Fighting For You

''I needed her. Desperately. I needed to feel her soft skin against mine, hearing her angelic voice, nuzzling my nose in her hair, feeling her smell. She was like poison to my veins, burning every nerve inside me. She could knock me to the weakest point by only giving me one simple look. I was so madly in love with her it wasn’t even healthy. She was the one I always had in my mind before dazzling of to sleep at night. She was the reason I got F on my assessments. She was dangerous. Dangerous to fall in love with''.
Just so you know: This movella contains Mature Content.


10. 8. You Are So Beautiful - Part 2

Part 2 of chapter 7. I know it's been a while since I last updated and I'm sorry for that. This chapter contains a bit of dirty content (but it's rather mild I would say!) , so you've been warned. :) Enjoy!




‘’Great, let’s find you something!’’ I said as we walked out from Selfridges, me holding her tiny hand in mine. Quinn bit nervously on her lip as she nodded. I wondered what could bother her but I didn’t ask. Instead we made our way to another store. I don’t know what the store was named but it was quite big but utterly cute with only a few apparels hanging on the hangers. We skimmed through piles of clothes until I found a black dress hanging all lonely by itself. It seemed to be so Quinn; I thought and showed it for her.

‘’Are you sure?’’ She asked, raising her eyebrows.

‘’One hundred percent. Try it, it’s hot.’’

She took it and went to the changing room. I followed her, sitting on a leather couch outside. Minutes passed and I heard grunts and suddenly someone who sniffled.

‘’Quinn?’’ I asked, my voice worried. I stood up and slowly pulled away the purple curtain. On a chair sat Quinn with her face in her hands, wearing the black dress. Her body shake as she let out sob after sob. I kneeled down beside her.

‘’Babe. Babe, look at me. Don’t cry. It hurts me to see you cry. Please don’t. Everything’s gonna be fine. I’m here.’’ My arm rested around her shoulders as I held her, stroking her smooth hair. Slowly she pulled away her hands from her face. The tears didn't stop running and she stared at her fingers. I wiped away the running tears on her cheeks. With my index I tilted her chin up to look at me. She swallowed hard and with red, puffy orbs she met me.

‘’What’s wrong, love?’’ She looked at me hesitantly before slowly shaking her head.

‘’Everything is wrong, Haz. I am wrong.’’ her voice painful as she explained. ''I mean, look at me!'' Quickly she stood up and turned to the mirror with her nose crinkled. She poked her tummy and mumbled:

‘’Disgusting.’’ Tears started to spill out from her eyes again. I rose and stood up behind her. My mouth was slightly parted as I saw her frame in the mirror. She was beautiful. Quinn turned around and continued her humiliating on herself with her arms gesturing, but I cut her off by putting a finger over her lips. I looked deeply in her eyes, getting lost in the ocean they displayed. Her arms dropped to her sides, like she was out of breath.

‘’No. You are not ugly.’’ My voice calm and steady, comforting. I smiled as I took her body in fully. The dress fit perfectly. It was cut short, the ruffled skirt stopping at her mid thigh. Her legs seemed to look longer and the way the upper part made her D-breasts look very squeezable made my core go wild. The only word I could describe her with was beautiful. Quinn had stopped crying and was now biting nervously on her lip, again. I looked down and saw how her toes wiggled, making me grin as I met her eyes.

‘’You look stunning.’’ With that I took a step closer so our chests were touching. ‘’ I mean it.’’

It felt like the heat in the small area we were in had increased. With no words exchanged, I bent down and placed my lips on her exposed shoulder due to the dress. My lips attached immediately at the skin as they give it a tender kiss. My arms rested on her lower back, just above her curve.

‘’...You…’’ I moved to the crook of her neck, also giving it a kiss.

‘’...are…’’ Then moving to the neck, flicking my tongue over the sensitive skin as I kissed it, receiving a whimper.

‘’…’’ A kiss on the jaw. I could hear how she started to breath heavier. My mouth travelled up to her lips. They just brushed slightly against each other as I could feel her hot breath against me. Then I leaned in and took her lower lip between my lips.

‘’...beautiful.’’ I muffled against her lips as I pulled her closer. First she didn’t answer the kiss but when I felt how her lips started to move synchronically against mine, I felt safe again. I enjoyed kissing her; it was one of my favourite parts with being in a relationship. The way they moved and were so soft. They were made for each other. Without thinking, my hand skimmed over the fabric from her waist and all of a sudden it was grabbing her left breast. She jumped. I pulled back with a blush on my face, realizing I had just squeezed her boob.

‘’God, I’m so sorry!’’ I apologized. My voice was husky from the heatening moment. ‘’It was just that…uhm…’’ I stuttered sheepishly. I broke eye contact and felt how my cheeks turned even more red. ‘’Never mind.’’ My hand ran through my hair and I sighed. The awkward tension grew. I felt ashamed, because I had promised myself to nevere push her into something she didn't wanted and to have control over myself. Quinn remained still and quiet for a moment. I felt like the worst boyfriend in the world.

