Simon Cowell's daughter, maybe?

Hi, im Robyn Cowell, I dont know who my father is, im 18, my mum keeps giving me hints that its the Simon Cowell, but I dont know, ever since the x factor my favourite singers are One Direction, and everyone knows Simon is the boss of them, if he is my real father, will I ever meet them? if Simon is my father, will he let me fall for one of them or will I fall for one of them? if he is my father how will he react? but is he my father? read on to find out my story :)


21. twister

Harry's point of view

so we was spending the night at Robyn's, this will be sick, the boys and I have been talking and we said that we missed her, so Harry had the idea of texting her to see if she wanted to come ours, but we ended up here, "so what does everyone want to do" Robyn asked us all, "hmmmm...." everyone thought, "film?" Zayn  suggested, "that's only good for night times, its only 3pm" Niall moaned, "true" Zayn replied, "what about eating" Niall suggested, "we've only just eaten" Louis chuckled. "Robyn, have you got twister" Harry asked, "yeah, actually I have its in the attic, why" she asked, "we could play twister" Harry laughed, we all looked at each other with smiles. "yeaaaahhhh" we all screamed.

"ill have to get it from the attic though first" she replied, "ill help" I spoke up, "ok, thanks" she smiled, and so we walked upstairs, she got the ladders and put it under the attic door, "Harry, could you go up there please" she asked, "sure" I smiled, "thanks, im just really claustrophobic and in the attic is really small" she replied, "awww don't worry" I smiled, so I climbed up the ladders, she held the bottom of the ladders so it didn't tip. I opened the door and climbed in.

it was dark, I couldn't see a thing, "Harry, theres a light switch at the side, so you can see" Robyn yelled up, "thanks" I yelled back, I turned the switch on and the light came on, it was quite small, but better condition than any attic I've ever seen, it had carpets down, boxes In one corner, and everything neat and tidy, nothing was out of place, "where will twister be" I asked, "I don't know, you'll have to search around for it" she replied, "ok" so I walked over the corner of the attic where  all the boxes are.

I got the first box down, I looked in it, there was only books in it, I looked until the end, no, next one, was full of DVD's and videos, looked till the end, nope, and the last one, there was loads of different things in here, I started to take everything out, experimenting each thing for the twister box, so I took out papers, Robyn's old school books, then I got saw a piece of paper then a box underneath, so I got the piece of paper of the box, and something was telling me to look at it, so I did, it was Robyn's birth certificate, I thought she couldn't find it, I read it.

 mother: Zoe Hamilton, Father: Simon Cowell, date of birth...... wait just a second, one SIMON COWELL, her dad, no, its a mistake and two, I thought she didn't know who her father was, I bet her mum had hid this, hold on, what am I going to do, do I tell her, or do I not, she has a right to know, but it's none of my business, what do I do, "Harry you found twister yet" she yelled, I looked at the box, and yes it was, "yes just, ill just put things back now" I yelled back, I put the birth certificate back in the box and put everything back to how it was, I got the twister and climbed down the ladders, I smiled at Robyn which she returned, and we both went downstairs to the lads.

"got it" I smiled, what should I do, ill ask someone for help, no I cant, I don't know what to do, then I saw a hand waving in front of me, "Harry, mate, you ok" Niall asked, "oh, uh, yeah sure, why" I asked, "Robyn said to get twister out of the box and you looked like you we're in a day dream" Niall replied, "oh sorry, no, just tired pal" I smiled, "oookkk" they all said confused and we set twister up, "whos going to spin the arrow" Zayn asked. "hmmm... what about if we each get in twos, we can spin it for each other that way" Louis suggested, "perfect, so who's going with who" Robyn asked. "we could pick a name out of the hat" Zayn replied. we nodded and agreed.

Robyn's point of view

they let me pick, and Harry came out, "awww maaaan" he snapped his fingers, we all laughed, "next game you can join in" Louis smiled, he nodded and got the arrow thing, we decided the order would go, Louis, Niall, Liam, me and Zayn, "Louis, left hand red" Harry announced as the spinner landed on it, and so the game the end of the game we we're in knots, and the most awkwardest knot, Louis was towering over Niall, Zayn was underneath Louis, I was above Liam, we were facing each other, he was in a crab, while I was normal. which was the awkwardest thing, Louis then fell, which knocked Zayn, so Zayn fell on Louis, Niall then fell and knocked my hand, which made me fall right onto Liam, we was all there, twisted.

Liam and me looked awkwardly at each other, I was laid on his chest, he was really comfy though, everyone was there laughing and whistling at us, I got up of Liam, we was both blushing, "ooooooo" they all screamed, "oh shut up" Liam snapped, "awww cute" Louis sniggered, "shut up" I laughed, and so we played that for a while, and so, at around 11 pm we decided to settle down and sleep. "goodnight" I yawned, "goodnight" they all replied, and so we fell asleep.

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