Saved by One Diretion

I run. Fast. Run for ny life...
Shopie-June is a normal girl. 16 years old. Got a boyfriend. Friends. Day her boyfriend get killed, she starts to find out who it was. She finds out who it was, when she almost die because off him...


2. behind a box...

Aaaaaahhhhh, fuck I'am tired. I have walked for 2 hours. wait, is that... YES!!!!!!! I can see the city. It mens I can call one off my friends.


Fuck! Who the hell is it I am lying on?

June: I am so sory. Are you okay?

Man:Yes I am, but who are you?

June: I say it behind that box.

I pull him down behind a box.

Man: what is you're name, and why are you here?

June: My name is Shopie-June

Man: Shopie-June?

June: just call me June

man: And why are you here?

June: Because a crazy man is hunting me. who are you, and what is you name?

Man: I am Harry, and my name is Harry

June: haha very funy. aftername?

Harry: Styles, Harry Styles...

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