Fighting For You

''I needed her. Desperately. I needed to feel her soft skin against mine, hearing her angelic voice, nuzzling my nose in her hair, feeling her smell. She was like poison to my veins, burning every nerve inside me. She could knock me to the weakest point by only giving me one simple look. I was so madly in love with her it wasn’t even healthy. She was the one I always had in my mind before dazzling of to sleep at night. She was the reason I got F on my assessments. She was dangerous. Dangerous to fall in love with''.
Just so you know: This movella contains Mature Content.


6. A/N

Hi! I'm so sorry I haven't updated this fanfic in a while. It's just that my computer haven't been working, but now it does so I'm writing on chapter 6 now! :D (UPDATE COMING SOON!!!)


Thank you to everyone for fanning, commenting and favouriting this movella! IT MEANS A LOT!!! :D

What do you think of the new cover btw? ^^



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