Magical Moments [1D]

Jane Robinson, she is a beautiful,cheerful,funny teenager, nothing like the most stuck up girls :D But 1 walk turned into 1 car ride and into 1 thing that might or might not change her life :]


3. The Fun Starts

I went back inside the house and ran upstairs, changed, and went out again, this time I was wearing a baggy jumper and skinny jeans, with a french braid. I walked to the mall and on the way I was listening music, Eminem ! My favorite song by him is Without Me and Cleanin' Out My Closet ! I finally got to the mall and ran up to up to the third floor to the store. I got to Virgin Megastore and I couldn't decide whether to buy Journey or Uncharted 3, it took me a while, okay ? Its not that easy to choose from two games you want ! I heard a voice whisper in my ear "I prefer you take Uncharted 3.." I turned and it was LOUIS ! "LOUIS !" I hugged and found the other boys behind him "Hey ! Did Frank give you my phone number ?" I asked "Yea he did, thanks" Niall answered with a grin on his face, "So can't decide huh ?" Liam asked, giving me a devious smile "Yea.." I muttered "I say you buy Uncharted 3 !" Zayn protested and all the others agreed "Fine." I said grabbing the game and heading to the register, I payed and went back to the boys, but this time they were all there but Niall, "Umm..where's Niall ?" I asked, afraid that they have done something to him "He's gonna meet us at Starbucks" Harry said answering my question, but I can't help feeling that there's something going on. Anyways we started talking on our way walking to Starbucks, I found Niall sitting there with coffee in his hand, we ran towards him and took our seats, "Hey guys" he greeted us "Hey Niall !" We all waved "Well, Jane, I know that you couldn't decide from the two games and you bought only one of them, so I decided to buy you Journey and the boys helped cover up" he started reached to the bag on the table, and took out the game. He seriously wasn't kidding. I noticed that they all had proud grins on their faces. "I can't believe it..this is the sweetest thing ever !" I got out of my seat quickly and hugged him for longer than a minute and then we finally pulled away, "But I can't accept this..its too expensive" they looked confused "NO ! WE BOUGHT IT YOU ACCEPT IT ! DONT MAKE US SAD JADE !" Louis yelled, is he always this hyper ? "FINE ! Just calm down a bit.." I watched as his face softened, he let out a deep sigh "Thank you" he said smiling at me "You're thanking me ? I should be thank you !" We all chuckled and I gave them all my hugs "Well, LETS EAT !" The boys nodded, I ordered for them and payed "Why did you pay ?" Liam looked confused "Umm...maybe 'cause I owe you guys ?" I said obviously "You don't owe us anything, love" Zayn answered sweetly, "But I do !" I sounded like a 6 year old "This will be the one and only time we'll let you pay, kay ?" Louis said, I nodded and started clapping, the boys giggled. "So what do you wanna do now ?" " about we do you wanna do ?" I answered "Okay, fine. Shall we go to the water park ?" Niall asked "HELL YEA ! I LOVE SWIMMING !" I looked excited "But first I need to go home..again..for my 2nd time today ! I need to go change into my swimming suit, kay ?" "Sure, we'll drop you off and we will wait for you outside until you're done, alright ?" Liam said, he's soo organized..too organized, "Sure !" We exited the mall and got in the limo.

~Skip the ride.

"I'll be back as soon as I can !" I announced, I got in the house and saw my dad laying on the couch "Hey dad ! Can I go to the water park with some friends ?" I asked "Sure honey, but please be careful, promise ?" "Sure dad ! Promise !" I kissed him on the cheek and ran upstairs to my room. I grabbed my green one piece swimming suit and changed into it and wore a baggy batman T-Shirt and a pair of shorts and put on blue flip flops. I packed my goggles and a towel and a comb, in a black bag, "Bye dad !" I yelled and waved to my dad as I rushed to the door. I came out to find the limo still there waiting for me. I got inside and announced "IM BACK !" They giggled, the limo started moving. Me and Niall were talking about random stuff until Liam interrupted, "BATMAN !" He yelled, pointing towards shirt, "Yea, as I said, I ADORE batman !" "Well, what kind of swimming suit are you wearing ?" Louis asked, he really does care about fashion "Are you always this sassy ?" I asked laughing "Yep ! Anyways answer my question" he looked serious, "Well I'm wearing a green, one piece, swimming suit" I answered proudly "Why not a bikini ?!" Harry whined "Prev !" I play punched him, but I couldn't help to laugh, "Green is my favorite color !" Niall said looking happy, "Then I'm glad that I wore the green one !" I said looking relieved, we both gave each other a smile. We got to the park and we started to changed our clothing. I put my bag and flip flops on a tanning chair, and I felt someone grab me by the waist, I turned and saw it was Niall, "Hey Niall !" "Hello Love, you look beautiful" "You're not too bad yourself" I complimented back, "Having a romantic moment, are we now ?" Louis said popping up from behind us, me and Niall backed a distance and blushed, "Are we gonna swim or what ?" I said trying to break the awkwardness, "Let's jump in !" Niall yelled, "CANON BALL !" Louis yelled as he jumped in the water, then the others joined, so did I. After hours of enjoying all the rides and water fights, we decided to go home, we then went to dry ourselves and put on our clothes. After a while I was done and got out of the changing room and found Niall sitting on the tanning chair, so I went and sat beside him, "Thank you for an amazing day" I said smiling softly at him "You're welcome but do you know what you could for me in return ?" He said "What ?" I muttered, "A hug" "Sure !" I hugged him and kissed him on the cheek, "What was that for ?" He asked, "For not having an ego and being a douchebag like most celebrities" I answered truthfully "Well, it was my pleasure" we both laughed and started talking, finally, the others were done. We got into the limo and started talking and cranking up jokes, and then we reached our destination, "Don't forget to text me guys !" I said reminding them "Don't worry we won't !" The lads said waving good-bye, I hugged them all for the last time today and got inside the house, "How was the water park ?" My dad asked while he was on his laptop, "Amazing ! We had so much fun !" I said assuring him "Glad you had fun sweetie" "Thanks dad, good night !" "Sweet dreams" I rushed upstairs and ran into my room, and closed the door, "What a perfect day" I thought as I leaned on the wall.
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