Time for love

Zayns cousin Serena is a student from california , who is going to spend her summer in Bradford with malik family . Zayn and other bandmates are home after the tour . Serena's life goes complicated when love sparks but she is not the girl that will easily let herself fall in love.
would he get her ? how far will she hide her feelings ?


2. Brave new world

Serena's POV 

Getting off the plane as i was heading  out of The airport i realized i was not here for holiday. Mum send me here so i could forget my past with Blake . All the things he did to me.. why ??? I always loved him . He physically abused me ,  tortured me.

I realized Doniya and Patricia waving at me " Hello  Aunt Patricia hope you remember me "  as i finished i felt her arms hugging me tight  " Hello Serena . Look at you , you've grown so tall and so pretty by the way this is Doniya . Doniya this is Serena "

I looked at her she was very cute " hello Doniya  " . All i could get was a warm smile . I stepped in the car after few minutes i realized we have stopped . I stepped outside , they had a huge lawn and a big house . I entered the house I could see somebody sitting on couch . everybody waaliayh , safaa  welcomed me . Then i saw Zayn who was extremely good looking giving me hug . " Welcome home Sera " . All i could say was " hey " coz i was struck by his looks .

i saw my room . It had dark red and yellow walls . I  was getting ready as i was told about some friends of Zayn coming home .

Zayn's POV 

Serena was absolutely drop dead gorgeous . She had sparkling blue eyes , brown hairs loosely falling down to her waist , innocent and had amazing smile . I heard knock on the door . The boys are here . The boys came in with perrie and Eleanor.

 Niall exclaimed . " I am hungry . do you have anything to eat ? " . Safaa escorted him to the kitchen . 

Louis and Eleanor were in garden area clicking pictures. Harry was busy in his phone . Perrie was helping Doniya to dress up . Li am asked me " so where is your sis ? " . i said looking up for a sign of her " she must be coming " . As i again glanced up . I saw her in a long lose black top with stripes with pair of denims . Her hairs open . I could see harry stunned looking at her . 

Harry's POV 

As i saw her . she looked confused . she looked feared . I wanted to hold her . She was looking at me then shyly looking down . I wanted this girl so bad . I coudnt realize i was staring at  her which was making her uncomfortable . but  i coudnt stop myself . She smiled at me . I was numb . I was struck by her smile . I realized i could destroy the whole world for her smile . She came to me and whispered softly " I m Serena " and I was lost that i murmured " and i am in love with you "




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