Fighting For You

''I needed her. Desperately. I needed to feel her soft skin against mine, hearing her angelic voice, nuzzling my nose in her hair, feeling her smell. She was like poison to my veins, burning every nerve inside me. She could knock me to the weakest point by only giving me one simple look. I was so madly in love with her it wasn’t even healthy. She was the one I always had in my mind before dazzling of to sleep at night. She was the reason I got F on my assessments. She was dangerous. Dangerous to fall in love with''.
Just so you know: This movella contains Mature Content.


14. 11. She Could Do Better Off With Broken Heels

Harry's POV


I stared at my hand. It was red. My long finger had its nail crushed and blood was dripping down my prominent veins of my hand down to the wrist. Small spots of red had stained the hem of  my white shirt and I cursed quietly to myself. My other palm had still a reddening tone from when I’d slapped her. Guilty and pain washed over me as I swallowed hard.

The rain was tapping against the windshield, the water trailing down over the black hover. It was like the angels were bawling their hearts out above me. My mind was all dark and cloudy. Like demons fighting their way to my brain. I shuddered, staring out through the window. I could feel how a single tear left my eye but my fingertip quickly wiped it away. I stared down at my sore hand. Geez, I really needed to take care of it. It stung and hurt but it could never be measured for the pain I felt for Quinn.

I put the key in and soon my car was in movement again. The rain was pouring down and I could barely see anything. It was like a flood splashing my view. Quinn must have drowned in all these puddles, I thought. I could feel a headache coming on and I clenched my hands hard around the steering wheel, wincing at the throbbing pain in my left hand. I could go back to the party if I wanted to but nah, it didn’t felt right. All I wanted to do was killing her brother (which I couldn’t) or go to sleep forever.

I drove my way home while having Nirvana bursting out from my grisly speakers. I parked my car at the flooded parking lot and jumped out, locking my car before digging my hands in my pockets. My shoulders were hanging loosely just as my head. I bet I looked like a wet abandoned dog with floppy curls and a white soaked shirt sticked to my body. But right now I couldn’t care more.

The sound of squishing footsteps echoed through the squiggly staircase as I made my way upstairs. The smell of smoke and mold filled my nostrils. People would usually feel sick when they entered these buildings but I was pretty used to this scent from living here for years. I hated it.

Suddenly, I heard a loud thud making the whole stair shake followed by a high pitched scream. I listened quietly, my body on edge. Shit, it came from the door I lived behind. With my heart beat rising I sprinted up the last steps and swunged the door open just to be welcomed by a horrible view. My mother was laying on the floor, in a position that told me she was in strong pain. I couldn’t see her face due to the hair hiding it but I could hear she was crying. Hovering over her stood my step dad, his face clenched and eyes filled with anger. A fist was lingering in the air ready to hit her. I could tell he had been drinking to the sight of his eyes, they were all dark. This was the second time in a day I’ve walked in on something like this. I could feel my stomach jolt when I heard the half-cry my mother made when she received the punch from my step dad somewhere in the ribcage. Something inside me started to burn and soon I was all over him, pushing him so hard that he fell to the floor, his head hitting the ground. Everything became silent. I stared at him, my breath hitching my throat. Then I saw that his chest was still rising with a steady pace and I sighed in relief. I must’ve knocked out all consciousness he had. At least for some minutes. 

 I turned to my mother and crouched down beside her. She now sobbed loudly as I took her in my arms tucking away the hair strands from her face. When I saw her face I froze. It was barely recognizable. It was all swollen and shifted in different kind of colours. Her left eye had a black eye coming on and small scars were scattered around her face. Tears brimmed her eyes as she tried to open her mouth with a swollen lower lip.

‘’Harry…’’ She sobbed, looking so small in my hands. It was hard to believe it was my own mother I was holding. I shushed her and tried to help her stand up but she could hardly stand on her own feet’s.

‘’I need to take you to the hospital.’’ I informed as I laid one of her arms around my shoulders, supporting her balance.

‘’No.’’ She protested. ‘’You can’t. They will find out… the police… no Harry. Oh my God…’’ She was blabbering and tried to protest but I wouldn’t give in.

‘’They’ll never know. 

''What are you gonna tell 'em? They will never believ-''

''I'll make up a story. Now, relax, mum.'' I reassured her with as I dragged her out of the house and down to my car.

The whole ride to the hospital was awful. She was crying and apologizing the whole time although I told her to keep quiet for her best. She was sorry for everything, for things she had said to me, for not standing up for me when my step dad was mean. I told her everything was fine just to calm her nerves, but in reality it wasn’t. I was disappointed. I was abandoned. My mother had treated me like pure shit since my step dad had come into our life. It wasn’t that easy to just let go.




‘’She needs to stay here over the night.’’ The doctor said to me in his soft yet stern voice as he held a clipboard in his hand. He peeked at me from under his big bulky glasses with his grey hair and crinkles around his eyes and that podgy tummy making him look like a cute little grandfather you just wanted to hug. I gave him a thankful smile as I ran a hand through my curls that now had dried.

‘’Thank you, sir.’’ I smiled weakly. ‘’ It’s late, I better should get going.’’

The doctor nodded and with that we parted. I swiftly left the hospital, knowing my mother would be safe, at least for the night. I had made up a lie that she had suffered a bad accident in the bathroom. I told them that I had found her  on the floor, from slipping on the slippery tiles and hurt herself badly. Surprisingly, everyone believed me although I think the lie sounded like something a five year old could manage to do better. They also helped me with my left hand because they thought I was a ‘’hero’’ from finding my mother in time because her injuries were so serious. I gave my mom a faint smile at this although my inside was screaming. 

The cold breeze hit me as I walked to my car. It had stopped raining and I jumped over puddles here and there, sometimes catching the vision of myself in them. I looked horrible, like a zombie. I mumbled a quiet ''sorry'' to the man I unintentionally bumped into. Swiftly, I unlocked the car and jumped in, sitting there for a while, wondering where I should go. I couldn’t go home because my step dad was there and right now I didn’t prefer to face him. I could not go to Quinn because of what happened earlier and well, my mom was at the hospital. I realized that I had to sleep in the car tonight because where else could I go?

I drove for an hour or so and I don’t know where I ended up because it was so dark outside. It was late and I was tired, my eyelids were about to shut down. I made myself comfortable in the front seat with an old plaid blanket I had in the backseat. I put on that cassette with indie music Quinn had got me a long time ago. I smiled weakly to myself. The music was on low volume and I tossed and turned, unable to sleep nor relax. My thoughts were wandering and I felt so small in this big world. I had to fight back Quinn. But how? She hated me. My heart was bleeding like there was no end. There are only monsters that hurt girls. Monsters. Not humans. People with no hearts. And I was one of them. I felt injured myself, feeling I was the one who should be at the hospital right now. I mean, Quinn would continue her precious life with parents who nevertheless hated me and well, my baby girl would find someone else to love. Someone who would love her better than I ever would. There was no way in heaven she would take me back after this. She was too shrewd for that. She could do better without me with broken heels.

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