Fighting For You

''I needed her. Desperately. I needed to feel her soft skin against mine, hearing her angelic voice, nuzzling my nose in her hair, feeling her smell. She was like poison to my veins, burning every nerve inside me. She could knock me to the weakest point by only giving me one simple look. I was so madly in love with her it wasn’t even healthy. She was the one I always had in my mind before dazzling of to sleep at night. She was the reason I got F on my assessments. She was dangerous. Dangerous to fall in love with''.
Just so you know: This movella contains Mature Content.


9. 7. Dress Up - Part 1

A/N: Helloooo, here is finally chapter 7! In fact it is two chapters long, but I only published this part yet. I will publish the next one when I'm done with it. Since I've written quite much on this chapter I would LOVE to hear some feedback! And last but not least; ENJOY! :) xx (sorry for the long waiting)


Quinns POV


As I walked to my next lesson I thought about Harry. Fine. I let him have me because, hopefully, he would tell me one day what happened. I decided to give him time. Thoughts about his family invaded me and for a second I thought about his stepdad. I had met him once and it was not a pleasant meeting. Maybe he had hit him? Maybe they had been in a fight? It could much possibly be like that but then again no; something else told me it wasn’t the truth of the story. I shrugged away the thoughts when I approached the classroom. In the back I could see my friends Bonnie and Jo talking. When they saw me they smiled and waved at me.

‘’So, wipe the smirk and tell us’’ Jo said curiously with a smug grin on her face as she leaned over the desk, letting her blonde hair fall down her shoulders. Her green eyes peered at me as I sat down next to them. I hadn’t realized I had a stupid smile on my face and looked at them. Bonnie fumbled with her fingers as usual and her big brown eyes looked expectantly at me.

‘’Tell us!’’ her voice sounding excited.

‘’Uhm…I don’t know what to say.’’ I said, not knowing how to speak my words. I was just utterly happy.

‘’C’mon, did he kissed you? Are you guys back together again? Tell us!’’ Jo said impantiently.

‘’We kissed…’’

‘’Ha! I told you so!’’ Jo squealed as she beamed at Bonnie.

‘’Yeah, yeah whatever…’’ Bonnie rolled her eyes and gave me a genuine smile before twirling a curl between her fingers.

‘’But don’t tell anyone, ok?’’ I hushed and looked pointedly at them. They knew what I meant and nodded.

‘’Pinky promise.’’ Bonnie smiled and we hooked our pinkies.

I sighed. Bonnie and Jo were so different to each other. Jo was the more carefree and reckless one. She had long blonde hair, and when I say blonde, I mean really blonde with crystal green eyes. The fact she didn't even dyed it made me even more astonished. Her real name was Joanne Williams but since she hated it she only wanted to be called for Jo. She was the more rebellious girl of us all, the one who wore clothes that pushed the school rules and had always heels on her feets. If she came without them, you could easily tell something was wrong. Her eyes used to always be covered up by dark make up, or like she would call it; smoky eyes. She was together with the school’s best football (soccer) player Louis and well, they made a cute couple.  Maybe when I describe her now it might  sound like she's the biggest bimbo in the world, but no. Jo was far from being a bimbo. She was one of the nicest and sweetest persons I knew and had a cracked humour no one could understand.

Then we have Bonnie, our cute little Bonnie. With the curly and totally unruly hair that comes from her ethnic mix of English, Italian and Brazilian that she always use to twirl around her fingers and those big, chocolate brown puppy eyes no one can resist. Bonnie was Bonnie, a stubborn but incredible smart and polite girl. She loved parties and could be really loud sometimes but still very different compared to Jo. I was standing her closest of all my friends. She was my best friend.

The lesson continued and Bonnie and Jo couldn’t stop teasing me about Harry, especially not Jo. I bet she was born to be a teaser, but I loved her anyway. When the lunch time arrived we dragged ourselves to the old cafeteria. I spotted Harry immediately sitting by a table with some other guys from his class. It wasn’t always you used to see him sitting with some other people and it actually made me glad to see he wasn’t alone this time because I knew he had had it hard with making good connection with the guys here. The tray that was placed in front of him was filled with food but it seemed to be untouched. The perfect sculptured features made him look like an angel with curls surrounding his face although the bruises and the wound on his lip. Some students stared at him from other tables and it made me slightly surprised he actually sat with people. Harry leaned his back against the wall that was behind him with his arms crossed, his eyes squinted from the sunlight that beamed in through the windows. Suddenly his eyes met mine and that half crooked smile showed off again. A tingling feeling spread in my stomach and I blushed. Damn you Harry, I thought. Then I saw who also was sitting by Harry’s table. Jo’s boyfriend Louis. I realized we were of course going to sit with them. I swallowed hard, although I couldn’t complain sitting around Harry. It was just that that I wanted to be discrete about our relationship because of the circumstances. Most of all I wanted to keep it like a secret.

