got a boyfriend. Friends. Day her boyfriend get killed, she starts to find out who it was. She finds out who it was, when she almost die because off him...


5. Message...

if i was gone, I was glad it was with Harry in my head. I had a dream when harry kisses me agin. well, the dream did stop, and that mens i am alive. i look aroun. i think i am in Harry's room. i go out to the bathroom and see a message. it's from Harry:

hey sweet heart. <3

Here is a hairbrush and a toothbrush
take a shower, brush your teeth and hair.

there is clean clothes on the bed.
I'll see you downstairs. I'm waiting for you with hot breakfast.
your Harry ... <3 <3 <3

it sweet. i first brush my hair, and then my teeth. after that i take a shower. it's nice to fell clean agin. when i stand in the shower, some one goes in to Harry's room. he don't go in to the bathroom, but he lies som think on the bed. i guess it was Harry with my clothes. when i am done i go out a see the clothes. a bra. size c 80. it's my size. I look at the underpants are also lie there. size small. my size. there also lies some black jeans, a black tank top and a bordeaux top to take over the black top. it was all in my size. okay...


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