Simon Cowell's daughter, maybe?

Hi, im Robyn Cowell, I dont know who my father is, im 18, my mum keeps giving me hints that its the Simon Cowell, but I dont know, ever since the x factor my favourite singers are One Direction, and everyone knows Simon is the boss of them, if he is my real father, will I ever meet them? if Simon is my father, will he let me fall for one of them or will I fall for one of them? if he is my father how will he react? but is he my father? read on to find out my story :)


19. hospital

guys look, there was some errors in the last chapter, but i've corrected them now, so its fine, i was just saying, anyway back to the story :)

Simon's point of view

I had to go in an save her, she is my daughter whether she knows it or not, im her flesh and blood, Liam did a great job with saving the kid to, I could tell Liam likes her, I still can't bring myself to let it happen though, it aint gonna happen, same with Harry to, I still can't believe Zoe was on the verge of telling her, and the fire breaks out, grrrrr, that annoyed me, "Simon, you ok" Robyn's little voice called out,

"Yeah im fine thanks, how are you" I smiled, Zoe had gone to an important meeting, and the boys had gone and were getting some drinks, "im fine, just sore" she coughed, "why did you go in the fire to save me, Liam had already gone out" she asked, oh brother, looks like im going to have to tell her, but I'll have to say not to tell Zoe, "well...uhh...the thing is....." I sighed, before I heard her coughing, "are you ok" I asked, suddenly she started coughing harder, then she went in a fit, my heart beated faster and faster, "HELP, NURSE" I screamed running out the room trying to find help, a few nurses came running in, "can you step outside sir please" the nurse said softly, I nodded and obeyed.

the boys then came, "whats going on" Harry asked concerned, "she's just been having a fit" I said, shaking, "are you alright" Zayn asked, "yeah, just never experienced seeing a fit before, its scary" I sighed, they all patted me on the back, "she'll be ok, wont she" Niall asked, " I hope so" I said, and sat down, the other joined me.

after an hour of waiting a nurse came out, we all stood up so quickly, "are you the family and friends of Robyn Cowell's" the nurse asked, I never knew her last name was that, my heart beated faster, they all looked at me, but quickly turned to the nurse and nodded, "right this way, she suffered a little fit, nothing major, and so she should be allowed to go home tomorrow" the nurse smiled, we all sighed of relief, "can we go to see her" Liam asked, "of course" she smiled and let us through to see her.

"are you ok" Niall asked, "I wish people would stop asking that, im fine" she chuckled, "we're just worried" Louis replied, "yeah, stop being a Louis, acting all tough and sassy, we need to see your inner soul" Zayn said, we all laughed at Zayn being the master of deepness, "oh Zayn, your so sweet, I will find my inner soul when there's some need for it" she smiled, "good" he replied, we all laughed.

"soo, your last names Cowell then" Harry smiled, "yeah, how do you know" she asked, "the nurse came out and said" Niall spoke up, "oh" she replied, "has anyone contacted her parents" the nurse asked, "no, my mum's in a business meeting" Robyn spoke up "oh, and your dad...." she asked, my stomach began to turn, "I don't know who he is" she sighed, I felt guiltier by the minute, "oh right, well anyway, you can go home now, and I hope you find out who your dad is, if you want to know anyway" she smiled, "I do, and thanks" she replied, and we all helped her pack, "ll order a private limo so you don't get mauled" I smiled, "thanks Simon" she replied, I nodded my head, soon enough the limo came and took us all home

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