Magical Moments [1D]

Jane Robinson, she is a beautiful,cheerful,funny teenager, nothing like the most stuck up girls :D But 1 walk turned into 1 car ride and into 1 thing that might or might not change her life :]


5. The Unexpected

We finally reached the hotel and got to the top floor, it was a suite, "I'm staying in a suite with you guys ?" I asked as my jaw was hanging "Yea, is there a problem ?" Liam asked popping out of nowhere, "No its just that I never stayed in a suite" I muttered, "Really ? We're honored to be the first people to stay in a suite with !" Zayn said popping up from behind me with a glass of coke "Where the hell do you guys come from ?!" I asked "We come from earth" Louis whispered in my ear causing me to punch him in his stomach, and making him fall down on the ground "Oh guys, a little warning, don't try to scare me or you'll get hurt" I said warning them, they all nodded in disbelief "Okay, so where am I gonna sleep ?" I asked "Well, there's a guest room that you can stay in.." Harry answered, "May I ask why is there a guest room in a hotel ?" I asked confused "I don't know, but its good right ?" Niall said smiling softly, "Yea, its great !" I grinned, "well I'm gonna go wash up, okay guys ? Where's the bathroom anyways ?" "Down the hall next to your room" "okay thanks !" I walked to my room, dropped my stuff on the ground and went back to the bathroom, I sat on the toilet seat and I started crying, everyday I have to cry more than once. Don't ask why, I just do. I washed my face and changed my clothes and went out, "Are you okay ? Your eyes are kinda red" Niall asked in concern, "Yea, soap just came in my eye" I lied through my teeth, "Umm..okay, do you wanna do something ?" He asked, "Can we go eat Nandos ?" I asked, "Sure ! I love Nandos !" he replied with a huge grin of his face, "Great ! I'm gonna go change and we'll meet the hall, okay ?" "Okay !" We went in our separate ways and I took out my superman shirt and black shorts to match with it, "SUPERMAN IS HERE !" I yelled through the hall, instantly Louis came out of his room and yelled the same thing, "Where are we going ??" He asked, "Well me and Niall are going to Nandos" "Guys get dressed we're going to Nandos !" Louis announced. In a flash they were all out, and we were heading to the car, and we finally reached Nandos, "Shouldn't we take it to go before you guys get recognized ?" I suggested, "Yea, sure, we could watch a movie in the suite" Liam said, we ordered and we got back to the hotel, "I'll just go change okay ?" I said "Yea, sure, take your time" I rushed to my room and took my pills, they were depression pills, and then I went back out and joined the guys with the movie. I was done eating and we were halfway through the movie and I got sleepy and fell asleep in Niall's arms. I woke up in the same place I fell asleep in, Niall's arms, I looked at the time and found that it was 5:30am. Pheww ! I thought that I overslept ! I stood up and went to my room and changed my clothes, got out and to the kitchen, Harry was cooking...shirtless, "Good morning Harry !" I said cheerfully, "Good morning love" he said in reply, "Could you drive me to school ?" I asked, "Sure, just let me put my shirt on" "Okay" Harry walked out and came back in as I grabbed an apple from the fridge, "Shall we ?" He asked pulling out his arm, "Certainly" I said formally as I laughed. We got in the car and left, a while later we finally reached school.

~Niall's P.O.V :

I woke but she wasn't asleep in arms anymore, I walked to her room but she wasn't there either, I wondered around her room and I found depression pills on her desk..what ? That can't be hers, she's so cheerful and happy, why would she take depression pills ? It seems like she's happy but from inside she's hurt ? Then it hit me, when she said 'I got soap in my eyes' it was a lie, she was crying in there, but why ?? All those questions filled my head, I just left the pills on the desk like they were before and got out of her room, then I saw Harry come in, "Harry, have you seen Jane ?" I asked, "Yea, she needed someone to drop her off at school" he answered, "Okay, thanks mate". Another question hit me, should I tell him that she takes depression pills ?? No, I shouldn't, she probably keeps a secret from everyone, why should I just blow it out ? I shouldn't have even wondered in her room. Looking at her stuff. I felt sick and nauseous and worried.
Why do guys think Jane is depressed ?
What do you think is gonna happen next ?
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