Magical Moments [1D]

Jane Robinson, she is a beautiful,cheerful,funny teenager, nothing like the most stuck up girls :D But 1 walk turned into 1 car ride and into 1 thing that might or might not change her life :]


2. Let's Go


UGH ! Its school again !" I whined as I got out of bed..I checked my phone, and I saw it was a Saturday, I face-palmed. I can't believe I forgot its the weekend ! I went to the bathroom, washed up, dried my hair, tied my hair in a high bun and wore a baggy spongebob shirt and leggings "Ahhh this is comfortable, well..TIME TO GAME HARDCORE ! But first...BREAKFAST !" Went downstairs and I found my food already ready, eggs and baking with a side of orange juice, and best part it was untouched ! Good, my brothas knows how wild I go when people touch my food, like literally..WILD ! After I was done eating, I decided to go to the gaming room, "ALRIGHTY ! TIME TO GAME !" I looked through all the games, 2 seconds later..I realized something, "MUM ! DAD ! EMERGENCY ! HUGE EMERGENCY !" They shot the door open "WHAT HAPPENED ?! ARE YOU OKAY ?!" They looked worried, maybe a little bit too worried "NO ! IM NOT OKAY ! I FINISHED ALL THE GAMES AND I HAVE NOTHING TO PLAY !" They both face-palmed, my dad sighed as he was reaching to his back pocket, pulling out his wallet "Here's 150$ buy whatever game you want and buy some food for yourself so you won't have to complain that you're hungry" "HAHAHAHA ! We ALL know I will never stop complaining that I'm hungry !" My dad face-palmed..again ! "Okay thanks dad ! I'll go walk to the mall, Bye-Bye !" I went out the door and walking to the mall, while I was crossing the road, a limo slightly hit me causing me to fall down to the ground "Are you okay, love ?" An Irish accent spoke "Yea I'm fine..although my shirt isn't, its dirty ! Now I need to go run home and change !" I could see that he noticed that I'm upset, "Anyways, thanks for your help and please tell your limo driver to be careful and watch where he's going kay ?" I hugged the Irish boy and when I let go I introduced myself "I feel really rude, I didn't introduce myself, my name is Jane, Jane Robinson !" I said cheerfully "I'm Niall, Niall Horan" he said looking speechless "well I gotta run, need to go home and change before anyone thinks I'm a hobo !" I joked but when I was about to turn around, he grabbed my hand "Let me give you a ride home, a way of me telling I'm sorry, how about that ?" He looked kind and sweet, nothing like a kidnapper ! "If I'm not disturbing, then sure !" "Ofcourse you're not disturbing" he gave me a cute smile. I couldn't help but to smile back.Well, I got inside the car and found 4 more guys..I couldn't help it but to notice that those guys look really familiar, "Jane, let me introduce you to the lads, this is Liam, Zayn, Louis, and Harry !" They all waved and said their hellos, "You guys look really familiar..I can't help but to think that I saw you somewhere.." I said putting my thinking face on "Don't you know who we are ?" Zayn asked "No, I don't..sowwy" I said in a babyish voice and pouting "WE ARE ONE DIRECTION !" They all yelled out "Ohh, I see you guys in a magazines but I never knew who you were" I said smiling, glad I found out who they were "Well what type of music do you like ?" Harry asked, I really liked his curly hair "Well, I like Rap and Hip Hop and also love songs" "You listen to rap ??" Louis said not believing what he's hearing "Yea ! I'm not really a girl, what do you think I was going to the mall for ? And when will this car start moving ??" "Hahaha, okay, Frank let's roll !" Then the limo started moving "So where were we ? Yea, so why were you going to the mall for ? Shopping ? Or makeup ?" Louis said in a sassy tone "NO ! Do I look like a person who wears makeup ?? I don't even know how to use it to be honest ! My dad gave me 150$ to buy a PS3 game because I finished all the games at home..and he said if there were money left I can go buy food so I won't complain that I'm hungry all the time..I LOVE FOOD ! AND BATMAN ! AND MUSTACHES ! AND RAPPING !" Their jaws were dropped, "You're joking right ?" Zayn said surprised "NOPE !" I said grinning widely "Sorry to be disturbing you, but we are here" Frank said "Thanks Frank ! Can I talk to you outside, I wanna tell you something.." I said suspiciously, Frank opened the door for me, but before I left I hugged the boys and kissed Niall on the cheek "Thanks for the ride" I softly smiled at him, and I exited the car and found Frank holding the limo door for me and closed it after me "Hey Frank, do me a favor ? And give the boys my number so we can keep in contact ? And tell them that I'm gonna go to Virgin Megastore to get a PS3 game and then I'm going to Starbucks to get something to eat and if they wanna meet it'll be great ! Thanks !" I smiled at him and hugged him "You love hugging people don't you ?" He said smiling at me "Pretty much !" "Okay, I'll tell them" "Thanks !" "No problem"
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