Magical Moments [1D]

Jane Robinson, she is a beautiful,cheerful,funny teenager, nothing like the most stuck up girls :D But 1 walk turned into 1 car ride and into 1 thing that might or might not change her life :]


1. Jane Robinson

Jane Robinson's bio : 

HELLO :D My name is Jane Robinson, i have brown hair, and blue eyes, sometimes my hair is curly and sometimes straight :D Depends really :P I am 18 years old and I have 4 brothers and i wrestle them often and I game HARDCORE ! The reason I wrestle y brothers is because they want to teach me self defense.


I don't put makeup, i feel like natural beauty is the best kind of beauty. Even though i don't really act like a girl doesn't mean i don't love RAINBOWS AND CUTE AND FLUFFY STUFF !  I also love mustaches and BATMAN ! "Always be yourself, except if you can be batman, then always be batman" is one of my favorite sayings :P


One of my favorite things to do is make people smile, it just warms my heart.Maybe that's the reason I'm always cheerful and funny ! I often watch My Little Pony and Littlest Pet shop and also ADVENTURE TIME ! Not to mention also the regular show ! Being random is like me breathing :] I LOVE EVERYONE ! But some people make it hard for me to like them so I just don't talk to them because if I do, I'm afraid to hurt their feelings and mean isn't my color.


Well, that's about it ! I won't tell you anymore about myself, you figure the rest out :P !  I LOVE YOU :D Bye-Bye !

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