Time for love

Zayns cousin Serena is a student from california , who is going to spend her summer in Bradford with malik family . Zayn and other bandmates are home after the tour . Serena's life goes complicated when love sparks but she is not the girl that will easily let herself fall in love.
would he get her ? how far will she hide her feelings ?


3. Dont stand so close to me

Harry's POV 

I suddenly realized what i had said , her face was still confused . I immediately stood up and said " Styles, I m harry styles" .

she was still smiling . she tilted her a head a little, making me urge for her more . and mockingly said " So you're the curly haired one ?".  I could sense her humor  i exclaimed " Yes I am the curly ".  Soon she went up to meet perrie . Zayn came to me and i could sense his anger " Dude, She is my sis " . i shouted back " I know , i was just introducing myself". he shouted back " Please , I don't like the way you were staring at her " . So now Zayn thinks I am bad  person ?? Cant i like someone??

I shouted back as i was going out to Louis " Zayn , I am loving that you will notice me doing that more " .

Serena's POV

I walked in the room of Doniya , Perrie was braiding her hair . " Hey Girls ".  Perrie saw me and said " Hey , you must be Zayn's cousin ". I looked at her , she was pretty her cheeks blushed red,  " Yes , that's me, by the way the name is

Serena " ,Perrie was so welcoming " Serena , what a lovely name " and soon after we heard Harry and Zayn yelling as we went outside , we saw Harry going towards the garden area and Zayn looking mad at him . Aunt Patricia called up for the lunch , when we were all seated i looked around the table - harry was still staring at me , his green eyes checking all my movements putting my hairs back , shifting myself , smiling  . Then i looked at Louis and El making cute faces to each other and Zayn who was looking at Harry angrily . Harry made me nervous and i involuntary bite my lip when i am nervous . Zayn said" So there's something in common in between us . " Then Harry asked me " So Ser , would like to go for shopping with me ?." I could sense Zayn staring at me and everybody waited for me to answer i had no choice i had to say yes.

Zayn quickly exclaimed " Its been so long that i haven't shopped anything for perrie , we would also love to come , if harry doesn't have any problem taking us along ?" I saw Harry's face It was Red from anger but he dint had a choice he had to agree . As the boys and girls went home , i also went in my room to get some rest and i heard a knock on door . I opened the door Zayn was outside . " hey Zayn " . Zayn looking at me with concern " Don't get me wrong , you're my sis and i am in secured about all my sis and ... " I was confused What happened ? why was he saying such ?? he continued " Harry is a great guy but you should stay away from him , he is really not you're type ."  I was shocked " Zayn i haven't really come here to get in relationship , from my past  I Hate love I want to be alone , So , don't worry ." without getting his reply i shut the door


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