Fighting For You

''I needed her. Desperately. I needed to feel her soft skin against mine, hearing her angelic voice, nuzzling my nose in her hair, feeling her smell. She was like poison to my veins, burning every nerve inside me. She could knock me to the weakest point by only giving me one simple look. I was so madly in love with her it wasn’t even healthy. She was the one I always had in my mind before dazzling of to sleep at night. She was the reason I got F on my assessments. She was dangerous. Dangerous to fall in love with''.
Just so you know: This movella contains Mature Content.


11. 9. A Taste Of Real Life




When I got home, my nostrils were filled with the smell of my mothers cooking. When she saw me she eyed me from top to toe while raising an eyebrow.

‘’Have you been shopping?’’ My mother asked me, pointing at the bag I held in my hand. I nodded.

‘’Well, what is it?’’

‘’A dress, mom. Jo’s boyfriend is going to throw a party on Friday so I thought it would be nice with something new…’’

‘’Let me see.’’ I knew she probably wouldn’t like it but pulled it out anyways, holding it up in front of her. Her eyes scanned the apparel and it felt like I was standing in front of Gordon Ramsay, waiting to be judged. She swallowed hard, pursing her lips, followed by the answer I thought would come.

‘’Far too short.’’


‘’You are not a whore, darling. ’’ Her voice was echoing by fake calmness and a mother smile played on her lips as she took it from me, feeling the material slip away from my hands. I didn’t answer her back, feeling a bit hit from the word she just used and the fact she took the dress Harry hade bought me. Whore, she had never said the word in front of me and it made my stomach jolt. I stared down at my feets.

‘’What do you have on your neck?’’ My mother suddenly asked. I startled, looking up again. Her smile was gone and her brow was in a furrow, creating crinkles to pop out on her forehead.

‘’What?’’ I asked puzzled. She laid the dress on the chair next to her and took a step closer with a stern look on her face. Her fingers touched my neck and I yelped from the connection at my sensitive skin.

‘’Is that a hickey?’’

I turned to the mirror and spotted a big blue-purple mark on the left side of my neck, just a few inches above my collarbone. It was a big fat hickey created by Harry.  I gulped, turning around to face my mother again. She looked disappointed and quite angry, like someone had thrown her the news about a third world war. I couldn’t let out a sound, I was screwed. When she was just about to open her mouth, the minute minder from the kitchen rang. She sighed, talking fast:

‘’I don’t know who it was or what it is but you are grounded and give me your phone. Go to your room. I’m highly disappointed at you because you were clearly not doing any homework.’’ She hissed with the palm outstretched, waiting for my phone. Sheepishly, I pulled out my phone from my wallet and handed it over to her. She snapped it out of my hands before heading away to the kitchen. I could hear her cursing about something who probably was me while I walked upstairs with a knot in my stomach. I could hear her yell from downstairs before I entered my room

‘’And you can clearly forget about that party!’’

I snorted to myself, closing the door.’’Ha, like I haven’t already.’’

I was lucky she was cut off in her questioning but now I was officially grounded for probably a few days and my phone was taken away from me. I wasn’t even allowed to go to the party. With sad thoughts, I sat down on my bed and felt tears burning behind my eyelids. Everything was so unfair. I was already missing him, though it been just about thirty minutes since I kissed him goodbye at the shopping mall, insisting him I could make my own way home.  With my hand I quickly wiped away the few fallen tears and imagined it was Harry’s soft digits instead. The soft fingers that used to caress my chin and jaw and his warm hands that fit perfectly in mine, like they were made just for me. Then my thoughts skimmed away to the inappropriate ones my mom and dad would kill me for if they found out. The way his hands groped my breasts. How he played with them so gently and making them hard, sending shivers down my spine and making my knees go jelly. Harry, Harry, Harry. He was everything I thought about! Was it even healthy? Was it even normal to think about someone 24/7? Probably not. I bet he wasn’t thinking about me that much. What kind of disease had I been hit by?

I thought about the dress. Harry had bought it for me though it was overly expensive and with my own protesting that I should’ve bought it myself. But no, he’d paid it with that playing grin of his. He had seemed to be so happy and when he explained, whispering in my ear, why he thought it was so important for him to buy it, my heart had melted completely.

