Fighting For You

''I needed her. Desperately. I needed to feel her soft skin against mine, hearing her angelic voice, nuzzling my nose in her hair, feeling her smell. She was like poison to my veins, burning every nerve inside me. She could knock me to the weakest point by only giving me one simple look. I was so madly in love with her it wasn’t even healthy. She was the one I always had in my mind before dazzling of to sleep at night. She was the reason I got F on my assessments. She was dangerous. Dangerous to fall in love with''.
Just so you know: This movella contains Mature Content.


13. 10. Let The Good Times Roll

PLEASE READ ----> A/N: Hi there my  lovely readers! I'm sorry I haven't been updating for a while but there's a reason behind that. I'm having a really hard time now, due to the fact my parents are getting divorced. I'm gonna try my best to keep updating this story, although it's going to be hard atm.

Anyways, here's the next chapter of FFY. This part is a bit dirty, and maybe, I will make this story RED after this chapter. This chapter is also really long, hope you guys have the energy to read it! xD






It was Friday. I was sitting on my big bed covered in white sheets as I was reading The Hunger Games. Ed Sheeran’s ‘’The A Team’’ played on the radio as the music filled my room. I had finally accepted I wasn’t going to the party although it really stung my heart. I wasn’t really sure if Harry was going, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. So what better could I do this Friday evening than reading my favourite book in the world?

The main reason I loved the book was that I was so fascinated of how Katniss could be so strong, yet so vulnerable. She knew what was right and wrong and didn’t seem to really care what other people thought of her. I wished I was like that. That brave, wise; that everything; an independent young lady, who defied the regime. That was pretty cool I thought. But the regime in my life was my family, and it felt a lot harder to fight against them instead of whole Panem.

Suddenly, I heard how something tapped the window. My head snapped up from my book and I was met by those pretty wild green eyes. Like on Valentine’s Day, Harry was standing outside on the roof by my window, but this time with a box in his hands. His big shadow filled my room and I couldn’t help but putting a smile on my lips. I could feel how my heart beat increased by a millisecond as I watched him. Jesus, I loved the impact Harry had on me. It was hilarious and slightly creepy actually. But I liked it.

I put the book aside and jumped up. A hushing finger covered my mouth as I made my way over to the window.

‘’Hi there, bombshell.’’ Harry winked at me as he jumped in. I blushed, at the fact he still thought I looked hot with a messy hair bun on the top of my head and no make up. He was dressed in the white shirt we bought and that cute little bow tie. Combined with that, he wore black pants. He looked nice and hot at the same time and for a moment I thought I had an angel standing in front of me. He really looked like that. Sofisticated. Different. Without any further comments his lips were on mine. The tingling feeling in my stomach was back again and I giggled into the kiss. His hard chest was pressed up against my breasts and I felt how he chuckled when I sneaked in my hand under his shirt. The muscles flexed under my touch before I withdrew. I bite down hard on his lower lip, earning a growl from the back of his throat.

‘’You love how I kiss you, don’t you?’’ He asked when breaking the kiss, smirking like only Harry could.

‘’No, I don’t.’’ I teased, biting my own lip this time.           

‘’Yes, you do!’’

With that, I felt how I was lifted up in the air. I realized Harry had flung me over his shoulder and I squealed like a little baby as I drummed on his hard back. ‘’I actually kinda’ like the view I got here.’’ He continued and it wasn’t until he tapped my bum I knew what he meant. That cheeky little boy.

‘’Lemme down!’’ I half yelled at him, aware of the fact I wasn’t home alone.

‘’Or what?’’

‘’My parents will hear me screaming your name!’’

As soon as I said it I realized how wrong that must’ve sounded. Harry froze and I could almost feel that playing smirk grow on his face. Damnit. I bit my lip in anticipation of his next move. Swiftly, he put me down on the ground and brought his face down to mine. He pulled me closer by my ankles and I got lost in the forest of his eyes. My cheeks were red and he laughed, a chuckle only Harry could manage to sound sexy. Our chests were closer to each other, letting me feel the steady rhythm of his heart.

‘’I would love to hear my name like that, babe.’’ He mumbled cheekily while pecking my forehead, intertwining our fingers. 

