Simon Cowell's daughter, maybe?

Hi, im Robyn Cowell, I dont know who my father is, im 18, my mum keeps giving me hints that its the Simon Cowell, but I dont know, ever since the x factor my favourite singers are One Direction, and everyone knows Simon is the boss of them, if he is my real father, will I ever meet them? if Simon is my father, will he let me fall for one of them or will I fall for one of them? if he is my father how will he react? but is he my father? read on to find out my story :)


10. the pool

Liam's point of view

"so what do you want to do, while Simons getting the drinks as we sat down in our hotel, Robyn came in the room to, but Simon forbid us to try anything " I asked, ""is there a pool in this hotel" Harry asked, "yep, its an indoor one" Niall replied, "lets go down there when Simon comes back" Harry suggested, "yeahh" we all said, except Robyn, "do you want to join us" Zayn asked, "I would, but I have nothing to wear in the pool" she replied, we all looked at each other, "we could buy you one" Louis replied, "correction, I could buy myself one, but will Simon let me" she said quietly, "pf course, you do know that he is soft at heart he just acts tough" I lightly chuckled, she sighed of relief.

so Simon came in with our drinks, we all said thank you, "Simon we're all going to the pool in a minute after we have found Robyn a costume" Louis told him, "what" Simon asked, "wear a costume, no bikinis" Simon warned, whats gotten into him, he seems to be protective of Robyn, sure he knows her mum, but I bet even she's not that protective, "yea Simon, I only wear costumes anyway, and plus I hate my body and so I dont like showing it of" she smiled, Simon smiled at her and nodded, "you have good knowledge, but there is no need to be insecure" Simon reassured her, "thanks and thats just the way i am" she replied. "why are you so bothered anyway" Niall asked, "you guys, yes I know what your thinking about girls in bikinis, that is not going to happen" he replied, what has gotteninto Simon, Perrie had always worn bikinis, same wth Danielle when I was with her, and again with Eleanor, I was so confused.

so when we had finished our drinks we went round shops looking for a costume, she found one, so she paid, but Harry secretly slipped the money back in her pocket, sneaky, and we made our way to the pool, she went to the girls changing rooms while we went to the boys, "guys, have you noticed how weird Simons acting lately" Niall asked, "yea, I have wondered" Zayn spoke up, "and its ever since he saw Robyn again, do you think he doesnt like her" Harry asked, "we'll ask him" I replied, once we had gotten changed, Robyn was still in the changing rooms im guessing. we all aproaches Simon.

"do you like Robyn" Harry just came straight out with it, "what" Simon said shocked, "do you like Robyn, coz everytime we ask for her to stay, you hesitate, then saying we cant date her, then saying about her costume" Zayn spoke up, "I do like her, im only saying these things because her mum and I had past and her mum would kill me if I let anything bad happen to her" he said, seemed fair, "ok, but are you sure" Louis asked, "yea, now get gone before I make you work" he smirked, we all chuckled and with that Robyn came out, "hey" we greeted, "hey" we replied.

so we all went to the pool, "someone go in first, and test the temperature" Zayn said, "no you" Harry replied, just then I felt a shove and before I knew it I was in the water, when I got to the surface everyone was laughing, I laughed to, "alright who was it" I laughed while splashing them all, they all stepped back, apart from Robyn, "you" I growled she chuckled, I climbed out of the pool when she was talking to Harry, and I hugged her fom behind, making her wet with the water from the pool, "Liam" she screached the boys and i laughed, and then i picked her up and threw her in the pool, then the boys and i joined her.

when she got to the surface she splashed me, we all had fun, Zayn stayed in the shallower end with Niall, coz he cant swim, Harry, Robyn, Louis and I decided to have swimming races, we all won at least one each, we then went in the shallow end to Zayn and Niall, we all had a splashing match, we also played tag, I was it, Zayn could only run, where as everyone else could go under water, ine time I was walking towards Zayn, when I felt someone head but me, Zayn was hiding somewhere and the others were underwater so no one else could have done it but Robyn, so I looked down to see Robyn she rose up, I tug her "your it" I replied, "aww huts" she chuckled, I laughed but then I looked downwards, Robyn looked up, our eyes met, her eyes were like sapphires.

she leaned forward, then I leaned forward, we slowely moved closer to each other, we were a centimetre apart, still looking in each others eyes, I thought we were gunna kiss, when suddenly I felt another head but on my knee, it broke out gaze we back a way a little when Harry popped up, "soory mate, I couldnt see, water was in my goggles, if your it pause why I do do this" he said, taking his goggles of and let the water flow from his goggles, "im not it" I chuckled, "did you catch her then" Harry asked, "yes, but now your it" she chuckled, poked him then swam of, I swam of in the opposite direction, thinking what nearly happened, thinking if Harry wouldnt have swam into me.

"right you lot, time to go get ready for tea" Simon called, so we all got out, I still had, the almost kiss, in my mind, why did it happen, I didnt think I like her, plus I cant, Simon wouldnt let me, when he said, he has forbidden us, he means it, great, so im confused about my feelings, and IF and thats a big IF I do even have the slightest of feelings for her, we are forbidden, perfect, anyway, Robyn went in her changing room, and the boys and i went in ours and we got changed, once we had done, we met Simon and Robyn and we went to get ready for tea.

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