One Direction imagines

Book of One Direction imagines.If you want one, then comment below your movellas name, full name, age, birthday, hair colour, eye colour, outfit to wear and a 1D boy.You can make stuff up if you want, but if you want to use your normal apperance, then you can. And they can be dirty or clean :-)


2. directioner877 (me)

This imagine is for directioner877 (me)

I was ready to go to the One Direction concert.I was going backstage to meet the boys, with my friend Casey.

"Amy, you ready to go?" She asked.

"Yup.Have you got the tickets and backstage passes?"

"Yup.Come on, we don't want to be late!"


"Hi.Welcome backstage!I'm Harry." Harry greeted us when we got backstage.Me and Casey were starstruck.Harry waved a hand in front of our faces.

"Oh, sorry!I'm Amy, and this is Casey." Casey was still staring at him.

"Casey!" I nudged her.

"Marry me!Opps," Casey said.Harry laughed at her error.Casey went reallllllllly red.

"These are the other boys, Louis, Zayn and Liam.Niall will be back in a minute." Niall was my all time favourite.I loved all the boys equally, but I liked Niall best.

After a while of talking to the boys, Niall still hadn't shown up.I asked Casey for some mascara and foundation, and went to the bathroom to apply.I found the bathroom, but bumped into Niall on the way.

"Hey beautiful.You don't need that." He took the make-up out of my hands and threw it in the bin.I think I was smiling like a retard.

"Are you here for the meet and greet with 1D?" He asked.

"Yeah.I'm with my friend, Casey."

"Come on then." He took my hand and we went back to the room.Casey had the biggest grin when she saw me holding hands with Niall.

"Amy?Where's your make-up?" She asked.

"Omg, your not going to believe this..."



Four years later you end up Niall Horan's wife and mother to his 2 children, Erin and Brody.

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