‘’Of course you would, hornball.’’ I muttered, swatting his shoulder, trying to not giggle.

‘’Oi!’’ he pouted.

I only shook my head before my eyes catched interest in something else. It was that black box Harry had been carrying on earlier. I got incredibly curious and pointed at it.

‘’What’s that?’’

Harry looked down at the bed where he had placed it and flashed a teeth-showing smile. He released me and picked it up from the floor. He sat down on the bed as I followed suit.

‘’I almost forgot, but it’s for you, love. Open it.’’

He placed it in my lap and with curious hands I lifted the cap from the black cardboard box and saw something silky and black. I touched it and the fabric was soft against my fingertips. It felt similar. I held it up in front of me, eyeing it. It was the dress Harry had bought me earlier this week. Overwhelmed and confused with my mouth agape I turned around to face him, who of course smirked like always.

‘’Do you want to go to the party with me tonight, miss Adams?’’ He asked with a wink.

‘’But… But my parents would kill me…’’ I stuttered confused. He laid a soothing hand on my knee as the other one drawed circles on my hips, making me calm down.

‘’They don’t need to know anything.’’

I cocked an eyebrow.

‘’You mean you will sneak me outta here?’’

Harry nodded, pursing his lip whilst giving my hip a light squeeze, making me smirk.


My eyes wandered over to the dress again, wondering how he got it. It was apparently new so it couldn’t be the one my mother had taken. I checked the back of the dress’ neckline and found the price tag I was searching for.

‘’Did you seriously buy a new dress?’’ I gasped ‘’I mean, it’s so expensive’’

I felt a kiss on my neck as his arms engulfed me, wrapping me like a sandwich against his strong chest. I was trapped in his grip as I felt his hot breath skim my neck whilst planting even now and then soft open mouthed kisses.

‘’Yeah... You looked so gorgeous in it I couldn’t prevent myself from not buying it once again… Don’t worry about the price.’’ He whispered before resting his head on my shoulder.

‘’You are crazy.’’

‘’…But awesome.’’ He chimed in. I grinned.

‘’Oh God’’ I sighed and laughed, rolling my eyes. ‘’Now kiss me you fool!’’

I turned my face to his and pecked his lips lovingly. Instead of withdrawing I wanted more and started to gently suck at his lower lip. He hummed against me, his hands sliding up my body, kissing back more forcefully. I changed position so I was straddling his lap, putting the dress away and snaking my arms around his neck. As his tongue met mine, he laid me down on my bed. Harry’s muscular body crawled on top of me, shielding me. I was so small compared to him. Our tongues battled for domination and the sound of kissing filled the room. As I caressed his jaw I felt how one of his hands started to tug at my shirt.

‘’Let me see you.’’ He pleaded, bringing my hand up to his face, kissing my knuckles.

‘’I don.t know. My parents are home.’’ I mumbled, breaking eye contact, shivering from his feather light kisses.

 ‘’Then we need to be quiet.’’

 A mischievous glint sparked in his eyes as I felt the hem of my shirt revealing more and more skin. Harry sat up with his knees on each side of me, now his turn to straddle me. He smiled lovingly at me and I returned it. I couldn’t say no to that lovely smile I had become to love. It was impossible.

I inhaled as I raised my arms when he pulled my shirt off. A white lace bra with small ribbons as details was exposed to Harry as I was laying there underneath him, my shirt thrown to the other side of theroom. He reached down and pecked my lips longingly before. His lips were so soft, I didn’t want this moment to ever end. Harry was here, with me. Close.

Soon a pair of two strong arms lightly lifted my back up from the duvet, my upper body totally pressed against his frame. I realized what he was doing when I heard the click of unclasping my bra was sounded. As he slowly laid me down again, he locked his eyes with me. I felt how my heart started to bang against my chest. The straps were slowly pulled down and the cups leaved my breasts now fully exposed to him. I started to blush, this time going super-mega-red. My whole face was boiling. I hid my face in my hands, in an attempt to escape my awkwardness.

‘’Seriously, love. There’s no need to be ashamed. Especially not for me.’’ Harry whispered raspily. His hands pulled away my own hands that were hiding my reddening face and he gave me that million dollar smile. I gulped and he bit his lip when he looked down, eyeing my chest.

