Saved by One Diretion

I run. Fast. Run for ny life...
Shopie-June is a normal girl. 16 years old. Got a boyfriend. Friends. Day her boyfriend get killed, she starts to find out who it was. She finds out who it was, when she almost die because off him...


4. Home...

Harry: maybe, maybe not. does this answer Your question.

Harry fast kiss me on my cheek, and a smile grow on my lips.

June: maybe, maybe not.

we start laughing. harry kiss me agin, but this time I falling in to his arms. I can see things

around me, but can't move. harry fast lift me up and carry me. he has 2 mils home. after 1 mil, he takes his phone and call one.

harry: hey lou, can you pick me up. bakerstreet. yes, good see you.

i guess it was louis. louis got a sweet nickname. lou. well lou is here now, and harry open the door and lie me down on the seat.

louis: who is that?

Harry: explain later. drive fast home.

louis: to os?

Harry: yes. now please.

louis starts the car and in 5 min we at there house. harry carry me inside, and the other boys is just looking at him, like he's crazy. he lie me down on his bed, and lie beside me. he take his shirt off, but not his pants. lucky for me. i use all my powers to move my head so it lies on Harry's chest. He lies his arm around me, and i fast fall a sleep. i fell so save in Harry's arms. i wish this moment will last forever...

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