One Direction imagines

Book of One Direction imagines.If you want one, then comment below your movellas name, full name, age, birthday, hair colour, eye colour, outfit to wear and a 1D boy.You can make stuff up if you want, but if you want to use your normal apperance, then you can. And they can be dirty or clean :-)


3. Boo Bear's Boo Bearette

This is for Boo Bear's Boo Bearette hope you like!(One Direction r not famous yet)

I am Breeze Hartley.I have been dating Louis Tomlinson for a few years now.We are going to the arcade tonight, so I need to get ready.

After my shower, I put on my orange SuperDry hoodie, light brown skinny jeans, grey ugg's, and but my hair up in a messy bun.Then I done my make-up.I put on foundation, lots of mascara and eyeliner, smoky eyeshadow, and light pink lip gloss.I was ready to go.

Louis came to pick me up at 7.

"Ready to go babe?" He said as II got into the car.I pecked him on the lips.


The arcade was packed.It was also next to a beach.Yay!Me and Louis got out the car, of course Louis ran round to my side and opened my door, the gentleman he is!We went into the arcade hand in hand.


After ages of playing games, it was getting dark.It was December, and it was nearly 9pm.

"Want to go take a walk on the beach?" Louis asked.

"Yeah." He grabbed my hand, and we headed for the beach.It was quiet, and the waves were perfect.There was a sunset too, and it was slightly dark, so it was so romantic.

"Breeze, do you know how much I love you?" He asked.

"I think you love me a lot?" I said

"I love you more than a lot.Your special to me.But listen, I need to go away for a while." I stared at him.Tears started filling my eyes.


"I auditioned for the X Factor.I got through.I'm in a band with a few lads now.Were called One Direction.I'm sorry.But you know how much I love you." I hugged him tightly.

"I wanted to ask you this before I go." He went down on one knee, and brought out a red box.Oh my gosh, he was going to propose!

"Breeze, your the love of my life.I love more than any other girl I've ever been with.So please, do me the honour, or being my wife?" I nodded my head and he put the ring on my finger.It was a beautiful Ruby.My birthstone.I kissed him passionatley on the lips.We continued walking down the beach, hand in hand...


Four years later you are Louis wife and mother to his child Leo One Direction came third in the X Factor they are famous you are also famous.


Boo Bear, I hoped you liked!

Much love, directioner877 <3333

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