‘’Because I finally feel like I am doing something right. You deserve this dress and you look stunning so stop complain and just accept that I love you too much.’’

With the words that had left his mouth I had replied with something risky. Well, I kissed him hard and passionately for a few minutes, not really paying any attention to the world outside.  I bet people just thought we were a young teenage couple madly in love, not being able to be apart from each other. When we were done an old man had given us thumbs-up with a goofy smile on his crinkled features that had made us laugh while Harry had grasped my hands in his, letting me feel his lovingness. And now I was sitting here, not sure when I would be able to see or feel Harry again. I mean, my phone was taken and I could never guarantee he would be in school everyday. The fact my mother had snapped the dress from my hands made something burn inside me. I was angry, angry at her. At the way she treated me like and that I couldn’t have my own things by my own. Not even Harry.




I guess I had drifted off to sleep yesterday because when I woke up to my alarm clock I still had my clothes from yesterday on and my hair was in a big mess because I hadn’t put it in a braid. I put on a plain white button up shirt with jeans and combed my hair, letting it fall over my neck and shoulders so it discretely covered the mark Harry had given me. I touched it slightly and a content smile formed on my lips, coming from nowhere. It was like he was with me, though it was just a mark. I bounced down to the kitchen, seeing my father sitting by the kitchen table, reading the newspaper.

‘’Good morning, dad.’’ I greeted, giving him a tired smile.

He didn’t answer nor even throwing me a glance, he just keep on reading. Wow, dad I feel the love, I thought sarcastically while opening the fridge. I pulled out the juice and was just about to pour it up in a glass when I heard him clearing his throat. I spun around.

‘’Quinn?’’ He spoke ‘’Can you please sit down?’’ He motioned for me to sit down at the opposite side of the table. With a screeching sound from pulling out the chair combined with my pounding heart on what would happen next I sat down, my hands gripping firmly around the glass I held.

‘’You look nice today...’’ He complimented. I stared at him, a faded smile playing on my lips.

‘’Thank you.’’ I waited patiently on what he actually wanted to tell me. I took a sip from the glass, tasting the orange juice. My eyes broke the eye contact with him as they found my fingernails incredibly interesting instead.

‘’I hope the shirt covers the mark on your neck, young lady.’’

My head shot up. Had mom told him? Of course she had, who am I kidding? I just nodded in reply, suddenly not feeling hungry anymore.

‘’I hope that Styles-thing don’t have anything to do with this.’’ It felt like someone had punched me in the face when my father mentioned Harry like that.

 ‘’He hasn’t. Don’t worry dad.’’ I lied, not making any eye contact. Luckily it worked and I rose up, excusing myself.

 ‘’I need to hurry, don’t want to be late for school.’’

I put the glass on the counter and kissed my dad’s cheek goodbye, leaving the house faster than ever before.

When I reached school, my mood was at zero and Bonnie and Jo noticed. I couldn’t see Harry and I actually didn’t want to see him either. But I had to when I saw the Goddess himself strolling down the corridors with his backpack on his shoulder, dressed in a leather jacket with a simple black t-shirt and skinny jeans, and of course, his trademark – a beanie. Small brown, curls poked out from it and his mesmerizing eyes were sat on me as the smirk created deep dimples on his cheeks. When I thought he was going to come over to us he stopped and walked over to his locker instead. I could see how he send me a wink and I waved at him before turning back to Bonnie and Jo. With a sigh of relief I smiled at them, glad Harry actually was playing along with this whole secret-relationship-thing. They didn’t seem to noticed anything so we just made our way to our first period.

‘’Sooo, are you prepared for Friday?’’ Jo teased me.

‘’No. I’m grounded.’’ I muttered, realizing it sounded much harsher than I’d expected.

‘’What?!’’ She exclaimed, with big eyes. I nodded.

‘’Something happened?’’ Bonnie asked cautiously. The big chocolate brown orbs felt like they burned deep holes inside me.  

‘’Yeah, apparently.’’ I answered, trying to sound softer.

