Simon Cowell's daughter, maybe?

Hi, im Robyn Cowell, I dont know who my father is, im 18, my mum keeps giving me hints that its the Simon Cowell, but I dont know, ever since the x factor my favourite singers are One Direction, and everyone knows Simon is the boss of them, if he is my real father, will I ever meet them? if Simon is my father, will he let me fall for one of them or will I fall for one of them? if he is my father how will he react? but is he my father? read on to find out my story :)


15. studios

Robyn's point of view

well, this is it, im in the studios, Simon is sat next to me, which feels weird to know that, im sat next to one of the richest men in the world and in the same room as the boy-band in the world, and my idols, this is unreal, and to think, im just a normal teenage girl, "so, what do you think of them then" Simon asked me, as the boys were practicing before recording a song called Live While We're Young, its their next single, "I love them and their music" I replied.

"do like any of them" he asked me, "as friends yeah" I replied, "no, more than friends" he asked "no" I said, "ok then," he replied, "why you so bothered about that anyway" I asked him curiously, "because....uhhhhh.... I know your mother and I know that, she'd want to protect you, and she'd kill me if anything bad happened to you, so I don't want you to go out with any of them, simply because I don't want you to get hurt" he said softly, why does Simon Cowell care about me, "but how would I get hurt, not that I like any of them in that way anyway" I said, "some of the boys fans are dangerous, they already give Louis' ex Hannah a lot of stick and death threats, and now Eleanor, just coz Louis was talking to her, and because I know your mum, that means I have to look out for you" he explained. "oh right" I replied, weird, but ok.

"you got a boyfriend" Simon asked me, what is with the personal questions wow, "nope" I replied, "why" I asked, "just asking, curious to know about...uuhhhh....a friend of the boys" he said, whats gotten into him, "oh right, anymore questions" I asked, I didn't mind being asked questions, it was just weird, "uhh.....hows college" he asked me, "its was great, i've just finished, i was going to find a job" I replied, "oh, cool, what music do you like" he asked, "well, the obvious, One Direction, umm...Olly Murs, Lawson, Bruno Mars artist like that" I replied, he smiled, "awww" he chuckled, i laughed. and we watched the boys.

"so what did you think" Harry came out of the booth and asked me after they had sung it, "its great, and very catchy, cant wait to hear the rest of the album" I smiled, "awww thanks" they all replied, "so what now" Louis asked Simon, "well, its 7 o clock now, and you've looked and wrote lyrics, and you've recorded your next single, so, you  can go now" he smiled, "thanks" they all said, "we'll take Robyn back home" Harry said, "no I will, I know where she lives, you don't" he said, he's acting so strange, "so, she can tell us" Zayn spoke up, "ill take her" he said,the boys sighed, "fine, whatever" they all replied.

so just as Simon and I was going, Simon looked in his pockets, "I've forgot, I walked it here to stretch my legs, i don't have my car keys and live half an hour away, you could've gotten home by then" Simon sighed, I held my laughter in, which was so hard, "I suppose the boys will have to take you" he sighed, I kept holding my laughter in and so we made our way back to the studios, where the boys were putting things away, "well that was a quick.......I thought you was taking her home" Louis said, I was holding in my laughter, the boys knew I was going to laugh and they smiled at me, "well I forgot, I walked it here to stretch my legs, i don't have my car keys, so you boys have to take her, but i mean it, no funny business" he said.

"excuse me, what do you take me for" I asked, smiling, "oh...uhh...nothing I didn't mean you, i meant them" he said, "she's right, none of us are going to do anything, Liam the daddy will make sure of it" Harry spoke up, Simon then looked at me, then Liam, I knew what he meant, "oh my word, can we just drop it" I sighed, everyone looked at me shocked, "what" i asked, "your going sassy, like me" Louis said proudly, I laughed, "its just that, my mums always telling me what to do, who to go out with, and then making judgements, and your exactly the same" I said to Simon, "im sorry" Simon said.

