Magical Moments [1D]

Jane Robinson, she is a beautiful,cheerful,funny teenager, nothing like the most stuck up girls :D But 1 walk turned into 1 car ride and into 1 thing that might or might not change her life :]


12. What Just Happened ?


~Jane's P.O.V :

Me and Harry got up after a while when the pain lessened. We cleaned up the room, while Harry was fixing my desk he found my pills, "Jane, are those yours ?" He asked with the bottle of pills in his hand, I directly snatched it from him, "Yes.." I muttered, "Why do you take depression pills ?" He asked looking puzzled, "I'm currently in a good mood and I had fun with you so I really don't wanna talk about it, "As you wish babe, I respect your privacy" he said gently, I adored the fact that he respected my space, "If you really want to know, just ask Niall" "Niall knows ?" "Yes.." "I'll ask him later" "Don't tell the other guys, please" "I won't, don't worry, pinky promise" he said sticking out his pinky, I chuckled and intertwined my pinky with his and he pulled me in for a hug, I hugged him back. I put the bottle of pills on my desk then me and Harry walked out of the room and found the boys sitting in the living room with pizza boxes unopened infront of them, "Boo-Bear !" Louis yelled and ran towards Harry giving him a hug, "Ahem ! Don't I get a hug too Louis ?" I asked pouting, "Ofcourse you do Janey !" He said hugging me crushing my bones, "Don't ever call me Janey. Ever. Again." I said warning, "Slow down there tiger" Louis said in a sassy matter, "Niall stand please" I ordered Niall. He stood up as I told him to, "Gimme a horan hug pwease" I said babishly, as soon as possible I was in Niall's arms. Liam and Zayn looked me weirdly, "Don't worry guys ! You get hugs too !" I said assuring them. They both let out a small laugh and stood up and I can gave Liam a hug first, I could feel him smiling as I gave him a hug. Zayn was standing there waiting for Liam to let go of me, "Let go of her already Liam !" Zayn yelled impatient. Liam instantly let go of me, "I couldn't help it her hugs are so warm, nice, and sweet" Liam complimented me and I couldn't help but to laughed. I gave Zayn a huge hug since he was waiting for it impatiently, "Oh my god .. You're right. They are warm, nice, and sweet" Zayn said as we were hugging, "Are you guys serious ?" I said giving them a poker face, they all nodded, apparently they didn't get what I meant by that sentence. As we pulled away, I looked at my watch it was 10 and we haven't eaten yet, "Shoot" I cursed under my breath, "What happened ?" Niall asked as he heard my worried voice, "Its 10pm and we haven't eaten yet" I said looking pale, "We'll make home food !" Niall said grinning, "When was the last time a girl made you homemade food ?" I asked them, "We don't remember, it been such a long time ago" Liam said answering the question sadly, "I can cook !" I said proudly, "Great ! Me and Jane are cooking dinner !" Harry answered, they all nodded, "Meanwhile, you guys just decide on which movie we will watch" I suggested. Next I know I was being dragged in the kitchen by Harry, "What do you wanna cook ??" I asked Harry, "I honestly don't know, let's see what's in the fridge" He said walking to the fridge, he opened the door and looked what's inside, he took out an uncooked turkey, "Umm..may I ask why you have an uncooked turkey and you have room service ?" I asked confused, "What can I say ? I love cooking !" He said taking off his shirt, "Hazza..why are you taking off your shirt ?" I asked, "I'm used to cooking shirtless and I sleep naked" he said laughing, "Haha ! Just reminded me to never wake up" I said chuckling, "Alright !" He said grinning, "Ugh. I adore your dimples ! I wish I had dimples" I said trying to get a dimple by sticking my finger in my cheek, "Well you have something cuter than dimples" Harry said mysteriously, "What ?" I asked confused, "Your smile" he said charmingly, "Oh staph it you !" I said blushing. Harry was getting closer to me until there was no gap between us, what happened next was him leaning in. His lips touched mine.


Again, SOO sorry I haven't been updating much .. BLAME MY STUPID SCHOOL !

Anyways, what do think will happen next ?

How will Jane react ?

Leave your answers in the comment section below or just tweet me !

WOW ! For a second there I sounded like a youtuber :P

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