Somewhere between now and forever

Meet Emma Peterson: She nineteen, she's a law school student, and has a not-so-carefree attitude.
Meet Niall Horan: Twenty, in a globe conquering boyband, and flawless.

When the carefree Niall Horan meets Emma, sparks are sure to fly.


3. Niall


‘Hi, my name’s Emma, and I’ll be your waitress for the evening,’ I said, while smiling, trying not to look like a fan girl. I am not a fan girl, but these boys are way too gorgeous not to drool over.


‘Hi Emma!’ Niall Horan, the only and only, spoke to me. (Probably knew my name from the hideous name-tag I was wearing.)


‘Hey,’ I replied sweetly.


‘What do you recommend here?’ he asked me.


‘Well is this your first time?’ I asked him. Harry quietly snickered from the side. Well, that was Harry being himself.


‘Then I’d recommend the grilled ham and pineapple salad, the tandoori chicken burger, and barbequed cola beef. For dessert, I suggest the chocolate and hazelnut tart but my personal favorite is the upside down pineapple cake,’ I responded.


‘Well then I’ll take the pineapple cake, the barbequed cola beef and the grilled ham,’ he said. And he didn’t even read the menu. When the rest of them decided on what they wanted, I scribbled their orders on my palm-sized notepad and went inside the kitchen and handed it to the chef.


I came outside, and I started serving the other customers: chocolate and strawberry mouse to table twelve, fig and goats cheese pizza to table one, another order of cola for table three. When table seven’s order was called out, I put all their dishes on a tray and walked over to their space.


I served Niall first. He looked like a little kid with a bunch of crayons in his hand. This brought a smile on my face. I served the others at the table and walked back to the counter, only to be called back by table seven again.


‘Um, can I have a peach iced tea?’ Niall asked me.


‘Sure thing,’ I replied.


‘And I’ll take a diet coke,’ Zayn said.


‘Make that two,’ came in another reply.


‘I’ll have a cold coffee,’ a petite brunette said.


‘That’ll be it,’ Louis told me.


I nodded and dashed off to the counter, prepping their drinks. I brought out some glasses and poured peach iced tea into one of them, diet cokes and put the cold coffee powder in the last one. I took some milk from the fridge and added it to the powder. I served it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I put some sugar packets on the tray, along with some lemon slices and carried it back to their table.


‘Thanks,’ Niall responded when I put his iced tea in front of him.


‘No problem, let me know if you need anything else,’ I said, and came back to the counter. I realized that if I posted this on Twitter or Tumblr, One Direction fans would eat nothing but grilled ham and upside down pineapple cakes for the rest of my life. I smiled quietly at the thought of it.


When the boys and their girlfriends, I assumed, were done with their food, I went over to their table to collect the dirty dishes. I carried their bill with me. I piled all the dirty dishes and put them on the tray. I went inside the kitchen, and put it in the sink.


When I came back, everybody had left, but only Niall sat in his chair, he hadn’t moved. When he saw me, he came up to where I was standing, right next to the counter.


‘That was an amazing meal,’ he smiled at me. I felt butterflies in my stomach, and I could immediately feel my cheeks turn red.


‘I’m glad you enjoyed it,’ I responded to his compliment.


‘We’re staying in Riverside for another two weeks, and I can’t wait to come here again,’ he informed me. Wait, why did I need to know this piece of information? A million thoughts came into my mind.


‘I’ll see you around,’ I said, not knowing how to reply to what he had just told me.


‘Bye,’ he said, winking at me. And he walked away.


My brain took a while to register that.

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