Without saying anything he slowly brought his index over to one of them. The fingertip brushed the outline of it before circling the nipple. My lips parted, eyes locked at his gorgeous features.

‘’I want to try something new with you.’’ He mumbled, his lips forming into a pout and brow in a frown as if he were in his deep thoughts, still continuing with his movement. ‘’Tell me to stop if it feels uncomfortable.’’

I nodded. He smiled.

Doing the same thing to the other breast, I finally hissed when he cupped both of them. I had a feeling that this whole ‘’breast thing’’ wasn’t the ‘’new thing’’ he wanted to try. It was something else, and I couldn’t figure out what it was. Harry ducked his head and kissed me passionately on the lips, bringing me back to reality again. The massage he gave me didn’t hurt or anything, it just felt oddly new, although he already had done this similar thing a few days ago.

‘’I’ve missed them.’’ He chuckled in my ear. ‘’They are so soft.’’

I giggled and tangled both of my hands in his curly locks. Suddenly he pulled away and withdrew himself a bit from me. My hands rested on his shoulders that were still covered in his white shirt.

‘’Ey, am I the only one who should be half naked here?’’ I asked, cocking an eye brow.

Without answering he removed the bow tie and started unbuttoning the shirt. I stared in awe as his chest come to view for me. As soon as the apparel leaved his body I traced my fingers down his defined abs and at the small wounds that still hadn’t healed yet. I heard him gulp and when I looked up he reminded me of a lost boy. His confident gaze had vanished and he just sat there. Sad eyes, fragile body. Hurt.

 I reached up a bit so my face was in level with his abs. I started to kiss butterfly kisses at each wound and bruise that were left on his body.

 ‘’You are perfect.’’ I whispered against his skin. I locked my eyes with him and his green eyes flicked a bit. Harry only shook his head as he laid me down on my back again, towering over me.

‘’I’m far from perfect.’’

I couldn’t protest because he shut me up by kissing me deeply. Harry was perfect, to me he really was. He was like a God, no matter how many wounds he had.

‘’Okay. I’m gonna try this new thing now, love.’’ I heard him murmur before sliding his face down to my neck, sucking at all the right places. I laid my hands on his biceps and nodded, curious on what next would come.

Before I could react, he ground down his hips on my crotch. I gasped. My nails dug in hard at his muscles, surely leaving marks. It had not hurt but felt oddly different. Due to the fact I only wore thin black tights I could feel something hard against my core when he repeated the action. This time he applied more force to it and he groaned. The noise he made, made my inner thoughts go wild. Innocently, I looked down and discovered the huge bulge in his black strained pants. My eyes widened at the sight because it was literally enormous. I watched how he raised his hips before grinding them down on me again, making my body push further down into the mattress.

‘’Oh God.’’ I mumbled as my head fell back at the cushion again. A light chuckle was heard from Harry.

‘’How do you feel?’’ He asked, through breaths.

‘’Good actually.’’.

He continued and it actually did felt good. I watched how he put himself into a push-up position above me and increased his pace a bit. I tried to buck my hips up to meet his small humps because it seemed like the right thing to do. My crotch meeting his, revealed a deep: ‘’Yeah…’’ from him. I noticed the veins on his arms and his jaw clenched. Harry had his lower lip sucked in between his teeth a small crinkle on the forehead due to the frown he created. He looked sexy, he really did. His eyes were shut tight and suddenly another low noise escaped him. I raised my hand to brush his cheek. At the touch, he opened his eyes one tiny bit, looking like a new born seeing daylight for the first time. I smiled, continuing moving my hips.

‘’Quinn, this feels so damn good.’’ He said as he rolled his hips with mine.

Suddenly, I heard steps coming upstairs.

I froze, Harry too. His eyes shot open, lips pursed as he cursed.


Tears start to spring my eyes. How could I be so stupid to think my parents wouldn’t attend my room? Harry sat up and put on his shirt as fast as he could, fumbling with the buttons. I put on my bra and put my head in my hands, waiting for the moment my mom or dad would storm into my room and see this.

