Magical Moments [1D]

Jane Robinson, she is a beautiful,cheerful,funny teenager, nothing like the most stuck up girls :D But 1 walk turned into 1 car ride and into 1 thing that might or might not change her life :]


11. The Burglar

~Niall's P.O.V :

"Because of the hate she hate ?" She asked, but no. It wasn't because of the hate. I was just jealous that she enjoyed her time with another guy. How should I explain to her that ? "Look Niall, is it because I played PS3 with Jessie ?" She asked, my eyes widened. Like she read my mind.

~Jane's P.O.V :

I kinda think I know why he was mad, or should I say jealous ? "Look Niall, is it because I played PS3 with Jessie ?" I asked, I knew he was terrible at lying so it won't be hard to figure out. Yup ! I was right ! He's defiantly jealous, his eyes widened as soon as I asked that, I sighed and said, "He's just my best friend Nialler, just relax will ya ?" "Fine..." he muttered, "Good !" I cheered, I stood up and twirled, "He's not getting his shirt back ! It looks better on me !" I said proudly. He chuckled on my silliness, "You do look really cute on it" Niall said blushing, which cause me to blush as well, "Do you wanna go eat and watch a movie ?" I asked pointing towards the door, "Maybe in a second, but now I want you to sit beside me" he said patting next to him, I walked to the bed and sat next to him. We started cracking jokes and talking about we like and what we don't, so basically we were talking about random topics, "Can I lay my head on your lap ?" he asked, "How can I say no to that face ??" I thought to myself, "Sure" I answered, we started talking even more but this time I kept getting distracted my Niall's shiny blonde hair, it was so perfect, so was his eyes. Wait, am I falling for him ? No, maybe I'm just jumping into conclusions, even if I did like him, he wouldn't like me back so let's just wait until he asks me out. Niall sat up straight and that's when a burglar came into the room. Wait..WHAT THE HELL ?! Since when do burglars burst in SUITES in a hotel. I defiantly knew it was a prank. I decided to have fun with it since I'm the victim. Niall tried to act heroic but if he tries to beat him up, we both know how this will end. When the burglar came closer, I kicked him in the crotch causing him to lean down and I punched his face, Niall took the rest by punching up right in the nose and eye, I took off the mask of that person and gasped. I couldn't believe it, is he serious ?! It was my brother Joe, "Bro ! What the flip man ?! Why the hell did you do that ?! And how is your face not injured ?" I asked, but he couldn't speak because of the pain I caused him, "I was checking if you still got it" he said, "Dude ! This is the 4th time you and the others check this year ! And its only march !" I yelled, I looked over to Niall who was gobsmacked, "Can you explain how your face isn't injured ?" I asked crossing my arms, "I put something to prevent injuring my face but I didn't know you would go for the crotch" he said still in pain, "Well if a burglar just barged in YES I will hit him there !" I yelled in an obvious matter. I walked out of the room and got an ice pack for Joe, when I got back all the boys were around him, "Lemme guess, you all helped in that prank" they all nodded, trying not to laugh. I threw the ice pack to Joe and he instantly put it there. I exited the room furiously and walked to my room and slammed the door. Someone knocked on the door, "Come in" I said, "Hey babe" Harry greeted as he came in, actually I was quite surprised it was Harry, I thought it was Niall, Niall's probably still shocked, "Hey" I said softly looking up, "You're pretty tough" he complimented me, "Thanks, when you live with 4 brothers you'll probably learn some stuff" I said stating a fact, he smiled and sat beside me, "Are you okay ?" He asked, "I'm fine" I said smiling, "Even though I know that smile is fake it just proves that you don't wanna talk about and I respect that" he said, that was soo sweet of him, "Stand up" he commanded, I gave him a 'what are you doing' face, "Just do it" I stood up, "Okay now, let's wrestle" he said, "Excuse me ?" I said thinking I heard incorrectly, "Let's wrestle" he repeated, I was really shocked to hear that, "Fine let's do it" I said challengingly, "GO !" He yelled out, next thing I know it that I'm being attacked, I slipped out of his arms and used my elbow to hurt him. He held me again but this time I couldn't slip, I struggled all I can but I couldn't do it, he was just too strong, "Fine you win" I said laughing, he finally let go off me and we shook hands. When he held my hand to shake mine, I flipped him onto the ground, "JANE ROBINSON NEVER LOSES WHEN IT COMES TO WRESTLING !" I yelled out, when I was about to leave the room, I felt a hand grab my foot and pulled me down to the ground. Now me and Harry were both in pain on the floor, "Good game" I said breathlessly, "Yea, wanna call it a tie for today ?" He suggested, "Agreed" I said nodding my head, "You do know I'm not cleaning this room alone" I said smiling deviously, "Do I have to ?" Harry whined looking around the messy room, "Yesh !" I said childishly.
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