Time for love

Zayns cousin Serena is a student from california , who is going to spend her summer in Bradford with malik family . Zayn and other bandmates are home after the tour . Serena's life goes complicated when love sparks but she is not the girl that will easily let herself fall in love.
would he get her ? how far will she hide her feelings ?


1. Something to talk about

The Maliks house

Patricia's POV

As I was Cooking for Zayn , I Got a call from my sister that her daughter would be spending sometime with us . How lovely would that be , its been so long , I remember when Serena was born She was a lovely child , her sparkling blue eyes warm skin . As I was thinking i saw Zayn and waliyah coming for breakfast . At the table when everybody was comfortable I announced " Your cousin Serena would be joining us for a month . She is coming to spend her holidays so i would like all of you treat her well because you would be meeting her after a long time " . I could see Zayn's confused state Zayn said " We would love to have her with us . As well as Me and the boys are throwing a party for success of tour but .... " 

"What happened Zayn ??".

He said " Nothing , I was just thinking she would she be comfortable living here with me . I dont want to freak my sis."

"Dont worry Zayn she will be great "


Zayn's POV

After the breakfast I got a call from perrie 

"hey babe " 

perrie - " hey zaynie . look i am planning  lunch tomorrow , It would be just us & it will be amazayn "

z- " i love your cuteness but babe i have my sis coming from california so I got to be home "

p - " Oh ..... ok I get it "

z- " babe why dont you join us ?? It would be great and you will love it "

p - " Sure zaynie . I will call you later . Ciah  love you"

z- "love you too "

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