Simon Cowell's daughter, maybe?

Hi, im Robyn Cowell, I dont know who my father is, im 18, my mum keeps giving me hints that its the Simon Cowell, but I dont know, ever since the x factor my favourite singers are One Direction, and everyone knows Simon is the boss of them, if he is my real father, will I ever meet them? if Simon is my father, will he let me fall for one of them or will I fall for one of them? if he is my father how will he react? but is he my father? read on to find out my story :)


3. backstage

Still Robyn's point of view

thats when I saw then, them perfect faces they we're all sat around in a circle, "so when do you think the person with the backstage pass will turn up" I Niall ask, "who knows, it depends if she finds that secret door" Zayn replied, yes, I flipping round it all right, I thought to myself, "I didnt think we did any backstage things anymore" Louis asked, "we didnt, but Simon said that this is just for a friends daughter" Harry replied, "I hope she isnt one of those crazed fans" Zayn sighed, the others agreed, nope I aint, im cool, "think on the bright side, we could make a new friend" Liam said. the others agreed.

nows my chance, I breathed in, I still had the toilet roll wrapped round my arm, im gunna look daft, but the blood was still pouring, and so I knocked on the door, "ill get it" I heard Liam say, oh my word, im going to see One Direction, it just hit me, i was screaming inside, but I was calm on the outside, "hello" Liam smiled, "hey" I said shyly, "are you the backstage pass girl" he asked, I nodded, "well step right in here then" he said, I giggled, he's even cuter in reality, I didnt that was even possible, the boys we're slouched on the tables and chairs, but as soon as they noticed me they sat straight up, "well hello there little lady" Louis greeted, "hey" I said shyly again, "if your gunna be shy, get outta my kitchen"  Harry said, I laughed, obviously because I thought of the x factor.

"ok ok, ill try not to be shy" I Iaughed, "woooooo" they all screamed, I giggled, "wooow whats happened to your hand" Liam asked worriedly, all the boys started staring at me, "it dont matter its fine" I smiled, "oh yes it does, sit down" Harry ordered, pulling up a chair, "go get the first aid kit" Liam asked Niall, he nodded and went to get it, when Niall came back he handed Liam the first aid kit, he carefully took my arm and put it on the table, and started cleaning the wound, I ouched a bit, but Liam was really gentle. once he had done he wrapped a bandage round the arm, "so what happened" Zayn asked, "that stupid secret door thats what happened" I said with a little playful angriness in my voice, "we're so sorry about that, its the only place we could put it" Louis spoke up. 

 "I saw you in the concert" Harry winked, "stop scaring the poor girl" Liam sighed, I giggled, "its fine Liam, I saw you to Styles" I winked, "oooo, she learned from the sass master" Louis teased, "Louis your so funny" I smiled "hey no fair, I am to" Harry whined,  "sooo, whats your name" Harry added, "Robyn" I replied, "nice name" the all said, "thanks" I said, "so you want a picture with us" Niall asked, "yea please" I said happily, and so Liam asked Paul to take the picture, and he did, they also signed a piece of paper for me to, "how old are you" Zayn asked, "18" I replied, "perfect age" Harry said, the others rolled their eyes, "Harry, your scaring her, you dont know her, at least wit till you know her" Niall shook his head

so we talked for a while, there was play fights, food fights, getting to know One Direction, them getting to know me, until it was 11 o clock, Simon came in, "hey" he greeted, "hey" I said shyly, the others gasped, "what" Simon and I said in unison, "oh nothing" Zayn said, "Zayn" Simon said in a deep voice, "nothing, we was just warm thats all" Louis said quickly, SImon mmmmed a little bit and then turned to me, "I bet your mum and dad will be worried sick" he said, "my mum told me to text when i was out sir" I replied,

I didnt want to tell him about my dad, he didnt need to know, "oh right, well its late, text your mum now" he said, I obeyed and text my mum, "how do you know my mum" I asked Simon, "well, we used to go out a while ago, a long long time ago, we're just friends now" he smiled, making me feel less tense, truth is, I was intimidated by Simon, I know the boys say he's nice, but the way he is when you first meet him, it isnt, they said you just need to get to know him first.

"we'll walk you out, you coming uncle Si" Louis smiled, "make sure she's safe, and no, I uhhhh.. have work to do" he said in a very perculiar manner, which made the others and me confused, but anyway the boys took me downstairs to where my mum was waiting, "goodbye boys" I smiled, "bye Robyn" they all said in unison, then Niall opened his arms for a hug, the others joined him, so I hugged them all and then went in the car and my mum drove off, I waved at them as they waved at me, and we went back home.

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