Time Tom

Tom Traveller, aged 21/14 (get your head round that!) has just woken up in a very weird situation. His current life makes no sense what so ever, is he twenty one? Why is he now fourteen? How is he fourteen? The person with the answers might be the mysterious Sarah, a girl who not only has a secret but is the first in a collection of strange and out-of-this-world characters from across time and space.
I wrote this story in 2005, that's why it's not of the best quality. :o


3. A good time to start be-avian badly


    “I don’t want to go, it wasn’t ‘sposed to happen like this.” whispered Tom into his adoptive mothers ear,

“Live zurprises us sometimes dear and it’s alvays good to try vings out, now I think about it you von’t have to waste money on a trip to the Caribbean.”

“Waste,” snapped Tom suddenly stepping back, “Waste, my Mother is out there, how dare you…” a hand with long fingers and over lengthened grey fingernails alighted on Tom’s shoulder in a calming fashion, Tom turned and looked up at his Mother,

“I ‘ave changed a lot from your fisions and memories but my luf for you as nurt.”

“They’re not fisions.” growled Tom deciding to take the piss so as to make himself feel better.

“Shush.” commanded his Father and Tom was propelled to the car under twin-force. The car started pulling out of the cul-de-sac, the floating snake with the top half of a human suddenly appeared brandishing a massive and threatening gun, no words were spoken but the message was clear, ‘stay where you are’. The car bulldozed the alien and roared out of the cul-de-sac, Tom opened his mouth to say something but his so-called Mother pointed something at him, said

“Memory eraze stick.” and erased the memory of the alien with the gun, that plan hadn’t worked and the car kept going as D.A.T.R (somewhere) swore computer swear-words.

    Tom said nothing for the first ten minutes then again nor did his parents, then they came out onto the forest, they would only be driving over it for fifteen minutes but here things turned quite serious.

  “Weef been waiting so long vor you.” sighed his Mother from up front,

“As a family we’ll change the vorld.” laughed his Father in the driving seat,

“I don’t like that sort of talk, by the way there’s an alien hunting team looking for me.” warned Tom shattering his own silence,

“Get used to it, ve’re an entrepreneurial vamily you know, and the threat ov unting people, veer not scared at all.” said his Mother. 

“Now you’re just sounding stupid,” realised Tom, “And I want out!”

  He began running on the spot (sort of), he shot forward into a greasy spoon café’ and then back into his seat, something was holding him back, his seatbelt was now restraining him with all the viciousness of chains, his seatbelt. Why had he put it on, what kind of rebellious teenager was he, he obviously hadn’t been thinking! He tried again, the slipway opened but this time he was well and truly pinned, no part of him could escape.

“No no, no time trafel for you.” cackled his Father!


“We’ll see about that!” lunged Tom and he tried one more time, he aimed for the past, he aimed for the point he wanted, soon he would be approaching the house but he would know these odd people were waiting for him and he would avoid them completely, this was all in theory. After two minutes of straining he gave up,

“Who are you people?” he wheezed

“People,” screeched his Mother “That’s rich!”

“Zat might not be the right saying Walcina.”

‘What sort of name is that?’ thought Tom to himself, “I demand an explanation!” shouted Tom, this loud request was met with silence, in the front the male pushed a button, there was another pause. Suddenly there was the sound of claws scratching on metal, giant avian feet went down the windows, the car rose off the road, in terror Tom craned out the window. They were being alofted by a giant odd coloured bird in fact ascending fast, this was highly unexplainable. Above the little car the massive bird engaged it’s space lungs, it’s whole internal body structure and organs went through a change, a change this particular species had had for thousands of years, the process takes about a minute and is just explainable.   

    The Earth bones fold out more bones therefore strengthening against crushing pressure, the Earth organs (unneeded) fold away into the internal walls and out pop the space ones, that’s it. The scales on the wings act like solar panels and continue to harvest energy from the sun, the star power is now also included. The car activated a special bubble shield as the bird hurtled up into space.

“I’m in space.” gaped Tom forgetting he’d been in space before.


    “I’ve got to make a move.” decided Sarah. A small silent saw built itself from the centre of her discral shape and sawed a slit in the bottom of the metal wall mounted cupboard. Sarah collapsed the saw and slipped down, she landed on the floor rolled the short distance, fell over and went under the doors, it was a ridiculously tight fit but she managed it. She rolled quickly into a corner then rushed up into an air vent, I must just mention Sarah’s incredible luck, for there were no motion sensors hidden cameras or lasers in the air vents, Sarah’s Father’s people were careful but not careful enough! Sarah rolled along and dropped into the staff supply room (this was luck indeed) here she transformed back into a human pulled on some blue overalls and pulled a cleaners baseball cap on, this helped disguise her a lot, it was time to find Tom and talk hard with her Father.

    The car was dropped by the bird and landed on a wide black floating slab and the couple got out, they opened the door and let Tom out, his seatbelt acting as normal.

“Where are we?” wondered Tom forgetting to run because of the beauty.

“Ve are in an unexplainable spatial air-pocket, ve are not enclosed in any shield ve are standing een space and are zomehow save but zat matters not!” these last words were shouted and the couple tore off their faces!

    They had no hair, no cranial feathers, wrinkled scarlet faces, evil slick back eyes and long black beaks.

