One Direction imagines

Book of One Direction imagines.If you want one, then comment below your movellas name, full name, age, birthday, hair colour, eye colour, outfit to wear and a 1D boy.You can make stuff up if you want, but if you want to use your normal apperance, then you can. And they can be dirty or clean :-)


1. Just some info

Hey guys.If your reading this now, thanks.Want an imagine?Read the description.When I write an imagine, I won't be saying YOU done this or YOU done that.I will be saying, I done this or I done that.It's just easier that way.The chapter will be named YOUR movella name, so you know its yours.I hope you enjoy these imagines I will try and make them good!P.S. follow my One Direction account on twitter @OneDream1Dxxx

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