The steps walks down the hallway and I can hear them getting closer and closer to my room. It feels like my heart is about to jump out of my chest when there’s a knock on my door. Now tears are flooding down my cheeks because I’m so scared. I try my hardest not to sob. I wait for the door knob to be pushed down and the door to open but nothing happens.

‘’Darling, do you want some evening snack?’’ My mother’s voice is heard. I glance at Harry who bites feverishly on his nails.

‘’No, thanks mom.’’ I answer, praying silently she won’t come in.

‘’You sure?’’

‘’One hundred percent.’’

‘’By the way, Hun. Who are you talking to? It sounds like you have visitors.’’ I startled.

‘’Oh, uhm, it’s the TV.’’ I lied. ‘’Shall I lower the volume?’’

‘’Yes, please. That would be nice.’’


I can hear her sigh before the sound of steps becomes more distant. They disappear downstairs and I can finally breathe. I let out a loud sigh and see Harry who’s watching me closely.

‘’Shit, that was close.’’ He murmurs. I nod.

‘’Why are you crying?’’ he asks and sits down at the bed besides me, pulling me close to his body.

‘’I was so scared she would come in and see us…’’

‘’Yeah, me too. I should have known better when your parents are at home. I’m so sorry love.’’

He stroke my hair and I nuzzled closer.

‘’I understand if you think I’m such a wimp.’’ I whispered.

‘’That’s not true.’’

I realized Harry went into overprotective mode and I smiled to myself because I found it incredibly cute sometimes. I poked his dimples.

‘’Harry, take it easy. Its fine.’’ I cooed, wiping my tears. ‘’Let’s get outta’ here.’’

He raised his eyebrows, a smirk growing on his face.

‘’You mean you still want to go?’’

I nodded and stood up, picking up the dress.

With a bit of Harry’s help I wiggled my way through the fabric and soon it was sat on my body. I helped Harry buttoning his after brushing it off from some dust. The last detail, aka the bow tie wasn’t the easiest thing to put on, but when we were done struggling with it; he looked like a superstar again. Just like when he’d arrived.

Me, myself and I combed my hair and put it in a side tail, adding some mascara to my blue eyes. I could hear how Harry inhaled deeply from where he was sat on my bed, when I spun around. I smiled.

‘’So beautiful…’’ he exhaled ‘’But I hope you know you are still beautiful without all that.’’

I awwed’ at him before my eyes went wide once again. I tried to hide my laugh as I looked at him.

‘’What’s so funny?’’ He commented from my bed, slightly confused.

‘’Your penis seems to like me!’’ I spat out, starting to laugh, keeping it as quiet as I could, with my hand covering my mouth. Harry groaned and a pink shade tainted his cheeks, putting a pillow over his manhood.

‘’C’mon.’’ He muttered. ‘’Maybe he’s frustrated because he couldn’t finish.’’

‘’Oh.’’ I smirked as my mouth formed into an ‘O’ shape. I walked over to him, kissing him on the mouth before peering down at his lower region.

‘’I’m sorry if I sexually frustrated you, Mr. Styles. I promise I won’t disappoint you next time.’’ I whispered and waved at the bulge.

‘’Excuse me, but are you talking to my penis?’’ Harry asked, hearing the amusement in his voice. I nodded. I couldn’t contain myself from not burst out laughing which seemed to rub off on Harry.  Soon we were all laughing, though Harry seemed to have a really hard time to laugh due to his bulge and the fact we had to be quiet.

‘’You are crazy.’’ He said between laughs.

‘’I know.’’

I smirked at him before pulling him up with me.

‘’Shall we go?’’ I asked. Harry nodded we started walking to my window.

‘’Ah, wait! I don’t have any shoes!’’ I whispered. I stood there, considering if I should take my converse or my black unused heels I had promised my mother to only wear at special events. With a glance at Harry, I decided it should be the heels and tripped over to my desk and took them down from the shelf. Feeling like a rebel I put them on and whined at the pain. They were so high. I felt like a giraffe combined with no balance at all. God, what had I put on my feet’s? The stilettos were shining and the heel was at least 4 inches (10 cm) long. Extra high with extra pain, I thought as I tried to take a step forward, causing me to only stumble into Harry’s arms.

