Time Tom

Tom Traveller, aged 21/14 (get your head round that!) has just woken up in a very weird situation. His current life makes no sense what so ever, is he twenty one? Why is he now fourteen? How is he fourteen? The person with the answers might be the mysterious Sarah, a girl who not only has a secret but is the first in a collection of strange and out-of-this-world characters from across time and space.
I wrote this story in 2005, that's why it's not of the best quality. :o


2. A very different school day


' Flash ' the baby was given a surprise pair of little blue walking shoes, his first shoes...'Flash' the boys shoes had flashing blue lights in their heels that glowed with un-earthly beauty, he stamped up and down in them happily...' Flash ' The teenagers trainers were already covered in mud but that did not matter he was having an argument with his parents he was about to throw a letter at them, without thinking Tom threw out his arm and caught the letter with his hand knocking it off course...' Flash ' The man fell down the crevasse, he had nothing to move his feet on and swimming in the air, he began to edge over to the wall (now holding the woman’s hand) until, using his incredible speed he could run back up again but as he did the entrance hole above them began to close ' Flash ' ...and someone clapped an oxygen mask over his face and he suddenly woke again, for someone stood before him, he sat up, ignoring all the odd couples around him, his joints creaked as he straightened and his mother finally approached him... she was holding some tatty blue shoes that had lost almost all their colour and without a word she lifted off the duvet and put the shoes on his feet then she began to manoeuvre his legs up and down until they were a blur...' Flash ' and Tom ran out the other side and through the school gates.

    Tom went to the sign in desk and smiled at the woman behind it.

“And who are you please?”

“Eh, Tom Traveller, fourteen, I’m new in the town.” The woman tapped some keys and peered at the screen,

“You may be interested to know that a Tom Traveller started school here sixteen years ago, he was six years old.”

“Yeah I remember it well.”



“Are you in year ten then?”

“I am now”

“Right, that’s where we’ll put you, good luck Tom.” Tom headed for the first lesson of the day after consulting his timetable, on his way he looked at some old school photos, there he was looking very smart aged about nineteen…weird.

    It happened when they went into first lesson, the teacher, a Miss D Point, wanted to introduce a certain pupil.


"Come with me Tom, there's someone I need to warn you about." With these words she lead him over to a boy who had been staring absent-mindedly out the window, and suddenly the boy leapt up like he'd been stung and ran over towards Tom, "Now don't worry Tom, this is Ben. He’s a damaged child, don't be afraid he just wants to say hello." The boy ran right up to Tom and started sniffing his trouser leg then his leg then up the entire front of his body then he started licking Tom's face and poked a finger in Tom's ear so he could taste his earwax, then he looked hard into Tom's eyes while listening to his breathing then gave him a kiss for good measure.

    All this came as a bit of a surprise to Tom but he stood there and let the boy examine him from top to toe, after the kiss the teacher - stepping in at last - pulled the over-enthusiastic boy off our hero and Tom just stood there and wiped the spit off his face and then in front of the whole class the boy who had acted like a dog, began to glow brightly until only two people could look at him, those two people were Tom and Sarah,

"He looks like a beacon for something." breathed Sarah,

"Yes, but for what? Beacons are not good news." said Tom getting slightly worried,

"Don't," muttered Sarah (suddenly realizing the truth of the situation), "I'm quite sure that the next uninvited guests will be completely human." And she was right, for at that moment several men and women wrapped in tin-foil capes smashed through every window, a large dangerous looking gun was pointed at Tom and a voice yelled,

"Get down on the floor!"

And obediently every pupil except Tom and Sarah; lay down on the floor,

"So my calls are not good enough anymore." said Sarah to the leader,

"Sorry poppet, we should have told you, forewarned you...Oh my lord, you creature, get down and do not approach my daughter! Just lie down and you won't get hurt."

"What is going on?" asked the teacher from the warm carpet, who had been looking and listening with great curiosity, in answer the man laid a hand on Ben's shoulder,

"This lad detected an alien and alerted us, the boy who is lying down on the floor now… is not a boy but an alien, but please do not be a feared Mam." All this time Tom had been running his feet up and down the desk-side at high speed and just as the man said 'do not be a feared Mam' he whispered

"Somewhere safe and different." and he was off travelling.' Flash ' and he found himself in the middle of a desert, what surprised him more was the fact that he'd been here before but he could not remember at what age. He got up and looked about him, hoping he would not be tracked down, then he decided to get to the heart of the problem and his shoes did the work for him ' Flash '. And he found himself in a strange place, a large hall full of strange pictures and sculptures, the roof held high on spiralling pillars, a voice then announced, obviously from hidden speakers,

"Welcome to Ben's brain, please tread carefully and don't flick the exhibits, they help our boy think." And soon Tom could see what was going on; this brain had been made to think in an entirely new way, an alien detecting way,

"This must be that boy at school's brain." concluded Tom and then he tried to get back to the desert,

"I'm sorry," came the voice, "But you are an alien and you must stay here, you are a wanted alien, you must await capture… even here someone will come. Remain where you are."

