Magical Moments [1D]

Jane Robinson, she is a beautiful,cheerful,funny teenager, nothing like the most stuck up girls :D But 1 walk turned into 1 car ride and into 1 thing that might or might not change her life :]


4. Excitement and Emotions

I woke up at 8am, it was a Sunday, I guess I have to start studying, but as usual I had to do my daily routine in the morning. Hahahahahahaha ! Surely not exercising ! I checked my phone and found 1 text message, it said "Good morning, love" it was an unknown number, I asked who it was and I face-palmed. It was Niall ! I forgot to get their numbers to save as contacts !  

(Niall's font)

(Jade's font)

Sorry, I didn't know who you are, I didn't save you as a contact, anyways, Good morning Nialler !

So do you wanna do anything today ?

Umm..I'm not sure, I really need to study, maybe I'll be done by 11 or 12.

Okay so after you're done do you wanna do anything ?

I'll ask my parents, because they're really strict when it comes to school work

If I'm going to get you in trouble, then its okay, we can skype or text 

Sure but after I finish studying, kay ?

Yea sure Jane !

Okay, I'll text you when I'm done

Kay kay, I'll leave you to study ! Good luck, bye !

Bye !

After I was done texting Niall I decided to go to the bathroom and fix myself there. I got out of the bathroom and ate breakfast and started studying, after I was done it was 11:30am, and I went downstairs, "Jane, you're here good, we have some news for you guys !" my parents said sounding excited as ever, "Its me and your fathers anniversary so we decided to go travel Hawaii" "Don't need to know no more mom" my brother Chasse said, I'll introduce you to my brothers for you not to get confused, they are: . Joe, the eldest (I call him 'Big J') .

                               Micheal, the second eldest .

                               Toby, the third eldest .

                               Chasse, the second youngest.  

Then comes me ! Except I'm not a guy...Anyways back to my parents announcement, my mom rolled her eyes and continued "So, your brother, Joe, won't be able to let you stay at his place since his wife is pregnant, so I would like you to stay at one of your friend's house," my mum said grinning. "What about Micheal ? Is his wife pregnant too ?" I asked, "No, he just doesn't want you to stay with him.." My dad said like its an okay thing to say, "Gee, how nice of him" Chasse said sarcastically, "I know right !" I turned my face to Chasse, "Just please be careful, okay ?" My dad said trying to get to the point, "Alright, I'll find a find a friend to stay over at, when are you going anyways ?" I asked, "Yea..umm here's the issue..we're leaving tonight.." My dad said scratching his head nervously "SERIOUSLY ?!" Me and Chasse asked in disbelief " get packing !" My mom said cheerfully trying to change the mood of the room. I rushed upstairs and packed my clothes, video games, and text books, now to decide who to stay at. I looked over my contact list and my eyes stopped at Niall's name. Maybe my parents won't mind, but why would they ? They're the main reason why I'm getting kicked out of the place I live in ! I went to my parents room and found them there packing and talking, "Hey sweetie, have you decided where you would stay at ?" My mum asked, "Umm..yea, he's a guy, his name is Niall" my dad's head automatically turned to me, "I knew him for a while now, he's really nice and polite, if you want I could ask him to come over and you could meet him and approve of him yourself" i said, my dad sighed after he was done listening to the words that were coming out of my mouth, "Fine let him come over, I want to meet him first," he said looking uncomfortable with the idea, "Dad if you don't want me to stay over  there, I have other friends" "No, I trust you, you're 18 and responsible, I know you won't do anything that I wouldn't approve of" he said with a smile of his face, assuring me that he's proud of me, "Thanks dad, means a lot" I walked out and to my room and started to text Niall.


(Niall's font)

(Jade's font)

Hey Niall !

Hey Jane !

This might be kind of sudden but can I stay over at your place ? My parents are traveling so I have to stay somewhere else but home..

it took him 5 minutes to reply back, I kinda got worried

Sure ! Sorry took me a while, I was asking the boys and the daddy directioner

Daddy directioner ?

Yea, its Liam, he takes care of us so we call him that. 

Umm..okay, But my parents said that could stay on one condition.

Which is..?

You come over and meet them and they have to approve of you.

Piece of cake.

Be polite.

Stop worrying.

Okay, bye, come over now, see you in 15 minutes. 

See you.

I went and informed my parents that Niall's coming in 15 minutes, all they did was nod, what else would they do ? 15 minutes later, I heard a knock on the door, I opened and found Niall standing on the porch, I greeted him and invited him inside then my dad walked in "Hello, I'm Jade's dad" he said as he shaked Niall's hand "Hello Mr.Robinson" "Call me John" my father said smiling "Wow he's warming up to him already ! Thank god !" I thought to myself, I went into the kitchen and got some cokes and gave one to my dad and Niall. I left them to get to know each other so I went upstairs, to my room, worked on some school stuff and then heard my dad call my name from downstairs. I rushed downstairs and found my dad and Niall laughing, "Well, Jane you can stay there" I started jumping "So when should I go ?" I asked my dad "Niall here is gonna pick you up at around 5" my dad instructed "Then when are you and mum gonna leave ?" "We have to be in airport at 6" "So in 3 hours" I assured "Yes" he answered "May I drive you to the airport ?" Niall offered to my dad, "Thanks for the offer but no, we already called the taxi company to come pick us up at 5:30pm" "As you like" Niall said politely, "See you in 2 hours !" I said to Niall "See you" He said good-bye to my dad and he went out of the house and drove away, "What do you think of Niall ?" I asked my dad with hope in my eye "He's a great guy, funny too, really polite and respects others" he said as he smiled at me "See you can trust me !" I said in an confident smile.


~2 Hours later


"Nialls here !" I yelled throughout the house, my mom and dad came downstairs quickly and walked me out the door, I saw Niall coming out of his car and towards me to help me with my bags and to also greet my father "Be careful hunny" my mum said, I could see her eyes tearing up "Don't worry mum, I know how to protect myself" I said trying to make my mum less worried "I trust you, be careful sweetie" my dad also tearing up but they were tears of happiness, unlike my mother "Thanks, bye !" I waved good-bye as the car drove away, "You're mom sure is emotional" Niall said, "You have no idea"


What do you guys think ?

Do you think I should continue ?

What do you think is gonna happen in the hotel ?

If you're wondering, Chasse directly went to his friends house as soon as he figured he could stay over at his friend's house :P

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