Time Tom

Tom Traveller, aged 21/14 (get your head round that!) has just woken up in a very weird situation. His current life makes no sense what so ever, is he twenty one? Why is he now fourteen? How is he fourteen? The person with the answers might be the mysterious Sarah, a girl who not only has a secret but is the first in a collection of strange and out-of-this-world characters from across time and space.
I wrote this story in 2005, that's why it's not of the best quality. :o


4. A monster-sized problem


    “Which way to the commander’s office?” asked Sarah of a young worker, she disguised her voice as she did so. The worker gave her a map and continued on his way. Sarah found the office and burst in, removing her disguise as she did. “Father, we need to talk!” she demanded, her Father spat out his mouthful of tea and started.

“How did you get here child?”

“You don’t answer me I won’t answer you, what have you done with Ben?”

“That is classified information honey-bun.”

“Has Tom turned up?”

“If you’re talking about the human-mimicking creature there’s been no sign of him either. Why do you question me about him?”

“I don’t know well I do its… I like him.”

“Give reasons for this at once or so help me I’ll disown you.”

“He’s completely human.”

“Our scanners said different when we first met…so to speak.”

“So he was here somehow! Father, I scanned his presence trail, the scent of him that he left, I promise you he’s now a hundred per cent human, you built my scanners so you know they can’t be wrong.” Her Father was about to say something when awful noise broke from everywhere.


“Crap! This station is on full alert!” yelled the boss jumping up, he shouted into a hand held radio “Lift the shields in case of air attack” his command came too late. Something smashed through the roof and landed steaming on the carpet, Time Tom unwrapped himself from the satellite and stood up.

“At least I don’t have to pay a travel fare.” he quipped,

“How dya pull this off?” shrugged Sarah,

“Created an air bubble for myself then specially wired a nearby satellite.”

“Awesome, in fact it’s sexy when you talk science.” (her Father reddened in the facial area) 

“However, I could have used the shoes, bother.” grimaced Tom. Sarah’s Father had not said a word, he was gaping like a fish, he tried to start again and was once again interrupted. There was a flash and (another) Time Tom ran into the room from some sort of vertical slit.

“Hello,” he waved “Running into your own future’s fun isn’t it.”

“I’ll say,” said the space-dust covered Tom “Can’t get enough of it.”

“Well I got back to Earth, I don’t how, it’s highly impossible.” said shoe jump Tom

“We probably shouldn’t stand around for too long, two of us in the same F.O.R.D  T stream could have human-removing consequences.” said satellite hijacking Tom and with these words shoe jump Tom ran at Tom and, on colliding with him, disappeared in an orange flash,

“Ah good, I’ve caught up with myself.” smiled Tom, he looked at the bemused and scared faces “I absorbed him,” he explained, “I now know that I need to get these shoes fixed, I also know that I have a week.”

“You will do nothing of the sort.” spluttered Sarah’s father finally finding the words.

“Hey hey, back off!” gestured Tom, “If I don’t fix these shoes, Earth is in danger.”

“Don’t lie to me creature, you’re in a lot of trouble, one you’re an alien two you’re hitting on my daughter.” (Tom gaped at this then resolved)

“Do you want the fate of the Earth playing on your conscious; are you happy with that fact that if Earth ends everyone’s blood is on your hands?”

“I will never believe the lies of an alien.”

“Father he’s human!” groaned Sarah into her hands.

“Very well,” summed up Tom, “I will hand myself over, you can experiment on me or lock me up and bury me under several tons of concrete but first consider this, what if I’m not available in a hurry…and I was telling the truth about the end of the world?” there was a long silence.

        “Very well,” frowned Sarah’s father, “I can see we are going to have to come to some sort of compromise, I will allow you to save the Earth but you will need to be monitored, my daughter will go with you.”

“Thank you sir.”

“There’s no need to salute ali - I mean boy, by the way keep in mind that if you romanticise with my daughter I will personally and permanently remove your genitals!”

  There was another long silence. “Let’s get out of here.” stated Tom and extended his hand to Sarah,

“What’s it like?” she asked,

“Words cannot describe.” smiled Tom,

“No! You’re not time travelling with my dau…!” Tom and Sarah were gone before he could finish.


    “You were right, this is incredible!” yelled Sarah from Tom’s back, she dipped her hand into the large blue atoms around them and loved it,

“It is isn’t it, I’m running in a different way and we’re not passing through life points, I’m discovering new travel methods as I go along. Special stop first!” yelled Tom and they ran out onto a sea-abandoned cliff with a fantastic view and a sinking sun.


“This is beautiful.” sighed Sarah after catching her breath, Tom wasn’t concentrating, he was looking round, on another cliff a quarter of a mile away he could just see two figures embracing, something inside him told him this was a future him and another girl who he couldn’t identify.

