Time Tom

Tom Traveller, aged 21/14 (get your head round that!) has just woken up in a very weird situation. His current life makes no sense what so ever, is he twenty one? Why is he now fourteen? How is he fourteen? The person with the answers might be the mysterious Sarah, a girl who not only has a secret but is the first in a collection of strange and out-of-this-world characters from across time and space.
I wrote this story in 2005, that's why it's not of the best quality. :o


1. Cardboard and conundrums


The baby crawled across the floor then stood and took its first step 'Flash' The teenager swam from one end of the small pool to the other 'Flash' The young man ran through the door of the burning hut saw the figures on the bed,

    "Mum," he cried, "We must leave!" he stepped forward...Tom (was that really his name?) stopped pummelling the drawn-on console and looked about him at the familiar cul-de-sac where he had grown up and realised just how cramped he was, this box was too small for him, desperately he hit the eject button that he had painted when he was small, he was not expecting anything. He was suddenly thrown from the box and smashed against a window of the house opposite, only one of the occupants was awakened by this...   


"Go to sleep D.A.T.R, I'm trying to."

"Alien presence detected Sarah." Sarah sat up just in time to see the splatted figure of Tom sliding down the window,

"What is it?" she said, not scared in the slightest, for she had seen many aliens but never one like this,

"He is about seventy per cent human," continued D.A.T.R, "There's a little bit of indestructability but hardly any and he's been through quite a few time-vortexes."

"You say it's a boy or has taken the form of one." mused Sarah,

"Yes." said D.A.T.R,

"I think he's cute, but let’s not worry about him now."


“You have logic circuits; he didn’t look in the slightest bit dangerous. Let’s not have hoo-hah and keep my Father in the land of dreams.”

“Can I just think it over?”

“Goodnight D.A.T.R.” saying this Sarah turned over in bed and started falling asleep again,

“For once I agree with you,” concluded D.A.T.R, “He looks like the sort of alien one could leave ‘till morning.” With these words the computer went into sleep-mode.

     Meanwhile Tom shook himself, blew out his cheeks so his face could resume it's normal shape and looked about him trying to remember the house, just then the door of the house behind him opened and a voice called out,

"Tom is that you, did you find her?" Tom turned, two figures stood in a lighted door-way, an old lady came out to him and gave him a hug, "It's me Tom, Tammerine Traveller your adopted Mother, don't you remember and ooo how you've shrunk – wasn’t expecting to say that."

"He's only a boy Tammy," said the old man, "Perhaps a dream or a spirit from the past."

"Tell me everything." said Tom.

And they did so over cups of tea, Tammy and Thomas explained,

"Twenty-one years ago today we found you outside our house in a box."

"A cardboard box?"

"Yes it was wasn't it and we took you to the missing peoples department and they were hopeless, we tried the orphanage but back then it was a horrible unkempt place."

"So we adopted you and gave you a name, my name and you grew up and one day when you were about seven you were looking through a magazine that had a piece about luxury apartments in the Caribbean or something and posing in the door of one of these huts was your Mother."

"Well you said it was your Mother, at the time you said you recognised her face."

“We contacted the printers of the magazine but they never got back to us, it took you a few weeks but you got over it.”

"And eventually you turned twenty one. On hitting that milestone year the wish to see your Mother flooded back and you remembered it all, you decided to find and visit that same shack and find your Mother within, yet here you are now not a day over fourteen!"

"There's only one un-logical explanation," said Tom scratching his head,

"What's that?" asked the old couple,

"A time slip." replied Tom,

"What's one of those?" asked Tammy,

"Ask across the road, they seem addicted to all the science-fiction jargon." replied her husband. And so, after a good-night’s sleep, Tom went over to the house which he been thrown at.


    A strange figure answered the door, it looked like a floating snake with the top half of a human, it also had long hair and a beard, before Tom could get worried a girl pushed it out the way and stood in the doorway looking at him.

"Hello, I seem to have a time-travel problem, can you help, you look like the right sort of person." faltered Tom,

"My name’s Sarah, you’d best come in." came the reply and Tom followed her in. They sat at the kitchen table and Sarah said "I have not seen you at school."

"Well I'm not surprised, I haven't been to that school for sixteen years!"

"But you’re fourteen," protested Sarah, "This whole situation is nearly impossible."

