Time Tom

Tom Traveller, aged 21/14 (get your head round that!) has just woken up in a very weird situation. His current life makes no sense what so ever, is he twenty one? Why is he now fourteen? How is he fourteen? The person with the answers might be the mysterious Sarah, a girl who not only has a secret but is the first in a collection of strange and out-of-this-world characters from across time and space.
I wrote this story in 2005, that's why it's not of the best quality. :o


5. Time's up!


    Tom opened his eyes,

“He’s coming round!” gasped a voice, a voice that Tom instantly recognised as Sarah’s,

“What’s going on?” he burbled,

“Don’t worry, you’re in a hospital bed in my Father’s secret base, he’s agreed to leave you alone.”


“Oh yes, I threatened him, I said if he laid one finger on you I’d go to the Government and tell them about me, he’s not supposed to have a should-be-dead daughter powered by alien technology.” that was Sarah,

“What happened to me?”


“You smashed into some insulated office walls and went into a coma,” droned Ben, “You fell from quite a height, must have been fifty feet.”

“Interesting, bet no human can say they’ve done that.”

“Ah yes that’s another thing,” frowned Sarah, “You’re not completely human anymore, during you’re time here you’ve internally changed, you’re now thirty per cent alien, near the margin that D.A.T.R gave you all that time ago. Perhaps your impact with said office walls triggered a healing response inside you – a side effect of this healing being that you become slightly alien.”

“How long have I been here?” whispered Tom,

“Oh nearly a week.” droned Ben

“Ah bother,” moaned Tom too weak to sit up in a hurry, “I’m guessing my week’s up, in a moment I’m going to be sucked out of here and killed by something for not fixing these shoes.”

“I can help.” droned Ben,


“I can read the minds of aliens thanks to the work of the company, give me your hands.” Tom did so

“Ah, I see” sighed Ben eye’s closed, there was a pop and something unexpected happened. A figure now stood before Tom, a humanoid figure formed of small balls of light,

“What alien have you transformed into now?” laughed Tom, he was now sitting up,

“One of your race, one of the caretakers of the F.O.R.D  T, your people were, are and will always be its carers but there was an incident some time ago, your Mother was sucked to the Caribbean and time-locked there. That is no longer important, I’m now someone who can fix those shoes.” Tom noticed that his trainers were being pointed to.

“Do it quick.” readied Tom, Ben grasped the shoes and they vibrated hard,

“Done.” breathed Ben and bubbled back into a human, Tom felt a force gripping him,

“Just in time.” he sighed.

  He was back in Walcina the bird lady’s arms, “Oh, you’re the one who wanted the shoes” he whimpered, Walcina threw him to the ground and pulled his shoes off, there was a pause,

“Vight back?” taunted Walcina,

“I’m too weak.” breathed Tom,

“Vine, but vait, you must bring back my mate.”

“See above.” gasped Tom,

“I don’t care if you’re too veak!” hissed Walcina, her sharp nails were at his throat,

“Do it. Come on, kill me.” challenged Tom, he was fast running out of breath for the last time.
“I can’t run any further, death is the perfect release.”

“I’m not going to gif you the satisvaction then,” decided Walcina, “But surely there is someving you can do?”

  “I can hand mastery of the shoes over to you and the end of the world on my head so be it.” breathed Tom

“Seriously?” (Nod) “My god, you are stupeed in death!” Walcina threw the shoes to Tom, they landed beside him and he rested his hands on them, there was a pause,

“Something’s telling me this is a bad idea but I’ll convince that feeling of different.”

“Fery touching.” breezed Walcina not caring she was interrupted by the shoes jumping high into the air, when they came down they were scarlet and white instead of blue and white,

“There you go, they’ll obey you now.” breathed Tom and slipped backwards into nothing.

      Tom was back in the hospital bed.

