Simon Cowell's daughter, maybe?

Hi, im Robyn Cowell, I dont know who my father is, im 18, my mum keeps giving me hints that its the Simon Cowell, but I dont know, ever since the x factor my favourite singers are One Direction, and everyone knows Simon is the boss of them, if he is my real father, will I ever meet them? if Simon is my father, will he let me fall for one of them or will I fall for one of them? if he is my father how will he react? but is he my father? read on to find out my story :)


11. tea

Robyn's point of view

so Liam and I almost kissed, heart was still racing and it happened an hour ago, Simon wouldnt be pleased, good job he didnt see, "i sit clear for me to come out" I yelled, "sure" I heard Harry say, strange, where was the others, when I came out the bathroom where I was changing, I loked around, i only saw Harry, he looked at me and smiled, "wheres the others" I asked, "they have gone down, they told me to wait for you and we'll meet them there" he winked, "oh right" I chuckled, "you ready" he asked, I nodded, "so lets go" he said, whe I walked out he hit my bum, "hey" I laughed, he winked at me and I continued, "you do know it was only a joke right" Harry asked, "yep" I replied, "good, plus SImon would kill me if he knew" he laughed, we continued going to the restaurant, he wrapped his arms around my neck and we walked.

he let go as soon as the others were in sight, he winked at me and we joined the others, "right lets get seated" Harry said, the others were already seated, there was a seat next to Liam, and a seat next to Simon who was opposite Liam, Harry went next to Liam, and I had to sit next to Simon, I was opposite Liam, which made it awkward, "anyone want drinks" a lady came to us, Harry was looking at her, in his dreamy way, typical Harry, "yes, can I have a tea please" Simon asked, "yes, what does everyone else want" the lady asked, she took our orders. you couldnt half tell Harry had a thing for her, he was looking her up and down, then at her bum, flirting, typical, I was trying to avoid eye contact with Liam but it didnt work, every so often we would catch each others eye, we'd smile then turn away.

"Liam, Robyn can i have a word please" Simon asked after we have ordered our food, oh no, did he think something, oh great, we stepped outside, "I saw what happened between you two with the pool, yes I know you almost, well, you know, kissed, if it weren't for Harry or whoever it was you would've, you;ve know each other a few days and you go and nearly kiss, you know what i've said, no relationships, "but Simon....." Liam started, "no Liam, yes you are the wisest, and yes you are the sensiblest of the lot, but I said no, and I mena it" SImon said, at the is point he scared me,

"im sorry" I said, and ran off, I heard Liam go, "see what you've done, nothing was gunna happen, it was a mistake" I ran away to the childrens playground bit, no children was there, there was a big climbing frame so I climbed it, I knew i would have to go back in for the food, but we just ordered so it will be at least 20 - 30 mins, I needed a breather, tears started to fall, I dont know why, it wasnt like i like him anyway. like Liam said, it was a mistake, I was so confused, I decided to wipe my tears away and just look around the place, I climbed in the metal tunnel, I was half way through when I heard, "Robyn" it was Liam, I didnt think Simon would trust him to go, I shufled quietly to the end of the tunnel, I didnt want to be found, I just wanted to make sure it was Liam, and it was.

"Robyn, Simon isnt mad, you dont need to be scared, he's just scared for you" Liam shouted, "Robyn" he called again, I shuffled back in the tunnel, but a little louder, Liam must have heard, I heard nothing for a bit, I thought I was safe but then, "Robyn" Liam called from one end of the tunnel, I jumped a little, "sorry" he apolopgised and crawled in the tunnel with me, i moved a little futher up, making room for him to sit down, "Robyn look, what happened back in the pool, well it was a mistake right" he asked scratching his head, "yeah" I replied.

"oh ok, and Simon has said that he's not mad and he didnt mean to sound harsh" he said, "really" I asked, "really" he smiled, "friends" he held out his hand, "friends" I smiled shaking it, I did feel something in my stomach but I ignored it, probably hunger kicking in, he pulled me in for a hug, we hugged for about a minute, we parted and he said, "you coming in" he smiled, I nodded and we went in.

"hey, im sorry for sounding mean" Simon said as we took our seats, "is fine, it was me being soft" I replied, "no, I was a little harsh" Smon replied, just then our meals came, we ate our meals and talked for a bit, I even got to know SImon more, when the day ended I said goodbye to them all, they all gave me a hug and they even gave me a kiss on the cheek, Simon didnt mind either, I was shocked, so Simon adn i got in the car and he drove off as i waved goodbye to the boys.

"so, what do you think of the boys" Simon asked me, "there really nice, and really down to earth to" I replied, "yeah, they are actually the most down to earth guys I actually have ever met celebrity wise" Simon smiled, for some reason talking to him made me connect to him right away, like a sort of brotherly or fatherly kinda way, weird I know but yeah, we talked for a while about the boys and what we've done and things, he didnt even mention the almost kiss between Liam and I, when we got to my house I said goodbye and I went in the house.

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