‘’Is it Styles?’’ Jo asked while raising an eyebrow.

‘’Maybe.’’ And with that it was the end of discussion as I decided to not tell them any further information. I wasn’t just feeling for it and thankfully, they understood.

The school day went on and at the lunch breaks when I walked alone in the corridor because both Bonnie and Jo were in another class; I felt a pair of strong arms dragging me into a small, dark room. I was too surprised and scared at the same time I couldn’t even make a sound nor realize what was happening. It was all black and I couldn’t see anything. It wasn’t until I felt the lips pressing against mine and the scent of Bleu de Chanel I knew who it was. I smiled into the kiss and giggled a bit, receiving the darker and raspy laugh from Harry. His hot breath skimmed over my face and I tugged a bit at the frame of his beanie, feeling the cute little curls under my fingertips. He buried his face in the crook of my neck.

‘’I missed you. It took a lot of effort to not snog you up against the lockers this morning.’’

‘’I know.’’

We kissed for a while and I finally could make out his face in the subdued room, letting me see the contours of his cupcake face along with the beanie and the piercing green eyes.

‘’Come with me after school tomorrow.’’ He whispered and I shivered, but reality hit me and I shook my head.


I pecked him once more to give me time to think.

‘’I’m grounded.’’

‘’No way.’’ He chuckled. ‘’I never thought someone as innocent as you could get grounded.’’ His voice was slight amused, lingering on the last word.

‘’Yeah. My parents saw the hickey and… uhm. My mother took the dress and gave me mobile prohibition plus I got curfew. I’m not allowed to go to the party either.’’

I didn’t want to tell him that my dad had mentioned him but I bet he could figure it out all by himself. I realized the tension had turned from happy and goofy to a bit sad and I leaned in to rest my head on his chest, feeling his grip around me tighten. I heard him inhale deeply.

‘’I know I have to accept that your parents won’t ever like me but I really want to make this work.’’

‘’I know, Harry. I know. I want that too.’’ I mumbled. ‘’I’m sorry.’’

 ‘’Don’t be, it’s not your fault.’’

 The way he said the sentence before made me feel safe and calm. He always made me feel comfortable and I loved him for that. The only thing that kept hitting a sensitive spot, was that no one really accepted Harry. Accepted him for who he was and what he did. He wasn’t that type who said mean things to people without purpose, like others did. I knew the real Harry, they didn’t. No one had ever given him a chance and it was just so damn frustrating. Why?, was the only thing I kept asking myself. Wasn’t he worth as much as someone else here?

We stayed silent for a moment. I let his embrace absorb me fully before I pulled back, letting his forehead rest on mine. I played with the pendant he always wore, the small paper plane between my fingers.

‘’You’re flawless, you know that? Like an angel.’’ I whispered.

‘’I’m certainly not, Hun.’’ He frowned. My hand travelled for his and I brought it up as I kissed each knuckle. I felt his diamond stare at me and when I met his eyes they gleamed with fragility and tons of emotions. It felt like he was made of porcelain someone could easily break. I caressed his skin gently, wanting my love to get to him in any way possible. I inhaled, continuing.

‘’To me you are, no matter what other people say...’’ My mouth went down to his fingertips as I brushed my lips over them before turning his hand upside down and giving the palm a gentle kiss. With a small sigh I brought his hand over to his chest, the palm above his heart, sensing every beat.

‘’…and you’ll always be.’’ I finished.

The wild green eyes stayed connected with mine as I rose on my tippy toes and kissed him softly. My fingers played with the protruding ringlets from his beanie, feeling his electric soul shade me. He hugged me tight as he pursed his lips, mumbling sweet nothings in my hair. Suddenly I felt his fingers yank at the collar of my white shirt. I looked at him.

‘’May I take a look?’’ He asked, moving the fabric aside without any further permission. I nodded slightly and saw how a grin spread on his face when his eyes scanned the purple mark..

‘’Now people at least know that you’re mine.’’ His voice was deep and husky and my face turned instantly red. Harry apparently noticed and snickered before placing a kiss over the mark, whispering ‘’It suits you, baby.’’

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