"its just that...." he paused, "its just that what" Niall asked, "I just don't want your mum to get mad at me for anything going wrong for you" he smiled, I smiled back, "anyway, we going or not" Liam spoke up, thank you Liam, "yeah, come" Zayn said, "hold on, how we going to fit, my car's only a 5 seater, there's six of us" Louis spoke up, we all looked at Simon, "well one of you are going to have to sit on another then" Simon said, "but who" Zayn asked, "well I cant sit on anyone's knee or Liam, last time we tried that, we hurt our necks coz we had to bend them coz of the roof" Harry chuckled, i laughed, "all of us does, except........" Niall said looking towards me, "me" I said shocked, "oh no, she aint sitting on any of your knees" Simon spoke up, what is his problem.

"she's gonna have to, unless you want one of us to be injured tomorrow" Louis spoke up,"fine, but who is she going to go on" Simon asked, "do you know what, ill walk it" I suggested and turned to the door, then i suddenly saw 5 figures dart to the door, "no" they all said, "yes" I said back, "im in the way, so ill just walk" I sighed, "no, we arnt letting you walk" Niall said, "yeah, its too dangerous, you don't know who's out" Liam warned, "I don't want to hurt any of you aswell" I sighed, "your not going to hurt us" Niall said, "I will" I replied, and so we went  on like this, until i gave up,  "well who is she going to sit on then" Simon spoke up, "i've just ate" Niall said, "im driving" Louis spoke up.

"so that leaves, Zayn, Harry and Liam" Simon spoke up, we all looked at Zayn, he wasn't there we then noticed the door open, we went to look where he was, and we saw him in Louis' car, asleep "so that narrows it down to Liam or Harry" Niall spoke up, "hmmm..... I don't even know Harry's a flirt, and Liam and Robyn, know a while ago" Simon said, i rolled my eyes, I wish he'd just let that drop. Liam and Harry's mouths dropped, I had to laugh, "just go on Liam's" Simon sighed, "I can tell Harry's going to flirt in some way" Simon added, Liam's mouth closed, but Harry's remained open, I laughed, "thanks Simon" he said offended, Simon laughed, and so we all made our way to the car.

Zayn was in the passenger side, next to Louis, the driver, Niall got at one side, Harry in the middle and Liam at the other, "come on" Liam said, "I don't want to hurt you" I replied, "you wont now, just park your tush" Liam chuckled, I laughed, "are you sure" I asked, "just get in" Liam ordered, and so, I slowly made my way in the car, my head is just below the roof, so I didn't need to bend, Liam was actually comfy, "you ok" Liam asked, "yeah, are you" I replied, "yeah, I can barely even feel you" he replied, "really" I asked he nodded, and so Louis drove off.

"what is Simon's problem" Louis asked, " have no idea, i don't think he likes me" I replied, "he does" Harry replied, "funny way of showing it" I said, just then i felt a big hand brush against my knee, I looked at Harry, his jaw tensed, he looked so cute "Harry that tickled" I giggled, "oh really" he winked and did it again, i laughed, I heard Harry and Liam whispering behind me, while Niall and Louis we're talking, suddenly I felt two hands on my waist and two hands near my leg, suddenly, "Harry Liam stop tickling me" I yelled at the top of my voice, laughing at the same time, I moved a lot, im surprised I actually didn't hurt Liam, I wriggled that much i nearly fell off, but luckily two hands wrapped around me and brought me to their chest.

"thanks Liam" I smiled, "no problem" Liam smiled back "i think we went too far" Harry said, "no you didn't it was fun" I giggled, "awww good" they replied, and so we talked for a bit, Liam's hands still wrapped around me and me still leaning on his chest, suddenly I was home, "byeee" they all yelled, by this time Zayn had woke up, "byee" I replied, i could only give Harry and Liam a hug, they were good huggers, I said bye one more time, i waved then I went in my house

im so sorry I haven't updated in ages, here's a long chapter for you, sorry again I was getting things prepared for the One Direction concert on Saturday, im so sorry, i will update a bit more now coz its over :)

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