‘’It didn’t really feel that bad actually…’’ She suddenly spoke, her own cheeks turning red. Quinn let out a giggle before continuing. ‘’I was just surprised. No one has ever, you know…touched me there.’’

''No. It was stupid of me. I should've asked.'' I protested, crossing my arms.

''Such a gentleman.'' Quinn sighed. I noticed the slight amusement in ther voice.

I looked at her without saying a word. ''Kiss me.'' She added. I hesitated befor smiling awkwardly at her. With taking a step closer, I tilted her head up to give her lips a kiss. The kiss went from soft to a tongue battle, with my right hand caressing her jaw and the other one behind her neck for support. I could feel how she played with the curls at the nape of my neck.  With my own force I sandwiched her between my body and the wall. I stopped caressing her cheek as I my hand made it’s way down her neck, my fingertips slightly brushing over the skin, still kissing her. Goose bumps rose as I continued down her collarbones to stop right above the fabric. I pulled away, looking deeply in her eyes.

‘’Is it okay if I do it again, miss?’’ I asked. She smiled a bit, quietly nodding. My mouth started to leave small pecks along her upper lip as I carefully brushed my hand over the curve. Quinn flexed under the touch which I leaved a longing kiss to her lips.


I squeezed her breast and it felt so soft in my hand. As I massaged her breast I heard how a low grunt was released from Quinn. I pulled back my lips and smiled down at her. She peered up at me.  

‘’Feelin’ good?’’ I asked in amusement, letting my head rest to her forehead. Quinn nodded shyly. With that I let my other hand caress the other boob so the both of my hands were in action. I could feel how her nipples hardened under the thin black fabric which made a shiver run down my spine. I bent down, starting to suck at her neck, nibbling at the skin. A gasp was heard while I continued sucking harshly but still so gently. A hand dived into the mop of my curls and pulled me closer to her warm body. Without saying anything I put my hand in under the fabric and took a hold of her boobs again, feeling the thin lace of the bra she wore. I pulled away the cups and felt the soft flesh underneath. My name fell from her lips when I pinched the already erected nipples. It was like ecstasy hearing my name rolling of her lips as I explored her chest with my hands. I couldn’t see them but I could feel them. It was an overwhelming fact that I was the one who made her feeling like this. And I was taking it slowly. I wanted to take things step by step with her because I knew she was new to these kinds of things. I could tell the nervousness she had newly felt, had faded away a bit, although it still remained there with the slightly awkward position she held. But she did really well I could say.

‘’Ehrm… Is everything alright in there?'' A woman's voice was heard from the outside. We froze. I withdrew myself from her with a cheeky grin plastered my face. Quinn stared at me as if she had seen a ghost. I turned around and pulled away the curtain just to pop my head out. Outside was a shop assistant standing. She seemed to be in the middle age with short cut red hair. Her eyebrows were painted sharply and were almost creating a uni-brown. It took a lot off effort for me to not start laughing. When she saw me she looked at me disgustingly. I grinned even brighter at her, which she truly found very irritating. It made it even funnier, I thought.

‘’You know there’s only one person per changing room, kid?’’ She spat, her voice croaking.

‘’Well, that’s a shame…’’ My body shifted, resting weight on my right foot. ‘’Care to join?’’ I said bluntly, smiling like a freak. The older woman just stared at me with her mouth agape.

‘’Definitely not, young man. I don’t wanna know what kind of perverted things kids like you do!’’ She half-yelled enraged at me.

 ‘’You sure?’’ I asked, still teasing her. God I loved teasing. When she didn’t reply, just continued looking at me like I was just a piece of dirt, I winked at her before speaking my last sentence.

‘’If you excuse me, I actually have to take care of my girlfriend now. It was nice to meet you.’’ I said, and before closing the curtain I added: ‘’Oh and by the way, we’ll buy the dress. Don’t worry.’’

I closed the curtain and I could hear how the woman snorted before spitting a:

‘’How rude!’’ Before we soon heard the sound of her heels disappearing while walking away.

With a smug grin on my face I turned around to see Quinn who just stood there leaning against the wall, fully clothed in her own clothes. Her hair was a bit messed up by our early activity which made my body warm. She was biting her lip, preventing herself from not laughing. I was the one to break the tension and soon we ended up laughing so hard it felt like a six-pack was coming on. When we finally stopped I looked at her, realizing she wasn’t wearing the black dress.

‘’When did you change?’’ I asked, raising an eyebrow.

‘’While you talked.’’

‘’Without informing me?’’ I said, trying to sound offended. Quinn laughed.

‘’Of course, baby cakes.’’

‘’Ahw, you’re no fun.’’ I pouted, sticking out my lower lip, which only caused Quinn to giggle. She put herself on her tippy toes and pecked my pouting lips. I could feel how she poked my dimple. A moment later I pulled away and took the hanger the dress was hanging on and walked out from the changing room.

‘’Where are you going?’’ Quinn asked as I walked down the corridor. I spun around, walking backwards.

‘’I’m gunna buy a new dress for my beautiful princess!’’ I replied, winking at her.

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