Somewhere between now and forever

Meet Emma Peterson: She nineteen, she's a law school student, and has a not-so-carefree attitude.
Meet Niall Horan: Twenty, in a globe conquering boyband, and flawless.

When the carefree Niall Horan meets Emma, sparks are sure to fly.


1. Boring Life


'Emma, wake up, it’s nearly eight,' my roommate, Elizabeth, and also my best friend called.


My eyes slowly lifted themselves open, and I could feel the bright sunlight streaming through the window, I could feel the heat penetrating deep into my skin, and it felt nice.


I stood up from the mess of last night: I had tried to complete assignments and get some studying done but I had no idea when I fell asleep. Books, notebooks and pencils were sprawled on my desk and there were books and homework papers everywhere on the floor. My room looked like a mess.


'Good morning Emma,' Elizabeth said cheerfully, poking her head into my room. She studied the environment and gasped.


'What happened in here? It looks like your brain exploded or something,' she joked.


'Same old, same old, El. You know how it is,' I replied. It’s true; this happened nearly thrice a week; and when I didn’t have to go to work. I always tried to stay awake at night and study but I don’t know how or when, I always fell asleep. Elizabeth was used to it.


My name is Emma. I study pre-law at University of California, Riverside. I’m currently in my sophomore year, and I share an apartment with my best friend of nearly seven years, Elizabeth. I also work part-time at a café near my university, Peppers. Normal curly brown hair, brown eyes, nothing too interesting about me.


Elizabeth on the other hand, is kind of the opposite of me. She has beautiful, long and lush blonde hair, and the most gorgeous blue eyes. She’s loud, gabby and quirky, whereas I on the other hand consider myself to be quiet and shy. She makes new friends pretty easily; I usually take some time to get to know the other person. She usually prefers to spend her Friday nights partying, but I’d rather sit in front of my computer or do my homework.


I find my life extremely uninteresting. I’ve never had a boyfriend since high school. Sure, I’ve had crushes but they’re not the same thing, when you think of it. I dreamt that one day, my prince charming would come and rescue me and take me to a land far away where food would serve itself and there would be no final exams. But Elizabeth was the type of person to be found by prince charming, not me.


I stepped into the shower, and took my time. I didn’t have class till eleven today. I didn’t have work until later in the evening. I had approximately two hours to kill in my apartment. I focused on cleaning every inch of my skin, making sure every part of me smelled like roses. I grabbed my warm, fluffy towel and stepped outside.


I changed into blue shorts, a white and black polka dotted collared shirt, and paired it with some jewelry. I applied my usual makeup: some concealer, eyeliner and lipgloss. I brushed my curly brown hair, and put it in a high ponytail.


I decided that it would be best to read up for class. I opened my textbook and studied about non-disclosure agreements. I was absorbed for a good one hour, before I decided that it was time for me to leave for class. I gathered my belongings, grabbed my textbooks and laptop and put it in my bag and went outside, after locking my apartment. Elizabeth had already left for class.


I started my day as normal Emma. I was right, prince charming would never find me, and this was how I was going to live the rest of my life. Nothing interesting would ever happen to me.


Or so I thought.


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