‘’You are not going in those.’’ He stated ‘’you look gorgeous, but you will kill yourself.’’

‘’And it hurts…’’ I muttered barely audible as I straightened up. ‘’But I want to. Let’s go.’’ I gave him a reassuring smile that everything was alright and walked towards the window, without falling. I stared at Harry who just stood there with a smug grin on his face.

‘’Are you telling me you are gonna climb down the house in these?’’ I looked down, swallowing my pride. Harry just shook his head and came over to me.

‘’Take ‘em off and jump on my back. I’ll carry you down, baby girl.’’

Harry motioned for me to jump on his back as I took off my heels and climbed on top of him.. At the same time I was happy to get a piggy back ride, the anxious feelings of being too heavy hit me. With a firm grip under my thighs he climbed out from my window. He moved like a ninja down the roof without making any sound and my ‘’being too fat feelings’’ disappeared.

I thought I would faint when I saw my mother through the window but luckily she didn’t saw us. Harry kept carrying me on his back until we reached a few metres away from my house. The asphalt was cold against my bare feet as he put me down.

‘’C’mon, I’ve parked the car down the road.’’ Harry’s raspy spoke, voice now in normal tone again, not needing to whisper. He grabbed my hand and his eyes sparkled in the evening light.

It was a bit chilly outside as we walked down but a bubbly feeling spread through me, heating me up. It was like breaking the laws and it sounded kind of childish but it gave me a rush. I pushed aside the thoughts of coming home because my parents would be furious and probably kill me when they found out. If they found out.




With a honk, Harry parked the car at Louis overcrowded drive way. I understood why there were so many people here. Louis lived a mansion. It was huge and nice with a big pool at the backyard. Harry tugged me to the front door and the ones to open where of course Louis himself, dressed in stripes, with Jo on his left side. When Jo saw me, her eyes widened and the corners of her lips perked from ear to ear. She squealed ‘’Quinn! You are here!’’ loudly. Jo embraced me in a warm hug and her smile was wide. She didn’t smell alcohol so I guess she hadn’t drinked yet.  As Louis greeted Harry, Jo eyed me from top to toe.

‘’Wow. You seriously look amazing! Where did you get that dress from?’’ She asked, trying to pull down her own low cut shirt so it at least covered half of her bum.

‘’Harry bought it…’’ I answered.

‘’Harry!?’’ she exclaimed. ‘’No way!’’

 I nodded in agreement, smiling big as I throwed a glance in my boyfriends direction.

‘’Your boyfriend is hell of a good fashionista!’’

I laughed at her statement and so did she.

‘’Where’s Bonnie by the way?’’  I asked.

‘’Oh, she was already wasted when she come here so I bet she already has an f-room booked…’’

 I raised my eyebrows.


‘’Yeah, and so do I.’’ Jo threw a longing glare at Louis who latched her eyes and licked his lips. I crinkled my nose. I was completely fine with the fact Jo and Louis did it, but when she talked about sex in that sort of way it only sounded slutty. At least in my ears.

‘’So, when are you gonna lose your v-card, Hun?’’ She giggled, her attention on me again, trying to sound like a mother.

‘’Not tonight.’’ I replied, gulping at the memory of mine and Harry’s earlier activities. We had been kind of grinding against each other, like when you have sex I guess, but with clothes on? I was a bit confused, but oh well, it felt good so whatever.

‘’Do you wear your bloomers underneath that dress too?’’ Jo teased, snapping me out of my thoughts.

‘’Ha-Ha’’ I replied as I swatted her shoulder. She only laughed at me. 

‘’But seriously, you are seventeen and still a virgin. The fact you have a boyfriend and haven’t dun’ anything is unbelievable.’’

I didn’t reply to her, pretending like I didn’t heard.

‘’I’m gonna get some drinks, want something?’’ She asked.

‘’I’m fine.’’ 

‘’You party-pooper.’’ She teased as she stuck out her tongue and leaved me. I only shook my head.

Due to the fact this was my first party, I only stood there like a dummy in the corner, watching all wasted people either throw up in a corner, having make-out sessions with tongues and touching on display, or dancing like freaks.  I didn’t have a clue where Harry was and started to get anxious from all the stares some other boys gave me. I didn’t like the way they eyed me up and down with a grin on their face. I felt like an object. The only grin I truly accepted was Harry’s and he wasn’t here by my side.