"Then what am I doing here?" asked Tom,

"I don't know, I could hook you up to D.A.T.R but he's really only for good-hacking not alien scanning, despite the fact he scanned you when you hit my window, maybe your presence did something to him?"

"I'm sorry but did you just call me an alien?" said Tom,

"Yes I did but only because D.A.T.R called you alien last night."

"I think I need a word with this so-called D.A.T.R." said Tom.

    Meanwhile somewhere else in a house in a different cul-de-sac that was close to the one where Sarah lived a different boy was making trouble...

"Please take your pills Ben!" shouted the frustrated Mother at her out-of-control son, "They will help you I promise."

"Don't want to take stupid pills, pills make Ben see little green men." shouted Ben, dancing up and down on the table then side-running across the fridge and this damaged boy had good reason to fear the pills because unknown to him and his Mother the pills were special, members of the alien-hunting society that Sarah’s parents ran were secretly supplying these pills which contained a special formula that detected even the slightest alien presence, yes that's right these innocent looking pills were turning Ben into a living alien-detector!

    Back at Sarah’s house Tom surveyed D.A.T.R with confusion.


“But he looks just like a normal flat screen wall mounted computer.” he gasped,

“He has to,” smiled Sarah, “Or people coming into this room would be confronted by a large orange block of jagged crystal the size of a car, that’s his true form. He’s part of the Geogrephites family and crashed to Earth at an undisclosed time, my Father thought he was a meteorite until he learned there was severe internal intelligence, D.A.T.R gave us permission to grind him down into a dust and build a computer including him in the mix and moulding, he’s our main hacker and house security system, in fact his name stands for Delicately Accesses The Required.”

“Your Father ground him to dust?”

“Oh I’m sure he enjoyed it, he doesn’t like aliens, D.A.T.R was an exception, that alien who answered the door is under his control.”

“Can’t anyone talk some sense into him, surely the man of the house always bends to the wife?”

“Mother is in another country doing research, I haven’t seen her for three years, I talk to her via video link every Christmas and birthday but that’s it, if she leaves her post Earth falls to a race living in the Amazon Rainforest.”

“An alien race?”

“Why do you think they want to stop locals cutting it down?”

  “I’ve decided to say hello alien so here it is, hello Alien.” suddenly said a voice. The voice sounded like a man and a woman talking in unison and it came from every point on every wall.

“Err, it’s Tom, and for now I’d like to be labelled as strictly human.”

  “Hello human...Hello Tom.”

“Can you help me?” asked Tom,

“Unfortunately not, I’m built for hacking and identification- identification now of course – I’ve just finished readying myself for permanent alien scanning. Good day.” The voice fell silent.

   “Sorry Tom, he’s like that sometimes, come on tell me a bit about you.”

“That’s the whole point of my existence, to find out the point of my existence.” shrugged Tom feeling extremely frustrated,

  “Any suspicious habits perhaps?”

 “Well - and don’t think I’m mad but - I think I can time-travel with these special trainers, for you see I'm sure I've done it once… I just run really fast and the next thing I know I'm passing through almost every point in my life. All I have to do then is get off wherever I want to.” Sarah looked like he’d just suggested they watched the telly,

“Hey, I work with odd every weekend so you needn’t worry about my reaction all the same...how about we go outside and try it now?!”

And so he and Sarah did so. They stood out on the road and Tom asked Sarah to stand still then he walked back quite a bit and ran straight at her...the first time nothing happened and he crashed straight into her, knocking her to the ground and there they lay, on top of one another for about five seconds,

"That whole time-travel thing was a good excuse." said Sarah, trying to nudge him off and when Tom was standing up-right again he said he would have one last attempt and he did...This time, just before crashing into Sarah......he disappeared. ' Flash ' The baby fell over again and the mother picked it up, ' Flash ' The boy climbed out of the pool and dried himself and put on his blue trainers, ' Flash ' The man threw himself onto the bed and grabbed the woman but then the duvet split beneath him and he fell into a deep crevasse, ' Flash ' The old man lay in bed surrounded by stars and strange animals and people, he gave his last breath and Tom ran out the other side and ended up behind Sarah. "What happened, from where I stood that did not look very impressive, yes somehow you've managed to get round me but I suppose there's a logical explanation, I must have blinked." and Sarah said all this without turning around it was as if she could see Tom standing behind her; "Well I'd better get ready for school – sorry no answers could be given to you this morning." said she and they went their separate ways to prepare. 

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