“We’re not related are we!” yelled Tom from the cold underfoot for he had tripped backwards at the unveiling.

“Thank goodness not,” grated the ex-Father, “Ve’d ‘ave to kill ourselfes if ve were related to your uman scum.”

“Oh I’m a human, glad that clears that up.” sighed Tom.

“No time vor pondering history,” put in the female, “The Jarbreath are impatient.”

“Oh, that’s who you are.”

“Yes, fery noble and fery dangerous.”

“What do you want?”


“Your magic shoes, imagine it, all that power at our vinger-tips.”

“Toe-tips thank you, I’m imagining it now and I’m not liking what I’m seeing. Also…how do you know about my shoes?”

“Veeve been searching the uniferse - fia spies – vor a veapon, thee veapon vor our plan.”

  “Should have kept them on the down low…by the way you might call them magic but I call shoes of science!” shouted Tom,

“Quiet, vose shoes can take us anyvere.”

“Uh correction, they only transport me through time.”

“Maybe you ave not uncofered all veir powers Time Tom.” said the male. As he said this the female quickly bent and removed his shoes fluidly.

“Hoy!” demanded Tom,

“Take your shoes and unvathom them Time Tom.” she purred handing them to him. Tom took the shoes, one in each hand and grasped them. There were flashes in his mind and he was hovering over a dusty laboratory, an obvious professor in ancient blue robes lifted a pair of shoes out of a scientific cauldron of thick white steam, this professor turned to another male figure in blue robes with hair that wasn’t grey but blonde and young.

“They will carry the wearer through time.” intoned the professor,

“Good good.” said his overseer,

“But they will take the wearer through time only.”

“Understood.” More flashes and Tom shook his head before looking back up at the (obvious) aliens.

“I have proof,” he started, “I have seen an embedded recording, it spelled out these shoes are made for time travel only.” there was a pause.

    “Do ve trust him?” asked the male,

“He is our ‘Son’ (sarcastic) if ve can’t trust our Son vort sort of parents does vat make us!” this was the female.

“Enough, hand ofer the shoes!” demanded the male,

“Never! The high and mighty Jarbreath will have to give up here!”

“Impudent chick!” screeched the female suddenly flapping her gliding wings, the male jumped on Tom and put a knife-like finger-nail to his throat…

“I can guarantee your death oonless you and ofer those shoes.”

“Why didn’t you say” giggled Tom nervously and dropped the shoes as if they were about to go off. The grisly pair crowed in delight, the male shoved his claws into the shoes (the ends were torn to half-shreds)  and started running, he headed at the edge of the wedge on which they were standing, he went off the edge and this move turned into going over the edge. He went over the edge looking the complete opposite of confident. There was a silence.

        “He is a dead now!” screamed the female rushing at Tom,

“Wait.” replied Tom, the female landed on top of him,

“You vill pay!”

“I swear I had nothing to do with this!” bellowed Tom kicking and wriggling, it was no good, the she-bird was too strong for him once again nails were at his throat. Then, all at once, this rage stopped.

“I ave it,” breathed the bird-lady standing, “Your shoes, vey are time-travellers shoe’s, you vill use vem to bring back my mate.”

“They went over the edge with him.” pointed Tom, the female hit him across the face, claws, mercifully, under the skin.

“Go to the ed…thing and check.” demanded the female. Tom crawled to the edge and looked over, hovering two arm lengths down upside-down and alone, were the shoes, they had evidentially abandoned their new wearer, sorry, cast out!

  “I can’t reach them!” yelled Tom still looking down, an obviously thrown rod of odd black metal bounced off his back and into his hand, “Thanks.” said Tom wishing the delivery had been kinder, Tom fished down with the stick and got the shoes but only because the stick was long enough, he rose and turned to the female. “I’ve got them.” he waved,

“Put vem on and rescue my oosband, if you vun you’ll be unted down and brutally killed.” hissed Walcina. Tom did as he was told. He too ran hard at the edge but at the final second the shoes burned into the underfoot and Tom shot forward before springing back, the shoes had stopped and held him instead of pitching him but it was evident that they were going nowhere. “Try again.” demanded Walcina, Tom tried again (he was surprised on removing the shoes from the underfoot however, it was as if they ghosted out!) it was a repeat of the first time. “Do someving!” screeched Walcina in desperation,

“What do you want me to do, bang my heels together and repeat there’s no place like home!”

  Walcina was at his side in an instant, she hit him across the face exploding

“Impudent chick!”

“Calm down,” breathed Tom waving a hand, “It’s obviously not working, however I know a girl on Earth with a hyper intelligent computer, I’m sure that computer can fix the shoes.” Walcina bent to his ankle and fixed something.

    “This is a veek bracelet.” she said finishing up,

“It’ll have to be a strong one to keep me in check.” warned Tom,

“No, a veek bracelet as in a veek of days, sefen days. In a veeks time no matter vot, this bracelet vill transport you back to me ere, and bevore you think about it your precious hyper computer von’t be able to turn it ov or remofe it.”

“I love a fair contract,” quipped Tom, the creature made an angry noise “Right, I have to jump into the ford T.” continued Tom,

“A car?” quizzed the creature,

“Far from it.” grinned Tom, and hurtled into the F.O.R.D. T (Fabric Of Relative Dimensions and Time). 

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