a valentine story

this is for the competition valentine with 1d


1. valentine story

me and my friennds stephanie and mia were walking to the store one day now we are in a massive apartment for the rest of the summer: wanna here the story? well here it goes


me and my friends stephanie and mia were walkiing to the stores one day because we were having a sleepover that night for my birthday. and my mum wanted me to go get some milk and cookies (for the sleepover)so we went. us 3, we love one direction.and we live in england so theres a chance we might get to meet them.

"ohh what if we meet one direction" stephanie said. "SHHHH" mia said " dont jinxs us" me, i dont believe in jinx.

as we walked into the shop we saw somthing, something that every directioner wish they had. you wanna know what it s well ill tell you. i looked at stephanie and mia in shock.stephanies face was going red and purpleish and mia was smiling so big i dont even think that her smile could even fit her face. we were also shocked how no girls were crowding them.we walked up to them to say hi and ask for a signature with a photo.we walked up to them and believe it or not,they said hi first. only arry,louis , and niall were there. we asked for a photo and we each went with our favourite boys:stephanie with harry,mia with niall,and me with louis.we took abouta million photos and we said thanks but before we could leve, harry had asked for our numbers.louis started giggling and teased harry fort having a crush on stephanie oh yeah i forgot to mention that we had told them our names and our adress. so anyway we all exchanged numbers and left.


the next morning


us three were awake before my mum and dad.we got dressed then made ourselfs breakfast oh stupid me, i forgot to metion our age.well im 18,stephs also 18,and mia is 19.after we ate our pancakes, we heard a knock at the door.i opened it and louis and niall was standing there. 'hi' they both said .'hi' i repeted.'weres harry?' i asked "oh him yeah hes recurling his hair he will come here later' "what did you do?' i asked with the jokingly anoyance.'oh we stratened it while he was sleeping' niall said simply in his strong irish accsent.louis nugded him. 'i thought so ' i replied with an eyeroll and let them come in.

10 minuts later

harry welcomed himself in and when he closed the door my parents left to go to work.sonner than we thougjht we were all sitting on the couch and louis askedif we wanted to move in with them mia and steph said at the same time 'YES' i said mabey and they all kep on nudging me to say yes. eventualy i gave in . i wrote a note to my pernts that i was old enough now and im moving out.i didnt grab any stuff because i knew i would be coming back to pick up some stuff. we got in harrys black audiand niall and mia went in im asuming louis red captiva.we drove into this massive apartment . "COOL" i said and indoor garage.


thats the end of my story.oh wait a minute would you like to know the date well the date was the 14/2/13

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