Magical Moments [1D]

Jane Robinson, she is a beautiful,cheerful,funny teenager, nothing like the most stuck up girls :D But 1 walk turned into 1 car ride and into 1 thing that might or might not change her life :]


10. Jealousy Maybe ?


~Jane's P.O.V :  After we shook hands, it was quiet for a while and we're just standing there doing nothing, "Soooo" I said stretching the word, "So, aren't you gonna change clothes ?" He asked trying to start a topic, "Shoot ! The boys rushed me so all I could grab was my phone" I said face-palming, but Jessie gave me a devilish smile, "What ?" I asked having a feeling he was up to something. Next thing I know was Jessie forcing me to wear one of his plain shirts which was like a dress for me. Kinda like a really long baggy shirt and I wore my skinny jeans under it, "Are you serious ?" I said raising one of my eyebrows up, "Yup ! Don't worry ! You don't look half bad !" He said grinning, "Hahaha, thanks, by the way, I'm taking this home with me and you're never getting it back bro" I asked tugging the shirt, "I really don't care ! You look better in it, A.K.A you look ridiculous" he said exploding into laughter, "Shut up you green fish !" I said pushing him, "Chill, you look fine" he said stopping his laughter, "Thanks, I don't whether I should trust you or not but thanks" I said narrowing my eyes, "So what do you wanna do now ?" He asked, "Let's shoot some zombies !" I said, we slowly nodded our heads as a sign of awesomeness. We rushed in the gaming room and we started gaming until it was 7:25pm. Finally Harry called my phone and told me that their waiting on the porch, I rushed downstairs and Jessie was behind me, when I opened the door Liam and Niall were there, "Hey guys !" I greeted and hugged them, "Hey" they both said at the same time, the idea popped in my head, so I whispered in their ears, and they nodded in a grin, "Jay what did you tell them ?" Jessie asked, "I told them about you repeating the exam" I answered with a smile, "Awe ! Thanks Jay !" He hugged me and I hugged back, "Kay ! I gotta go !" I said waving good-bye, "Okay ! See you soon ! Bye bro !" He yelled throughout the neighborhood, "Lower your voice man ! Bye bro !" I yelled even louder, he both laughed and I got inside in the car, "So did you have fun ?" Niall asked in an annoyed tone, "Yes.." I trailed off, "Are you okay Niall ?" I asked worried, "I'm just great" he said sounding even more annoyed, "Okay.." I said ending the conversation. The car ride was silent, really awkward, no one knew what to say. We eventually got to the hotel and went up the suite, "What do you guys want to eat for dinner ?" Liam asked, "I don't feel like eating" Niall strictly said on his way to his room, he closed the door roughly, "There must be something wrong with him ! He does not feeling like eating ! That's not the Nialler I know !" I said emphasizing the 'must', "Well, I don't think we should tell you, how about you go ask him yourself ?" Louis suggested, I sighed and nodded. I reached Niall's room and knocked on the door, "Niall can I come in ?" I asked, there was no answer, so I shot the room door open and found Niall bursting music in his ear and on his laptop. He put the headphones down, "Ever heard of knocking ?" He said rudely, "Well, I did knock ! You're the one who didn't answer, that's not the Niall I know ! Dude what's up ? Why are you so cranky ?!" I shouted at him, but not too loud so the boys could hear us. Niall kept his mouth shut, not answering my question, "Fine we'll do it the hard way" I asked, closing the room door, locked it and put the key on the table. Beside the place where I placed the key I found my pills, "What the hell is this doing here ?!" I said grabbing the bottle, Niall just looked to the floor, "Answer my question !" I yelled even louder but not too loud, he could sense that I was mad and decided to answer my question before I could get any madder, "I took them from your room" he answered still looking at the ground, I felt like I was being too hard on him, my face soften and I walked closer to him and sat on the ground, "Why did you take them Nialler ?" I asked softly, he sat down on the floor and looked me in the eye, "I wanted to some but I didn't, I was gonna take some after I eat something" he explained, I sighed, "Why were you gonna take some ? Because of the hate ?" I asked.




Sorry I haven't been updating lately.

I have been busy with school stuff :(


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