Magical Moments [1D]

Jane Robinson, she is a beautiful,cheerful,funny teenager, nothing like the most stuck up girls :D But 1 walk turned into 1 car ride and into 1 thing that might or might not change her life :]


9. Anger and Deals


~ Niall's P.O.V : 

I went back to the hotel, I found the boys infront of the TV and putting on their thinking faces, "GUYS ! WE NEED TO DECIDE ON WHAT TO DO !" Liam announced, "Umm..mates, what's going on ?" I asked, "VAS HAPPENIN' !" Zayn yelled his catch phrase, it apparently woke up Jane because the next thing I know was that she was walking out with her pajama messy.


~ Jane's P.O.V :

"GUYS ! NEXT TIME YOU INTERRUPT MY SLEEP, I'LL INTERRUPT YOUR BREATHING !" I screamed at the lads, "What are you doing here ? Aren't you supposed to be at school ?" Harry asked, "No, I didn't feel well so I didn't go" I explained, I could see that Niall was surprised that I'm good at lying, "How do you feel now ?" Zayn asked, without giving me a chance to answer, "SHE PROBABLY HAS FEVER ! SUPERMAN IS GONNA RESCUE YOU FROM THE DEADLY DISEASE !" Louis said trying to sound heroically, "Thank you Louis for wasting 15 seconds of my life, anyways, I feel much better !" I said giving the lads a thumbs up, Louis was acting like he's hurts so I skipped to him and gave him a hug, "Guys, what were you arguing about in the first place ?" Niall asked trying to take us back to the previous conversation, "We can't decide on what to order !" Liam said. Niall and I's faces light up, when comes to food we're the experts, "Since we ate Nandos last time, we might as well order..." I paused for a second and looked at Niall, he looked at me straight in the eye, "Pizza !" We both said together. The other boys agreed and we ordered the pizza, "Wait..we're having pizza for breakfast ? Its only 10am" I said, "Well, no we're having breakfast and lunch at the same time" Liam said, "Why ?" I asked confused, "We sorta have a concert at 3" "Are you serious ?!" "I'm sorry love" "Fine, I'm gonna call Jessie and I'll stay at his place until you guys pick me up" "Okay". At 2:30 the boys dropped me off at school so I had to wait for a half an hour until Jessie comes out, I was really bored so I started playing with my IPod. A half an hour passed in slow motion, but at least Jessie came out, "Hey bro !" I greeted him with a fist bump, "Jay why didn't you come to school today ?!" He looked kinda pissed off, "Relax, I had my reasons, but can I stay at your house today but over night, just for a while until someone certain picks me up" I asked, "Sure..who's that someone ?" He looked confused, "I'll explain everything at the Turner's !" I said with a grin, "Dude, I told you not to call it that" he said face-palming, "I'm just trying to annoy you" I said with even a bigger grin, he looked really pissed, "what's up with him..?" I thought to myself. We got to his house and he rushed upstairs and I was right behind him, when we got to his room he threw his back on the wall, from that you could tell that he was seriously mad, "Dude what happened ?" "The exam was terrible !" "It was just one exam" I said trying to calm him down, "No ! Jane ! You don't understand ! I'm getting a ZERO on my test, A BIG FAT Z-E-R-O !" He explained, I bit my lip, "What should I do to calm you down ?" I asked, "If you could let the principle let me retake the exam, sure ! Why not ?!" He said sarcastically, "Bro, chill, I can do that" I said dead serious, "Really ? How ?" He asked calming down, "I'll explain to you everything but only if you promise to calm down" I said in a low voice, "I promise" I watched as his face became softer, "Okay, look, so my parents traveled and I couldn't stay at my brother's place so I had to stay at one of my friends, but a day before my parents announced that they were leaving I got hit by a limo and Niall, from One Direction, helped me up and he was really kind to me, I went to the mall and he bought me Journey and afterwards we went to the water park so back to the point, I called Niall to meet my dad and my dad approved so I'm staying at their suite, and today I didn't come to school because I slept at 1 in the morning and Niall didn't wake me up because he knew I couldn't have concerted in my exam, this morning I fell down on the ground crying because I won't be able to do the exam, he felt bad so he went to school and asked the principle if I could do the exam I again and she agreed, I could ask him or the other boys if they could ask for you to retake the exam" I explained out of breath, "Don't troll me, Jay" he said shocked, "I swear ! You're my best friend ! You should believe me !" I said frustrated, "I do believe you but doesn't it seem like a fairy tale ?" He said, "Fine ! Don't believe me ! But today they're gonna pick me up from here and you'll see ! You'll owe me an ice cream !" I said betting, "Deal on !" He yelled and we shook hands.

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