Time for love

Zayns cousin Serena is a student from california , who is going to spend her summer in Bradford with malik family . Zayn and other bandmates are home after the tour . Serena's life goes complicated when love sparks but she is not the girl that will easily let herself fall in love.
would he get her ? how far will she hide her feelings ?


4. A change is gonna come

Serena's POV

The next morning , i was ready in my poncho top with denim shorts . Zayn and Perrie were waiting for me outside .

"C'mon .." Zayn shouted .  I stepped in car and as we reached Zayn and perrie were surrounded by paparazzi's.

I went in a store , to buy some dresses ,as i was flipping on some  and a hand came over my shoulder . As i turned it was


"Harry ..."


Harry's POV 

"Hey Gorgeous  . May i help you ?." I said .

She smiled and said " Why not "

. I brought her a black gown and she went to try it on . As time pass i coudnt wait i stormed in the trail room she was struggling with the zip . I slowly touched her back she shivered , her eyes  stealing glances from me . I slowly moved down my hand down to her hip line , she dint protest , her eyes were filled with tears.

A small tear went down to her cheek , i slowly put my hand on cheek ,  took  her tears on my hand . She watched me what i was doing .  I drank her tears .

" I would never do anything which you don't want me to do ....... Sera , I like you and ... I'm sorry, I made you cry . I 'm sorry i shouldn't have done this , but I like you and I 'm not sorry for that ."

Serena was still numb . She was angry , sad . She tried to escape me . I held her tightly by arms and pushed her towards the wall

" Serena , How far will you escape my love , how will you forget this moment , My love is so strong that it will remain in your every breath " 

 I coudnt say anymore . I losend my grip . and..

She ran away

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