“What happened?” asked Ben,


“What?” moaned Tom,

“Where are the shoes?” pressed Sarah after seeing just socks on his feet,

“Does it matter, I think I’m on my way out,” blinked Tom, “The world is so confusing, it wasn’t supposed to end this way, obviously time plays tricks on you…sometimes.”

“You’re just burbling nonsense.” concluded Ben, everything suddenly shook, it was like an all over planetary earthquake, Sarah ran to the window looked out and gasped.

“Tom, a huge rent’s opened in the sky, Earth’s magnetic field is being sucked away, has this anything to do with you!”

“Might have.” gasped Tom like a fish in need of water,

“He gave the shoes to an alien.” muttered Ben loudly,

“Make it stop.” pleaded Sarah,

“We need you to save us.” said Ben,

“Tom my computers are telling me this vortex is trying to pull Earth back in time, if this Earth meets newly formed Earth the two Earths will cancel each other out.” Sarah finished saying this looking completely petrified,

“We need you to save us.” repeated Ben,

“The world needs you Time Tom.” encouraged Sarah.

    “Not enough hope.” breathed Tom, Sarah’s Father looked in, he too looked pretty worried, he didn’t want the Earth to end on his watch.

“Uphold your bargain,” he yelled, “save the world!”

“Oh that’s nice,” retaliated Tom, “It’s just orders, orders, orders with you.”

“Sorry…the world needs you Time Tom.”

“Finally, you’re on my side, that knowledge gets me going.” said Tom jumping out of bed, then he stopped. “I can’t do it without the shoes.” there was a pause.

“I detect something inside Tom that is positive.” droned Ben,

“I can guess what it is.” said Sarah, she turned to Tom. “Tom, you don’t need the shoes,” she touched his heart (feelings of love mushroomed through Tom’s body), “The power is within you.”

      “God, that sounds corny,” grinned Tom, “But worth a try.” Tom focused hard clenched his fists…and ran. There was a sonic boom and the (now) small figure was racing up into the sky, heading straight towards the centre of the rent.


    Tom entered the crack at ridiculous speed fists ready and got Walcina very hard, she was thrown back but re-righted and continued to hover.

“What happened?” yelled Tom coming in again for the attack,

“I still couldn’t save my mate so I did ver plan solo.” said Walcina as Tom smashed into her again.

“You’re better than this, do something!” yelled Tom as they spun over and over clawing at each other,

“Vere’s nothing you can do, I master the shoes!”

“If (punch) I (block) can (duck) bring back your husband (punch) will you turn it off?” there was a pause.

“Yes.” gave in Walcina. Tom plucked off the shoes and re-ented them, he begged for an upgrade and ran, off into the past he went, he snatched Walcina’s mate from death returning him to safety then travelled with him to the present. On arrival Tom gave shoe mastery to Walcina and threw them to her, the moment Walcina saw her husband (she was already wearing the shoes) she restored Earth’s natural shields and stopped the vortexial rent. The three were left floating in space, air supplies running out.

“Vank you vor brining us back together Time Tom,” bowed the male, “We ave eavily underestimated you, we and our people will leafe you and your planet alone vorefer.”


“Tom,” said the female, “If I was you muvfur I would be fery proud of you.”

“Thank you very much, very heart-warming.”

“My vife and I want to leafe you in the knowledge vat you are now a friend of the Jarbreath.”

“My oosband and I vant to varn you vat someving else is coming.”

“I’ll be ready, nice meeting you.” said Tom, as he was saying this Walcina surrendered the shoes in a friendly manner and the avian pair disappeared in a teleport-haze, Tom donned the shoes and fell back to Earth.

  He came to an air-braked halt outside his room window and stepped in, Sarah and Ben gave him a round of applause,

“I don’t suppose the world has any idea what just happened.” laughed Ben,

“D.A.T.R is putting out a science-themed cover story.” said Sarah hugging Tom, Sarah’s Father would have said well done for upholding your part of the bargain, if he hadn’t gone off alone to sulk about being proved wrong. 

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