‘’Hi babe.’’ Louis said with a wink to Jo as we sat down at their table. I could see how he smacked her bum lightly and I remembered what Harry had did only hours ago.

Me, myself and I ended up sitting between Harry and Bonnie. Without a warning I could feel how a hand discretely rested on my thigh. I stiffened a bit and I could feel Harry’s smirk in the corner of my eye. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat but the hand still remained on my thigh and I thanked god it didn’t do anything else. Everyone talked and I chatted a bit with Bonnie, I didn’t say anything to Harry though he still had his hand on my thigh but it didnät felt that weird anymore. Jo was all up with Louis and you could practically see how their tongues battled against one another

‘’Soooo everybody!’’ I heard Louis say in a louder tone, finally taking a pause in his make out session with Jo, getting every ones attention. ‘’I’m gonna throw a party on Friday. Bring your friends and be prepared to get really boozed up!’’ he said with a smirk.

‘’I’m in!’’ Almost everybody cheered and I knew the news about Louis having a party this Friday was going to ran like a wildfire in the school very soon. I could feel how the hand on my thigh gave a squeeze and I almost jumped. Bonnie looked at me curiously but I only shook my head. I gave Harry the evil eye and he smiled in return.

Soon everybody left to their own classes and the school day continued. When it was over I went to my locker and grabbed my stuff. I ran in to Bonnie and Jo who were talking about the big party Louis was going to have.

‘’So, who’s coming?’’ I asked though I was unsure if I even wanted to go. I wasn’t that type who went to parties and got all boozed up. For a fact I never had been to one which was quite embarrassing. Bonnie and Jo had been to a few and I was used to hear their stories about who kissed who and what type of liquor they had been drinking and whether it tasted good or bad. Jo straightened her tight black sweater before looking at me with gleaming eyes.

‘’Me of course and you too.’’ She said. ‘’And bring your boyfriend.’’ Jo winked cheekily as she bumped her hip with mine. Bonnie laughed and nodded.

‘’I’m also going.’’ She informed and closed her locker. I followed suit and put everything in my bag as we made our way through the corridors and out through the entrance. On the way out we lost Jo who ran away to Louis and there we were, standing on the schoolyard. Bonnie talked about her math class as she twirled a brown curl around her finger. Her brow was in a furrow about how she couldn’t stand the fact she only got a B on her test. I was barely paying any attention and I felt kind a bad for it. It was just that I had laid my eyes on something else, or should I say someone else. Only a few feet’s away, Harry leaned against the bonnet of his black, shiny car. The car did looked luxurious although it wasn’t but with him in his black Teenage Runaway (it was February, but it was far from cold) sweater and sunglasses, he looked like a model cut out from an Abercrombie & Fitch advertisement or something like that. He looked like a God. It was a beautiful sight and the way the corners of his lips perked upwards, letting deep dimples showing off made me breathless.

‘’Quinn? Hellooo? QUINN!’’ I heard Bonnies high pitched voice trying to communicate with me.

‘’W-Wha-What…?’’ I said and looked at her. Then I saw that she had a smirk created on her face. I was confused.

‘’You are so cute, you know. I’ve never seen someone so in love before.’’

I looked at her dumbfounded before understanding what she meant. She must have seen who I had paid more attention to instead of her. My cheeks turned red in milliseconds and I turned away from Harry’s intense stare under his dark shades.

‘’Sorry…’’ I mumbled. Bonnie shook her head and gave me the genuine smile again, making the freckles on her nose more visible.

‘’It’s okay. But listen; be at Jo’s at 5 on Friday. We have planned a lot for you before we go to Louis’. And as a tip, take Harry to the mall. I swear you will thank me when you reach the changing rooms.’’

My face got pale at the last words. ‘’I’m just kidding!’’ She giggled and tapped my shoulder when she saw my face.

‘’You are so mean!’’ I whined and squinted my eyes.

‘’Yeah, yeah cutie pie. But be at Jo’s at 5 on Friday. Understood?’’

I nodded and with a hug she left me. I sighed as I thought about what she’d told me. Be at Jo’s five o clock on Friday.  They had planned something for me and I didn’t want to know what it was. Probably something that would push my innocence and it was actually a bit frightening to think of but I shrugged it off when I thought about taking Harry to the mall. Well, if we were going to the party together, which I bet he would, why couldn’t we go and shop something? I turned around and started to walk towards my God to boyfriend.




I watched how she hugged Bonnie before turning to me. She had a smile on her face as she approached me.

