The Direction of Fate

When Ellie Harper's parents ship her off from Australia to live with her brother in Holmes Chapel, England, the arrogant and obnoxious Harry Styles enters her life. Their frequent encounters have them both suspicious, but Ellie shrugs it off as just an irritating coincidence. But the more they see each other, the more she questions if this is something more than just chance. And it doesn't help that she has vivid nightmares involving her quite dominant and sadistic curly-haired neighbour.

Was this the direction of fate, or was the universe honestly burdening her with this pompous boy band member?


30. "You're ruining my life."

"So when does your brother get back from work?" Harry asked between kisses against my neck whilst we sat on the lounge room floor. I tilted my head for his access and closed my eyes, the sensation of his lips causing my mind to turn to jelly. With my pen hung loosely between my weak fingertips on the page of my French homework I muttered, "Not till late. He's busy with..." I trailed off upon Harry sucking hard against my flesh.

     "Go on," he said.

     "Um..." I tried to regain my thoughts that were spiralling into mush. "...B-busy with his new schedule."

     Harry's curls tickled around my sensitive skin, his wet lips sponging kisses from my collarbones up to the little spot behind my ear. I found myself gripping his shirtfront to support my weakened body and the smell of his musky cologne didn't help the situation. Once again, our lesson had become an excuse to make-out under a crumpled pile of loose sheets of homework paper. There was no way I'd be finishing my final French Studies exam for the term on a high note, unless the task involved describing the texture of Harry's sweet tongue.

     "So we have time to," his warm breath fanned my face before closing the space with a quick peck, "maybe go upstairs?"

     Upon becoming aware of the success I'd been having with the sleeping pills, Harry wanted to add that little more security by allowing me to fall asleep in his arms. I guessed a part of him still had concerns that I couldn't feel comfortable around him because of the drawings that remained dormant under a pile of study work and books.

     On my bed, we lay facing each other, our legs slightly bent and toes touching to create this mirrored curve in our motionless bodies. This was my favourite part about lying across from Harry- just being able to study his emerald eyes, which fluttered behind thick eyelashes, as they did the same to mine. Though his mouth remained slack, the dint where his dimples usually pressed into his cheeks was now merely a light indent. A concerned frown still drew his eyebrows together; reminding me of the frustrated grimace he'd given me after pulling me back on the curb on our first encounter. Yet, the most delicate Gods carved his face with effortless precision. I'd always known his incredible attractiveness, as I'm sure everyone did when they came into contact with him. But as popular and loved as Harry was by the world, I didn't think anyone could see his beauty the way I saw it. No one could feel this intense for a figure on a magazine or on a concert stage.

     "What are you thinking?" I whispered as I curled my toes over his cold ones.

     "Just how beautiful you are," he stated so genuinely my stomach lurched. Harry reached over and pulled me to his body with the strength of one arm. My head dipped below his chin and he rested it on the top, and I appreciated the sudden comfort of his physical warmth.

     "If the dreams return, you'll tell me, right?" Harry asked from above.

     As much as they scared me into keeping them from him in the past, now that he knew I wasn't afraid anymore to seek his closure. Telling Noah and Lottie- and my parents- would happen another day. Hopefully with these pills, I wouldn't need to.

     "I will," I promised into his shirt.

     We remained in a comfortable silence; the only sounds that could be heard were the soft whirring of my heater radiator in the corner of the room. Harry stroked my hair delicately and his voice hummed to an unfamiliar tune, and my eyelids slowly dipped. I focused on my fingers that twisted in his loose V-neck shirt, then to the chain that hung against his chest. I scooped it out and at the end of the piece was a small paper airplane in solid silver, glistening off the dim lamplight illuminating the space between us. I'd never seen it before, as it usually kept hidden beneath his clothes.

     "Where did you get this?" I asked curiously. Keeping our conversation going prevented me from falling asleep. Harry's eyes trailed down and titled his mouth upward.

     "My mum bought it for me before my first tour," he said gently. "She said that no matter the distance, I could always fly back home to her."

     "It's sweet," I mumbled, slowly losing consciousness. I kept it at bay by pressing my lips to his and drink in another round of his deliciousness. How could I ever have thought that Harry could ever hurt me? Why did my mind decide to take the gentlest, most beautiful person in my life and twist him into a sadistic, foul villain? It didn't matter anyway, because this Harry Styles was stronger than anything rivalling him in my nightmares. The only thing that worried me happened to be the fear of falling for him so deeply that I couldn't climb back out of the hole. That thought slowly dwindled away as sleep got the better of me and I collapsed into unconsciousness to Harry trailing his fingers down my back.


I found myself waking up slowly and clutching the bed for a presence that wasn't there anymore. My eyes opened groggily into the dark room, and my sight focused on the time that read 11:27pm. Harry must have left not long after I'd fallen asleep. Two voices made muffled conversation from below, and I assumed Lottie and Noah had come home, so I got up and ventured downstairs to the kitchen.

     "I didn't think you'd be up," Lottie said as she leaned over the counter with a spread of loose papers. Her bleached blonde hair, held up with chopsticks and pins, fell free in little ringlets around her wearied face. Looking closer at the photos, they were designs of furniture and interiors. Noah sat at the dining room table forking into a takeout noodle box, and he too looked exhausted.

     "Couldn't sleep," I lied. I assumed neither of them had seen Harry leave, which saved me the awkward explanation.

     "Well I am completely knackered," Lottie said, shuffling the papers into a neat pile and into a folder. "How'd your lesson with Harry go?"

     "It was alright," I shrugged. "He didn't stay for long."

     "Oh," Lottie said, raising her eyebrows. "So I only imagined him coming down from your room and chatting to us in the kitchen then?"

     Shit, I groaned internally. Lottie had a small, brazen smile on her face, and though I was stuck shuffling for an appropriate answer, I was thankful that she wasn't my interrogating mother ripping me apart for one.

     "Okay, he stayed for a bit," I said finally. Her smile stretched further before saying, "I guess it's a perfect time for him to stay over when we aren't in the house."

     Noah coughed on his noodles and flashed Lottie the most alarming look. I too bore an equally surprised expression, and my eyes were wide as I flustered, "No! We weren't- We didn't do-"

     Lottie barely even appeared fazed by Noah and my uncomfortableness. "You're eighteen in two days, it's not like I care if you're sexually active."      

     "Charlotte, why!?" Noah said, aghast. "You are literally talking about my sister!"

     Lottie looked at him and shrugged. "She lives here while we-"

     "I'm going to bed!" I announced abruptly and turned on my heel before my cheeks could possibly burn any brighter. Lottie was so blasé about everything, not in the slightest bit concerned that she pulled off the awkward ‘parent talk'. I left the room to Lottie's deadpanned face and Noah's speechless one, a bit of food left lingering on his lips.

     I changed into some comfortable clothes, took my sleeping pills and returned to my bed. With my phone illuminating my dark room, I typed out a message to Harry.

     You're ruining my life.

     A few minutes later, my phone vibrated with a reply.

     Well, I had a great chat with your brother. Nice guy. I'll text you tomorrow. Xx

     I rolled my eyes and groaned, tossing my phone on the other side of the bed and closing my eyes in an attempt to rid the horrible embarrassment caused by Lottie Wallis.

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