“Yeah it is beautiful,” said Tom, putting his arm round Sarah “Just don’t look to your right.” Sarah instantly looked to her right then looked back at Tom when she saw there was nobody there,

“You tricked me.” she said forlornly,

“Sorry.” paled Tom,

“I’m only joking.” grinned Sarah and they embraced, Tom smiled to himself, the other couple were on the left.

     Sarah’s father’s mysterious company were now preparing to further train Ben the disabled alien detector. They got him out of his holdings and led him down the corridor, they passed one of the holding cells, Ben looked in as they passed and saw the giant obviously alien scorpion within, a gleam appeared in his eye. Within seconds the accompaniers had a massive scorpion on their hands,

“He’s mimicking the creature back there!” yelled one of them, “It must be a side effect of the detector enabler pills, stun him quick!” too late, Ben was having the time of his life, he increased in size again and, like a living tank, rattled through the ceiling and travelled up through the building causing panic and chaos.

  Sarah’s on board phone rang,

“Wow, perfect signal for where ever the hell we are,” mused Sarah taking the call, her face paled, “It’s Father, Ben the alien detector has turned into an alien, and my Father…well… he wants us to prove ourselves to him and stop him.”

“Might as well,” sighed Tom “If it gets Daddy grump into my good books.” (Sarah ignored this)

“Use the shoes,” she suggested, “take us to the time before the start of the alien’s rampage.”

     Tom took her hand and tried, “It’s not letting me, something’s telling me destiny can’t be cheated.”

“Then take us back to my Fathers study normal time.”

“Will do.” Tom ran with Sarah, there was a flash and they ended up in a corridor, “Maybe this is time related,” said Tom, “Maybe this is my time.” A giant scorpion barrelled out of the floor and headed for the roof, making holes all the way.

“Follow it!” yelled Sarah pointing,

“Something tells me these shoes can’t fly.” muttered Tom looking at his trainers,

“They can’t but I can.” sighed Sarah. She leapt back onto Tom’s back and there was a crunching noise, next thing Tom knew he was also rocketing upwards, quite literally.

“I didn’t know you could transform into jet-pack!” celebrated Tom, no answer came but he took this comment as noted.      

      “He’s heading for the nearest town!” shouted Tom noting the devastation, Sarah increased speed. They arrived in the town centre just in time – Ben - still in scorpion form was at the foot of the major’s four storey building snapping his claws. There was a whirr and Sarah was standing beside Tom, people were running away screaming and calling all the emergency services.

        “I’ll try and take him down him down from ground level,” planned Sarah, “You race round him and inflict blows.”

“If I run I’ll time travel” protested Tom,

“Travel at just under the required speed then.” replied Sarah her on-board computer crunching numbers and evaluating their chances. The pair started, Sarah raced to the creatures back legs and began a scan to determine the strength of the shell while avoiding being trampled, Tom raced up the tail and began inflicting blows. Before the creature could shake him off its attention was taken by something else. An army helicopter was racing out of the sky towards the danger scene and preparing to open fire, without warning the creature leapt into the air snapping at the copter with its munching mouth, it got the doomed vehicle, bit the front off and threw the remains aside, there was a crash and a fireball from a nearby house. Sarah finished her scan (by now the creature was back on the ground and clawing at the building, the building had emptied pretty quickly at the start of the attack) and transformed into a little metal probe that resembled a mean wasp, she drilled into the shell, got under the skin of the thing and made ready to take it down from the inside out. The creature was very skilled, it could multi-task, by this I mean it could claw at the building and shake Tom off at the same time! Tom was hurled into the air, angry he (time) slipped back onto the monstrous back and continued his assigned task.

  Sarah had reached the stomach all the while feeling thankful that the creature had not felt her, these thoughts died suddenly as she was confronted by a vicious evilly evolved bacteria slightly bigger (and by looks defiantly)  stronger and meaner than her! She too got into a fight. The creature was now inching up the building, two more helicopters came in close, this time the tail swept up and lashed them out of the air, internal helicopter bits rained down on Tom and a radio fell into his hand, he turned it on desperately.

“Come in” he yelled,

“Yes, what is it”, Tom recognised the voice of Sarah’s Father with distaste,

“Tell your people not to kill the creature, in their somewhere is an ordinary scared human being!”

“Let’s call him collateral damage, he’ll get a posthumous medal, see this human no longer matters any more, his dangerous side’s now proving a danger to the planet – remember - national security.”

“Erm. I’m the one who’s going to be saving the world for you.” reminded Tom,

“Oh of course,” came the voice suddenly all different, “I’ll er try and call them off!”

      This wouldn’t be needed, Sarah had won the battle of the aliens stomach and was now removing the dissolved pills with a special summoning syringe, because of this she was swelling slightly. With a loud pop the scorpion vanished and Ben was left naked and upside-down atop the pile of rubble.

“Arrgh!” screamed Tom who’d been left high in mid-air, he whirred his legs but nothing happened, he was going down, this was not going to end well.

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