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Book of One Direction imagines.If you want one, then comment below your movellas name, full name, age, birthday, hair colour, eye colour, outfit to wear and a 1D boy.You can make stuff up if you want, but if you want to use your normal apperance, then you can. And they can be dirty or clean :-)


5. For my friend LeahA

This imagine is for Leah Holmes, ma bestie :) It will be quite a long imagine... p.s. she doesnt have movellas, but really wanted an imagine.

I was so excited!I am going down to London for the summer!I'm going alone for the first week or so, but then my friends Raina and Skyler will be coming!And I was going to see a One Direction concert on the first week, and more when my friends come!AND, I had backstage passes to meet the boys!Eeek!

"Mum, I'm only gone for summer, calm down!" My mum was hugging me too tightly, and crying.

"I'm sorry Leah, its just you haven't been away from me for longer than a week.Be careful, and drive safe and-"

"Don't talk to any strangers, don't go to clubs and go home with men, and don't get drunk I know I know okay?I love you.Bye Sophie!" I hugged my big sister and my mum one more time, then headed to the train station.


After a few hours on the train, I finally arrived in London's Marylebone station.I was staying at the Landmark London, and I was excited.For all I know One Direction could be staying there!Eek!

I jumped into a taxi, "To Landmark London please." I told the taxi driver.For once, it was a woman driver, so I didn't feel uncomfortable.The taxi then stopped.I paid the money, and got out the taxi, grabbing my suitcases and carry on.I looked up at the hotel, and gave a sigh of relief.I was so excited.Suddenly, and black limo parked where the taxi was.Screaming girls and paparazzi were around it.And out came five boys.Five boys who looked awfully familiar.It was One Direction!Suddenly, another familiar man, Paul, pulled my arm.

"Are you coming or what?" 


"Just come!" Paul pushed me into the hotel.He led me to the elevator, and pushed me in.One Direction also followed.

"May I ask, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?" I screamed once the elevator closed.

"You'll soon see." Paul said.

"I don't want to soon see.I want to know NOW!" The elevator opened.More paparazzi and screaming girls.

"We'll explain in a minute." I was led into their suite.Girls were saying, "Who's she?Is she one of their girlfriends?She's so ugly.Get a puke bag!" I felt like screaming out.Once we got inside and Paul shut the door, I stood in front of all of them, arms crossed.

"Well?Why am I here?" Everyone left the room except Paul and Niall.What the?

"Well, Leah-" I cut Paul off. "How the hell do you know my name?"

"Let us explain." Paul said. "Your mother, Aimee, set this up.Do you remember years ago, in primary school, a boy who liked like Niall, who you dated?" He continued.Flash backs came.Oh my gosh.I dated Niall Horan in primary school?

"Oh my..." My voice trailed off.I continued, "So why am I here today?" 

"Well, I can't deny it, but I think I still love you, Leah." At this point Paul had left.Niall was getting closer and closer, until our body's touched.I felt like electricity was going up my spine.

"Niall, we were only 11.How could you still love me?" Niall was getting closer and closer again.

"I love you, Leah." I could feel his hot breath on my neck.I knew now, that I still had feelings for him.I put my arms around his neck, and kissed him.He kissed back.And I can tell you, it was hot!

"I love you to, Niall." He smiled.Just then, the other boys had walked in.Paul left.All the boys whistled at us.

"Ooh, Niall's got a girlfriend!" They kept on chanting.There was a pillow beside me.I couldn't miss the oppertunity, so I picked it up and threw it at them.The boys looked shocked.Niall was laughing.

"And Niall's girlfriend is fiesty..." Harry said, a dirty look in his eye.

"Oh, don't you get any ideas!" I picked up another pillow, and threw it at him.We ended up having a pillow fight.And the pillows were filled with feathers, so the place was a mess...

Later that evening

"Leah, do you want to stay with us, in our hotel room?" Niall asked.Everyone else was in the public pool, so it was just me and Niall.

"What about my hotel room?My mum paid a lot of money for it." 

"She didn't.You didn't have a hotel room.It was part of the plan.We were waiting down the road for you to come, and when you did, we came.So if your going to stay here, your kinda gonna have to stay in our hotel room..."

"Niall Horan, you are sneaky!" I playfully punched him on the arm.But he stopped me.He grabbed my arm, and pulled me closer to him.I ended up sitting on top of him.He started kissing my neck, and it was hot.He picked me up, and carried me to a bed.He threw me on it.We were both laughing.He came over, and hovered on top of me.I took off his shirt, and he took off mine.It was getting a really hot situation.I pulled down his trousers.After another minute or so, I was in my underwear, and Niall was naked.He was making a quick job of that.He unhooked my bra, and pulled it off.Then he started kissing my neck, then working his way down to my pant line.He slowly pulled down my knickers, and started licking my place.I was moaning with pleasure.Then he got up, and took something out of his drawer.He came back, with a condom on.

"You ready babe?" He asked.

"Yes Niall.Do it!" He opened up my legs, and went inside me.I screamed with pleasure.It felt so good.He went slowly.

"Faster, Niall" Niall started going faster, i was screaming.It felt soo good.After about 5 minutes, Niall slipped out.


"Man that was good!" I said after having a shower.

"Yeah." Niall grabbed my waist and pulled me to him.I was only in a towel.

"Aw, I'm jealous!" Harry said.He was standing at the door.Me and Niall were sitting there, mouths open.Harry came over to us and shut our mouths.

"I didn't see a lot.Just a naked Leah going into your shower, Niall.I was looking from the door.You didn't shut it fully." I then remember I was only in my towel.Harry looked at me, and lifted me up and threw me over his shoulder.

"Dammit Harry!Put me down I'm only in a towel!" I screamed.I was hitting his back.Harry started running and took me into a room I hadn't been in before.It was a swimming pool.They had their own swimming pool?!Harry shut the door, and locked it.

"Harry Styles open that door right now!" I screamed.He came closer and closer.I was moving back wards, but then I fell into the pool.My towel slipped off.Harry whistled.

"NIALL!HELP!" Harry jamp in.I reached for my towel, but he grabbed it and threw it away.

"Harry what are you doing?" I screamed.

"Ssh..." He put his finger on my lip.I hit his arm.That only turned him on more.Harry was getting closer, and almost kissed me.I tried swimming away, but he grabbed me and held me close to him.I was screaming, trying to get away from his grip.Fortunatley, the door swung open, and there was Paul, Niall, and the rest of the boys.

"Thank goodness!" Paul threw me a towel, and I covered up.Harry tried to run out the room.

"HARRY!" Paul ran after him.Niall helped me out the pool.

"You okay?What did he do?" He asked.

"I'm fine.He didn't do anything luckily, he just tried to kiss me, and he threw away my towel." I was nearly crying.Niall pulled me to him, and hugged me.I was so thankful the other boys and Paul had saved me...


A few years later you and Niall are married, with a kid named Erin.You forgave Harry, and he is back in the band.



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