Then I felt a pair of strong arms sneak around my waist and the familiar cologne invaded my nostrils. I smiled, my heart fluttering.

‘’Wanna take a shot?’’ Harry’s raspy voice spoke huskily in my ear. I spun around, twirling my fingers with his.

‘’ I don’t think so. This is my first party, Harry.’’

‘’Well if you insist…’’ He mumbled, eyes sparkling. ‘’Dance with me at least?’’

I nodded happily as he grabbed my hand and dragged me out on the crowded dance floor. It was a bit of a shock to me when I saw Harry's moves. I’ve never seen him practically dancing and the way he moved was astonishing. It was like his body and soul was connected to the music, swaying perfectly to the beat.

‘’C’mon baby, let he good times roll!’’ He yelled both to me and Flo Rida that was bursting out from the speakers. I looked around and saw people either grind against one another or jumping around like it was their last night of freedom. Slowly, I started to shyly sway my hips to the beat. I was feeling like an alien, because dancing had never been one of my strongest abilities. Especially not in public.  Harry only cheered me on and came closer as he laughed, dimples on display. The music sneaked its way into my veins and soon I was a jumping sweaty mess among the whole group of people, including Harry. I laughed and had such a great time; I didn’t want it to end.

The time passed and I got more and more tired. This was more exhausting than P.E!

I glanced at the clock and saw it was three in the morning. I gasped and pulled at Harry’s arm.

‘’Babe, I’m tired.’’ I whispered, dragging him down from the dance floor.

‘’Ahw, I’m not.’’ He answered but yawned at the same time, ‘causing me to laugh.

‘’I can see that, Hazzabear.’’

He only shook his head before looping his arm with mine.

‘’Let’s go, love.’’

We started to make our way to the front door when I realized I needed to say good bye to Jo.

‘’Harry, wait in the car. I need to say good bye to Jo.’’

He groaned but nodded and pecked my lips before walking out.

With a sigh, I fought my way back through the crowded house, searching for Jo. I was literally crimped between people who were sucking each others faces off. I couldn’t see Jo anywhere, neither Louis nor Bonnie. Actually, I hadn’t seen Bonnie for the whole night.

‘’There you are, Ash.’’ A frighteningly similar voice behind me said.

I spun around and thought my heart would freeze. It was Connor. The scary thing though, was that he didn’t seem to recognize me. He only stared at me with a lazy smile and hazy eyes. His breath smelled of alcohol and his face leaned dangerously close to my own. I didn’t answer him; instead I took a step back to only feel how he sneaked his arm around me and pulled me closer.

‘’Come ‘ere, baby.’’ He whispered. I tried to yank away from him. It was so weird. This was my brother. Oh god.

‘’Let me go.’’ I said sternly. That only caused him to take a firm grip of my ankle and pulling me with him. Stumbling and near to fall, he dragged me upstairs. ‘’I can’t wait to rip you off that dress.’’ He growled in my ear. I realized he was heading towards a bedroom and panic started to dart through my body. With the only last thing I could do, I screamed as loud as I could but no one seemed to hear me although there were people everywhere.

Connor entered a bedroom and as soon as he closed the door he threw me on the bed. A lump formed in my throat as I swallowed.

‘’Oh, Ashley.’’ He half-moaned as tears started to sprung my eyes. Did he thought I was his girlfriend or something? What was happening?

 ‘’Please, Connor. It’s Quinn, not Ashley. I’m your sister. Please, stop.’’ I begged as he hovered over me with my arms in a firm grip over my head. Tears rolled down my face as I understood what was about to happen.

‘’I don’t have a sister.’’ He blurted out, letting the alcoholic smell skim over my face. ‘’That little whore is dating that Styles freak, you know. But one night, I beat him, fuck I did. That little pussy couldn’t even defend himself.’’

