Simon Cowell's daughter, maybe?

Hi, im Robyn Cowell, I dont know who my father is, im 18, my mum keeps giving me hints that its the Simon Cowell, but I dont know, ever since the x factor my favourite singers are One Direction, and everyone knows Simon is the boss of them, if he is my real father, will I ever meet them? if Simon is my father, will he let me fall for one of them or will I fall for one of them? if he is my father how will he react? but is he my father? read on to find out my story :)


5. party part 1

Simon's point of view

so the guys rehearsed all day until the time when the party was ready to start, three year old Charlotte went straight to hug each one of them, they each had a child that adored them, Liam had Charlotte, Harry had 4 year old Megan, Niall had 3 year old Lily, Zayn had 5 year old Natalie and Louis had 4 year old Neve, but only Charlotte's parents could make it to the party, and so we arrived at the party, so we all sat down, Charlotte was distracted with some of her friends, so Liam was safe, for now.

so we all sat down at a table, near the front in fact, she's one of my closest friend, and she loves the boys and they love her, so she likes them coming, and she loves their singing, "so whats going on the tonight" Zayn asked, "well there ding speeches, and music first, then you guys will go up at 9 pm, then karaoke and everything else starts after you boys" I replied, "thank you uncle Simon" Niall giggled, "typical" I rolled my eyes, i was like an uncle to them though, they were like my nephews to.

at around 7:30 the place started getting full, i kept looking for people I knew, i knew a few and they came to me, but none I was really close to, I had barely seen Sarah, she was getting the speeches ready for 8 pm , the door opened I looked, and in came, Zoe, and then behind her came.....what Robyn, oh no, that means the guys will be talking to her, this is awkward, I quickly turned back round before any of them saw me, phew they went straight to the bar. Luckily the boys were facing the stage so they didnt see them come in, so if they do see her, they'd know it was me that saw them first and didn alert them.

so at 8 pm the speeches began, i didnt bother looking behind so I didnt know where Zoe and Robyn had gone, when the guys got up to perform at 9 pm they got set up and that , then they said a few words, and then they looked around, Harry and Liam stared  at something  oh no I bet its Robyn, "this is our first song, its by an amazing artist, the one and only Olly Murs with Please Dont Let Me Go" Harry announced, "where do I begin, should I tell you, that I need you now, yeah" Harry started, "your underneath my skin, should I tell you, that i need you now oh oh" Niall and, "I waited so long, I need to know, darling what is on your mind yyeah" Liam continued, "normally i try to run, but i might even wanna hide, coz I never knew what i wanted, till i looked into your eyes" they all sang, and so continued the song.

once they had finished Harry spoke up then, "hi Robyn behind Simon" oh no, "hi Harry, hi guys" she said back, "hey" they all said in unison, "this next song is by Json Mraz, and its Im Yours" well you done done me and you bet i felt it, i tried to be chill but your so hot that I melted, I fell right through the cracks, now im trying to get back, before the cool done run out ill be giving it my bestest and nothings gunna stop me but devine intervention, I reakon its again my turn, to win some or learn some" they all sang, it felt so awkward knowing they we're right behind me, ive not seen her in 18 years, ive only spoke to her 5 times during that time on the phone.

Robyn's point of view

wow One Direction, im at the same party as One Direction, and Harry and the thers said hello, and we're sat behind Simon, wow, this is amazing, their voices are so angelic, "this next song is by, one of out mates, Ed Sheeran, the song is called Kiss Me" Liam said, looking at me, I felt my stomach die inside, "settle down with me, cover me up, cuddle me in, lie down with me, and , hold me, in your arms, and your hearts against my chest, lips pressed in my neck, im falling for your eyes, but they dont know me yet, and the feeling I forget, im in love now" they sang, each time Liam looking at me, and me looking at Liam, "snap out of it" my mum chuckled, "oh shut up" I snapped but laughed.

"time for a break now, but we'll be back in 10 minutes" Niall announced, the crowd awwwed for a bit and then the boys left the stage 2 minutes later i felt someones hand on my shoulder, "Robyn" an Irish voice sounded, "Niall im guessing" I chuckled, "yep, the one and only" he replied, he hugged me then the others joined, "mind if we sit here for a minute"  Liam asked my mum, "nope, im just getting a drink, anyone want any" she asked, they shook their heads, so she shrugged and left, "so how did you like the songs so far, and what are you doing here" Louis asked me, "number one thye were amazing, your voices are so angelic and two its my mums friends party"  i smiled, "ahh right" they replied and so we talked for a while,m until they had to go back on stage.


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