‘’Hi there, beautiful.’’ I spoke as I bent down to kiss her lips softly. I pulled her closer to my warm body, wanting more. Far too early for my liking she broke the kiss; instead she started to play with my paper plane necklace between her small fingertips. Her face changed expression and her brows were knitted together.

‘’What’s up?’’ I asked, putting back a hair strand behind her ear.

‘’You know we need to be discrete…’’ she started but trailed off. I nodded, understanding what she meant.

‘’I mean, I don’t want to loose you and if someone who shouldn’t see us, sees us…’’

‘’It’s okay, Hun. I understand.’’ I assured her with. Quinn was right, we needed to keep a low profile, especially in school, but that didn’t meant I couldn’t kiss her when no one saw, right? She smiled thankfully at me.

‘’But admit the lunch was enjoyable?’’ I smirked. She  patted my shoulder but nodded, smiling, before she cleared her throat and asked:

‘’Are you going to the party?’’ I thought for a second and to be honest it was my plans for Friday night.

‘’Yeah, are you?’’

Quinn nodded, I smiled.

‘’Good, then I’ll pick you up at 7.’’ This time she didn’t nod but said instead:

‘’But I’m gonna be at Jo’s with the girls. I bet they are gonna spice me up or something.’’ She explained.

‘’Well, then I’ll pick you up at Jo’s at 7. I can give them a ride too.’’ Quinn leaned closer to me with the lovely smile of hers.

‘’Thank you.’’




Twenty minutes later Quinn and I was in the shopping mall. It was huge, I couldn’t understand how people could orientate in there. Someone like me would get lost in minutes. Quinn had convinced me that I needed some new clothes to wear on the party and so did she so she thought it would be a great idea to go and shop together. She had called her parents and said she would stay at school and do homework with Bonnie. Lie, all the lies, I thought as she hold my hand, giving it a gentle squeeze as we walked. She peered up at me with her big, blue coffee-cup eyes and in that moment my heart melted, just a little.

We decided I should get something first so we went to Selfridges. The store was big and clothes were hanging everywhere. I felt like a reindeer caught in headlights and Quinn laughed a bit but she helped me find something. With her advice to not choose something dark nor black I carried a white button-up shirt in my hands as we made our way to the fitting room. Quinn waited outside as I put on the long sleeve shirt. It looked really fancy and the fact it was white made me feel cheesy. The shirt made my shoulders look a bit broader and it sat tight, the smooth fabric following my defined lines on my chest. I wasn’t used to bright clothes, but it actually seemed to fit me, surprisingly. I let out a ‘'wow'’ to myself.

‘’Let me see!’’ I heard her voice from outside. I pulled away the curtain and her mouth dropped immediately. The ocean blue eyes grew big, she looked paralyzed.

‘’Oh God.’’  Quinn stuttered. I chuckled.

‘’Does it look good?’’

‘’No, not good. It looks perfect!’’ she squealed as she eyed me from head to toe.

‘’But it’s not me.’’ I said in disbelief. ‘’It’s so…bright.’’ Then there was that furrow on her brows again and she made a thinking face with a pout on her lips.

‘’Hold on a sec.’’ Quinn murmured before disappearing out in the store, leaving me alone. Less than a minute later she was back with something black in her hands.

‘’Try this!’’ Quinn handed over what seemed to be a black bow tie. I couldn’t help but laugh.

‘You are kidding me right?’’

‘’Nope, not at all.’’ With her popping the P, she pushed down the bow tie in my hand and made puppy eyes. ‘’Put it on, please. For me. It’s actually black.’’ She  pointed out. ’’ I rolled my eyes, bending down to kiss her lips, murmuring a;

‘’Fine then.’’

I turned around so my back was facing her and put it on, adjusted it so it sat right and turned around with a ‘TADAA!’. I had my arms outstretched, just feeling all goofy and clown-like in the black bow tie. Quinn laughed and took a look at me.

‘’I look ridiculous. I’m not ten years old.’’ I stated, poking at the silky ribbon.

‘’Nah certainly not.’’ She answered with sarcasm in her voice, referring to my early goofiness. I groaned. Her eyes studied me once again before slowly nodding with a big smile on her face.

‘’I never thought I would have a boyfriend who would fit so perfectly in bow ties. How cute.’’ She said before planting a soft kiss to my cheek. ‘’You look amazing.’’ I looked at myself in the mirror and crinkled my nose but gave in.

‘’I’ll take it.’’ I said, making Quinn smile cutely. She squealed and leaned in to give me another kiss on the cheek before I closed the curtain and changed to my black sweater again. I smirked to myself while thinking which dress could fit perfectly on her tiny little body. If I would had the power to decide on my own; she would be naked, but that was what my dirty little mind wished, not reality…

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