My heart stopped beating at the words. Had Connor beat Harry? Or was it the alcohol that was talking? Anyhow, I couldn’t think of that anymore before I felt a hand tug at the hem of my dress. I tried to break free but the grip around me only hardened and started to hurt. I cried loudly when I heard the click of his belt buckle open. I tried to kick him and bite him but nothing helped as he ducked his head and started to suck at my neck. My brothers tousled hair tickled my face and my tears drowned in it. I squirmed underneath him but nothing seemed to help. It was useless.

I glanced down through my mascara-thick eyelashes and saw that he had pulled down both his pants and boxers. The glistening tip of his cock shined in the subdued room and it felt like I was about to throw up at any second. Just when he was about to rip of my dress and kiss me rather roughly, light spread through the room.


Harry’s deep, dark voice filled the room and in the next, Connor was thrown away from me. Someone grabbed me by my hip and pulled me upwards to get embraced in those safe strong arms and the familiar scent of his. I met Harry’s eyes and they were wide and dark. He was furious. Way too soon he released me and turned around to Connor who was still laying on the floor with his pants and boxers down his mid thigh.

‘’I’m gonna fucking chop your dick off!’’ Harry spoke through gritted teeth as he walked over to him. He raised his fist and gave Connor a punch in the stomach. Connor yelped and looked like a little child who couldn’t defend himself. ‘’I rememeber what you did to me that night, now I’m gonna fucking end you.’’ Harry half yelled, his raspy tone echoing between the walls. He slammed down his hand at the lump underneath him, hitting the face. Something red was dripping down from his bloody knuckles.

‘’HARRY! Harry, stop!’’ I screamed.

I gripped at Harry’s arm as he was about to place another punch on Connor, probably his crotch. Harry was like an animal. I’ve never seen him this mad before. His neck veins looked like they were about to burst in any second, jaw clenched. The eyes were all black and you couldn’t see any pity in them.

‘’You are going to kill him if you don’t stop!’’

I cupped Harry’s face in my hands and managed him to look at me. I let out a sob and stared deep into his eyes. ‘’Please.’’ I whispered. ‘’For me.’’

Somehow, he let his grip of Connor go and he slowly stood up. He glanced down at Connor who was a bloody mess on the floor, his lips broken, red liquid running down the jaw. I adjusted my dress and took Harry’s hand. Together, we darted out from the house and out to his car.

Harry hadn’t spoken a single word since he beat Connor up and tears still felled silently down my face. I fumbled with my fingers as I heard him curse under his breath, hitting the steering wheel so hard I jumped. He inhaled deeply, running a hand through his hair, exhaling.

‘’Tell me exactly what he did to you.’’ He spoke as calmly as he managed to, voice shaky. I shook my head no, staring down at my lap. There was no point in it. The damage had already been done. And I felt slightly frustrated because all Harry had done was beating up Connor; he hadn’t even asked me how I was.

‘’Tell me.’’


‘’FUCKING TELL ME!’’ He shouted, furious. I stared at him, becoming a bit scared of how he acted. His face was all red, eyes black.

‘’No! I said no! Don’t you understand that I don’t want to tell you!?’’ I screamed in his face. ‘’You almost killed him, Harry! You are so selfish! You haven’t even asked me how I am, the only thing you do is beating peopl-’’ I was cut off by a sharp pain aching across my cheek. With my mouth agape, I looked at Harry who with a shocked face expression stared at his soon reddening palm. Harry had never hurt me like this. Never slapped me across the face, never.  

‘’Oh my…’’ He breathed, still shocked by his actions. ‘’Quinn…’’

Tears started to stream down my face again as I shook my head and opened the door.

‘’Before you start a war, you better know what you are fighting for.’’ I spat in his face.

Harry yanked after my hand but I pulled back exactly when I was about to close the door which made Harry let out a horrible scream as he pinched his hand between the car door when I slammed it shut.

In this moment I felt like a pro as I walked down the sidewalk as fast as I could in these heels. I hadn’t realized it was raining until my own tears were drowned in the rain and my soaking body. Everything had happened so fast. First, Harry succeeds to sneak me out from my own house. After that I almost got raped by my brother on this stupid party. Then Harry rescued me but ended up beating the shit out of Connor, and now he acted like an arrogant arse and slapped me across the face. I cried even more at the thoughts and was forced to stop walking, in order to not fall. I sobbed and cried, trying to wipe away the cascading tears.



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