    Meanwhile back in the school building everyone was wandering were Tom had gone and now they had gone as far as giving up when someone suggested they take Ben with them.

"Dad, I want to know where you're taking him and why?" demanded Sarah,

"I'm sorry poppet, but Daddy can't tell you that…”

“Ben is one of my class mates Dad!”

“…good bye children sorry for disturbing you and don't worry we’ll catch that alien." With these words, they left...secretly Sarah followed and just as they were about to get into their big van and take Ben away Sarah performed an amazing trick...she shook herself and transformed into a thick metal disk with the power of flight and just in time, she boarded the van!

    The van drove fast, emergency lights in different colours flashing until it came to a confidential tall building in a forest clearing. Sarah’s Father swept offboard his people in tow, also in tow was Ben on a stretcher, Sarah got trapped in the van.


“We must operate immediately.” said Sarah’s father as the team entered the hospital section and injected Ben with knock-out-fluid just to make sure, the boys alien detecting abilities had frozen him in a ‘alien-located’ state. An entire X-ray of Ben was taken first and Sarah’s Father had a look, “Is it just me or does that look like a little human figure!” he gasped pointing into the x-rayed brain area. Tom was playing himself at chess (with moulded brain cells) when suddenly a slit of light above him expanded and Tom wasn’t ready for what happened next. Tom saw the giant faces looking down at him and tried desperately to return to normal size but it was no good he could not and suddenly a large hand was descending towards him...in a flash Tom broke through the restraint barrier thanks to desperation,  grew to normal size and unassisted ran for it.

   Tom soon reached home and ran into a couple at the front door, they turned about and eyed him, they were dressed in weird robes (wooden beads on long plastic strings) and had long tired faces.

The female bent low from her high height and embraced him.

  "Hoy, get off me." blanched Tom,

"Darlink Son, pleese do nut strugel, I am your muffer."

   Tom translated this in surprise!  

“No you’re not!” he spluttered

“Tom!” scolded Tammy, “He’s probably stressed by your sudden re-emergence, please excuse him.”

“Where have they come from?” asked Tom slower this time.

“They have come from Arabia; they have been there for some time and have picked up an accent.” Tom thought this over, Arabia, this didn’t make any sense, his Mother was in the Caribbean and his Father…He didn’t have a Father; his Mother had always given the single impression. He turned on the male,

“How old am I?” he demanded,

“You are twenty fone in our eyes but vourteen somehow.” bowed his father,

“Favourite children’s song?”

“Little Tommy Jumpton.”

“Favourite song?” scowled Tom,

“Live voreever by Oasiz.” there was a pause,

“Very good.” muttered Tom his face settling,

“You’re bags are ready Son,” put in Thomas, “I’ll go and get them.”

  D.A.T.R was bored, he discovered a new galaxy, cracked the Esrevinu code and built a smaller version of himself disguised as a mobile phone, what’s all the more impressive is he did this all in five minutes, everything he did was still pretty basic, therefore boring, suddenly he began detecting something that didn’t ring clear, it was a shame too that he was on Report-to-Sarah-only mode and a further shame that her signal was down. A message from Sarah’s Father came through at that point, ‘Alien called Tom has escaped, monitor cul-de-sac and don’t let him escape if he’s there.’ 

    Sarah had been trapped in the van for some time, she couldn’t get a signal out, perhaps the building messed with this area of technology, there were still people milling about (leaving the van and staying out of painful interrogation would be difficult) and even if there weren’t the van was probably being monitored, Sarah made a note to herself, in future think before you jump into fully monitored vans.

  Ben’s head had been stitched back up and Ben was now in a special cell designed to calm the occupant. The walls had holograms on all sides giving the impression you were lying atop a hill a magnificent 360 degree view all around, best thing, it was working and Ben was calmed.


“I can’t believe it worked,” said Sarah’s Father drawing back from the eye-hole (the eye hole let him look into the fake hill view) “You know we must do this again, that idea with the pills was quite genius, who came up with it Swindon?” Swindon at his side ran his hands through his hair, prepared to move the glory of discovery off himself and pulled a sickly grin

“It was your idea sir.” he snivelled,

“So it was, I am a genius…by the way Swindon, have you seen Daddy’s little princess, I get the feeling she’s not too happy about the last operation, I fear she may be here, you know snuck in, keep your eyes open.”

“Yes sir.”

“Also send out another squad, I want that alien found.”

“Of course sir.” And Sarah’s Father was left alone.


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