Magical Moments [1D]

Jane Robinson, she is a beautiful,cheerful,funny teenager, nothing like the most stuck up girls :D But 1 walk turned into 1 car ride and into 1 thing that might or might not change her life :]


8. The Reason


I sat up straight, so I could look Niall in his eyes, just from looking at them I could see the real him, "It hurts Niall" I said crying on his shirt even more, "What does ?" He asked, "The reason I take depression pills is because I have been called my things in school, I'm never good enough, my dad started training me for the SAT exams when I was in 7th grade ! And he would get mad when I get a answer wrong, but not only that, they never spend time with me, no matter what ! They're always working, but I understand why they're doing all that, I don't blame them but at some point apart of me is sad and depressed because of it and whenever I take a picture of myself, I could see my fake smiles, its really sad" I cried like I have never cried before, "I never knew that would ever happen to you, when I met you seemed really.." "Cheerful, yea, I know" I said continuing the sentence for him, "Shhh it'll be fine" Niall soothingly said as he stroked my hair, "It'll all be alright" he kept on whispering soothing words into my ear, until I eventually fell asleep and he left rest peacefully me. I woke at 8:25am, I cursed under my breath ! I'm late ! I went out in the living room and only found Niall awake eating breakfast, "Good morning love" he greeted, "Niall ! I have school ! Why didn't you wake me up ?!" I yelled at him, "You slept at 1 in the morning, I wasn't gonna let you go to school, you need the energy" he answered, "But I have two exams today ! And they're really important" I yelled, I fell down on the ground and crawled into a ball, I couldn't believe this was happening, "Jane !" Niall dropped his food and sat beside me on the ground, "Look, I'll head down to the school and ask them if you could do your exams tomorrow after school, don't worry, you just go rest" he looked worried. I sickly walked back to my room and into the bed.  ~ Niall's P.O.V : I should have woke her up, but she would've done badly on her exam if I did wake her. Anyways I asked the hotel to arrange for me a ride to North High, Jane's school, soon enough I got there. I put my hoodie up and sunglasses on, and I walked through the school halls. I finally got to the principle's office, I put my hoodie down and took my shades off, "Hello" I greeted, "Hello, please take a seat" she muttered not even taking a glace at me. I sat down waiting for her to look up and eventually she did, "Holy crab cakes ! You're Niall Horan ! My daughter is a huge fan ! What are you doing in a school like this ?!" She said trying to calm herself down, "Well, I'm Jane Robinson's friend and she's staying over at my place for a week" I explained, "She had a situation this morning and she couldn't come to school to do her exams, so I would appreciate it if you would rearrange for her the exams for her to do it tomorrow after school" I finished explaining, "I see, Jane Robinson ?" She asked, "Yes" I answered, she stood up and walked to a cabinet, she opened one of the drawers and she took out Jane's file and looked through it, "Is this the Jane you're talking about ?" She asked pointing at the picture that was in her file, "Yes" I answered "Consider it done, Jane's exam will start 3:10pm and will end when she submits it so she'll have all the time she needs" she assured me with a smile, "Okay thank you soo much, I really appreciate it" I said  as I shook her hand, "You are very much welcomed ! Can I have a picture and a autograph ?" She asked, "Ofcourse" I said, I took a picture with her and gave her an autograph and then I put my hoodie up and sunglasses on, "Thank you" I said for the last time, "You're welcome" she said. I told my good-bye and exited the office, I went back out of the school and found the driver still waiting for me, I entered the car and we drove away.
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