Peter3d Out - The Arousal (short story)

Peter3d Out the arousal is the short story prologue to Peter3d Out the novel, A Gripping Cyber Punk ‘whodunnit’!

Filled with intrigue and erotic role reversals, Peter3d Out is a comical peep show into the future of technology, crime fighting, politics and sex.

More work in progress including the (free) audio book version at


3. 006 Never Again


"Just shut the fuck up, I can't talk to you now. I have to get to my interview. I have to be out of this apartment." Colton was saying.

Nicky was crying, "I'm so sorry. I don't know what came over . . "

"Enough!" Colton yelled. "You are never ever to touch my penis when it’s not . .. attached to me. Never!"

Nicky nodded, sobbing feeling terrible for what she had done.

He walked out of the kitchen and back to the bedroom. He looked at the dresser where his Beta Penis stood, erect.

"Fuck" he muttered. His penis was still covered in drying fake sperm.

He walked over, picked it up, walked to the bathroom, jerked the faucet on hot and rinsed off his dick in the sink.

He unfastened his dress belt and suit pants. Dried his dick on a hand towel and then jammed it into his pants where the receptors fused with his skin.

His penis throbbed as if he had just had sex.

Suddenly, Colton was sick, puking into the sink as the feeling in his penis conflicted totally and completely with the image of his wife . . . with a penis, jerking off, with his penis, his unattached penis. He had no penis. His wife Nicky, had a penis.

"Fuck FUCK, fuck, fuck, fuck" he growls.

He rinses the vomit down the drain, grabs his tooth brush and tooth paste. He starts to put the paste on the brush and finds himself staring at it.

The tooth brush is shaped in the form of a tiny naked woman with exaggerated, large plastic tits. It had been a gag gift from his brother on his birthday. Carlin had tried to cheer Colton up while he was deployed. He always felt like it was a good luck charm, until the explosion. Now he knows the fucking thing is cursed.

He launches the big titted tooth brush across the bathroom. Jerked open a drawer and pulled out a new tooth brush that Nicky had tried to get him to use after he got back.

Colton finally brushes the taste out of his mouth, double checks his shirt and tie, and walks out of the bathroom. He grabs a shoulder satchel with his resumes, DD 214, birth certificate, social security card and other documents. He leaves without a look or a word in Nicky's direction.

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