Simon Cowell's daughter, maybe?

Hi, im Robyn Cowell, I dont know who my father is, im 18, my mum keeps giving me hints that its the Simon Cowell, but I dont know, ever since the x factor my favourite singers are One Direction, and everyone knows Simon is the boss of them, if he is my real father, will I ever meet them? if Simon is my father, will he let me fall for one of them or will I fall for one of them? if he is my father how will he react? but is he my father? read on to find out my story :)


13. room

Harry's point of view

"come on in" I said to Robyn as she stood outside the door, "ooooo Harry, who've you brought home this time" I heard Louis tease from the other room, I roll my eyes, which was sort of embarrassing,  "ummm..... a friend" I replied, I knew his response, im going to burst out laughing when Louis finds out its Robyn, "a friend eh Harry, that's what they all say" he chuckled. "sorry about that, you i know Louis a little crazy" I said to Robyn, she sniggered and nodded, "its fine, Louis is crazy" she replied, we laughed, "so you gonna introduce us to your girl or not" Niall spoke up, everyone laughed but me and Robyn, "first thing, she aint my girl, and second, you guys no her, and are going to be so embarrassed when you know who it is" I said laughed. "well bring her in then" Zayn said impatiently.

and so Robyn and I stepped into the room were the boys was, they all turned round, and saw Robyn, there face dropped and they looked embarrassed, we both burst out laughing, "we're sorry Robyn" Niall said embarrassed, Robyn just chuckled though, "yeah sorry" Liam, Louis and Zayn said, "its fine, Harry and I was just laughing anyway" she replied. "were just so used to Harry bringing different girls home, we just expected it to be another one" Louis said, my jaw dropped, was I really that bad, that's it, I do need to settle down, "its fine really" she replied, "so, what brings you here, and how did Harry find you" Liam asked.

"well remember when I asked Simon to get a shirt, and he asked his friend to get it" I asked, "yeah" they all responded, "well, I was bored, so I told Simon to tell the person he asked to not bother and go myself, so I did, and saw Robyn and her mum, I got mobbed while doing it but ay well, I asked if she wanted to come here and see us, she asked her mum, she agreed and we are" I laughed, "cool, but we are boring so excuse us" Zayn chuckled,

"oh its fine, unless you want me to go" she exclaimed, "nooooo" we all shouted, she jumped a little then started laughing, "ok, chill, I was only asking, don't have a cow, its just the way you said your boring, I now your not boring, i just thought you didn't want me here" she replied, "we said it coz we was warning you, but we want you to stay" Zayn spoke up, "if your sure" she replied, we all screamed. "will Simon not mind though" she asked, "no, he says he likes you, and your a nice girl" Liam stated, "really, not from where I was standing a while ago though" she said, "what was all that about when you ran off anyway" I asked.

Liam and Robyn looked at each other, whats going on, Louis, Zayn, Niall and i looked confused, "nothing, he just uhhhh......" she paused, "he just what" Niall asked, "he scared me that's all" she said, "really" we said with a 'yeah, we really don't believe you' tone, "yeah" she said, "well how come you were looking at Liam, is there something going on between you" I asked, please say no, no wait, i don't care, they sighed, Liam nodded to Robyn to say go on,

"fine, well, when we was in the pool a while ago, Liam had just caught me when we was playing that catching game thing, and when he caught me, we was laughing and when we stopped, well, we looked each other in the eye, staring, and well we moved closer" as she was saying this, I felt my heart break, why, I didn't like her, in that way anyway, "and we were a cm apart, then Harry came and we moved apart, basically, Liam and I......." she sighed, "almost kissed" Liam finished, we all gasped, "and then Simon pulled us up yesterday coz he saw it, that's why she ran off, it was a mistake, and it got too much for her" Liam added, "so you almost kissed, then you say it was a mistake" Zayn asked, they nodded.

"I've just thought, even if they do like each other, Simon has band us all from even liking her anyway" Niall spoke up, "that's true, I still am confused over that, not like any of us like you in that way anyway, your too much of a friend to us" I smiled, "same with you guys" Robyn said, "so now you know the truth from that day when she ran out" Liam said, we nodded, "why didn't you tell us before" I asked, "we thought it'd be best not to, coz you may have either teased us, or you would've not understood" Liam replied, "we wont tease you, it was a mistake, well, you say it was a mistake, in m opinion, i don't think so" Louis stated, "I think we know how we feel" Robyn said.

"true, but, you may not even know it yet" Zayn spoke up, "you do know, we don't really know each other well, we've met like 4 times, I class you guys as friends, but i don't really know you, to like you in that way" Robyn stated, "that's true, and we class you as our friend to don't we guys" I asked, "of curse we do" they replied, "your really nice, and you don't treat us like celebrities, you treat us like us, and we like that" Zayn replied, we all agreed, "awww thank guys, your all so down to earth and really are the nicest lads I've met" she replied, "awwwww" we responded, so we all talked for a while and time went by

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