Time Tom

Tom Traveller, aged 21/14 (get your head round that!) has just woken up in a very weird situation. His current life makes no sense what so ever, is he twenty one? Why is he now fourteen? How is he fourteen? The person with the answers might be the mysterious Sarah, a girl who not only has a secret but is the first in a collection of strange and out-of-this-world characters from across time and space.
I wrote this story in 2005, that's why it's not of the best quality. :o


6. An unexpected jolt to the system


“That was a most interesting two weeks,” said Tom looking at his new found friends from the bed, “And to think that I wanted to find my mother,” there was a sudden silence, “Yet, I have been tested in saving the world, I’ve passed the test, this doesn’t make sense.” Sarah and Ben were now looking really worried, it obviously was not making sense for them either. Suddenly everything clicked into place. “That’s it!” yelled Tom leaping up, “My mother was a distraction for something huge, come here!” He went to Ben, “Ben, I forgive you for what happened earlier on in our relationship, this adventure has been good,” he shook hands, mentally impaired Ben went along with it not knowing what was going on! He turned to Sarah, “Sarah, I’ve always loved you but there’s something big going on here, we were never destined to be and this is too painful.” He hugged her, on separation he frowned, “Tell Tammy and Thomas Traveller my adopted parents thanks for everything, right… I’ll never forget you.” and Tom started running again using the first style and not the one he’d later discovered.

  ‘Flash’ The baby crawled across the floor then stood and took its first step ‘Flash’ The teenager swam from one end of the small pool to the other ‘Flash’ the young man ran through the door of the burning hut, saw the figures on the bed, “Mum!” he cried “we must leave!” he ran forward…Tom ran out the other side into the cul-de-sac where his story had started. “Good good,” he whispered to himself, “Now to find it, it must be here somewhere.” Tom flitted from bin to bin in a panic, eventually he came to the big council corner and in one of the big cardboard recycling bins was…the cardboard box with drawn on consoles. Tom lifted it down and looked into it, images of a baby within bothered him, now was not the time, Tom took a deep breath said goodbye to this world, he didn’t know why and pushed his head down into the box.


    He fell onto a crash-mat and looked up; there stood a man in silver uniform holding a stopwatch.

“Verance Highcorridor, I wondered when you’d be getting back,” Verance looked worried, “I’m only joking, that was a good time, don’t worry, I’ll warrant you’ve passed this exam.” Verance looked around in greater detail, there was a group of silver suited kids behind the man, some looking nervous some smiling, he looked up, twelve feet in the air was a silver swimming cloud always moving, it was the portal to The Exam. Each exam was unique and would never be fair to the taker.


“I understand now sir,” said Verance, “In there my whole life felt like a mystery, unexplained if you know what I mean.”

“Do you mean to say you forgot it was fake and an exam,” twitched the man, “For if that is the case you’re going to be marked you down seriously.”

“I didn’t forget sir I was joking with you.” saluted Verance lying quickly through his teeth.

“Wait behind me,” instructed the man, “Rally Parliamentary Gardens, it’s your turn.”, a girl with literally gold hair stepped forward nervously, she was now on the crash mat, suddenly she was sucked into the cloud, the man started his stopwatch. Verance looked down at his silver suit, he felt ashamed and also odd, the man spoke with the stopwatch spoke, “Please go and see Doctor Wiebago, she’ll read your mind and start the grading process.”


    Verance faced Doctor Wiebago,

“Verance the exams are highly protected, us teachers can have no prior knowledge about them so I need to read your mind and watch your exam adventure from start to finish,” Verance squirmed, “This happens to everybody who takes an exam, it’s the only way you’re going to get your grades, grades that are very important.”

“Go ahead then.” sighed Verance and sat still. Doctor Wiebago placed her hands on his temples and thought hard, in an amazingly short space of time she saw Verance’s adventure in the exam. At no point during the exam had he named himself as Verance Highcorridor or at no point had he told the exam people to remain calm because it’s all going to be over soon, he’d genuinely forgotten he was inside an exam. This was bad, Wiebago hadn’t been doing this job long but she knew from records that Verance was the first Highcorridor to do really badly exam wise, he was from such an important family and this boy before her could actually be disowned if this information came to light, was it more than her jobs worth to break ancient rules?

    “Is everything okay doctor?”

“Yes, everything’s okay, I know all that I need to know, don’t forget I’m a doctor, a medical doctor, if there’s anything you want medically.”

“Doctor Wiebago, there is a problem.”

“I think I know what you’re going to say so hush Verance, I want no one to hear us,” Verance looked hard at the female, “I picked up on your brain and emotional waves Vara, there is something wrong” (the doctor had slipped into telepathy, Tom answered her in the same fashion)

“Doctor, I forgot I was in an exam, I was Tom in there and his life was good, he had family and friends and I don’t want to deprive them.”

“I won’t tell a sole young one, something will be done about it, now go.”


    Verance left and Doctor Wiebago sat in thought, that exam had looked really interesting; Wiebago was the current exam master, that exam had felt heavily under laced with destiny as she’d been watching it. That fact aside Verance had still done poorly but Wiebago had come to a decision, drat uncountable years of tradition it was time to do something different, Verance Highcorridor was now on track to receive good grades. One last thing, the world she’d seen was incredible, it had been the most diverse, complicated and advanced exam she’d seen so far. It was Wiebago’s responsibility to delete every exam after participant conclusion but was this the thing to do now, Doctor Wiebago continued to think yet she was well and truly stumped.                                                                           

    Completely human Tom left school with his friends (not-a-robot) Sarah and (slightly weird) Ben, the last two weeks had been boring, nothing big in space or the world had happened,

“Today was weird.” smiled Sarah,

“Cockroaches fart every fifteen minutes.” giggled Ben,

“The things we learn.” laughed Sarah,

“Here’s to a normal life.” grinned Tom.

The end.


Life has a way of bothering us, we think we’re done but it isn’t so. Tom thought his last adventure was his absolute last but after an unexpected and unfortunate event Tom finds himself once again alongside his old friends, Earth is perfectly normal in fact boring and Tom decides to take it easy and spend time with his friends. But when everyone starts hearing voices in their heads Tom knows something has to be done.

Telepathic Tom

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