Valentine's Fey. (A 1Shot41D Story)

Niall and Sydnee have been best friends since she can remember. He has always protected her and he says he always will. This Valentine's Day something dark and full of hatred comes for Sydnee and Niall and they have to run and fight for their lives. Happy Valentine's fey.


1. Happy Valentine's Fey


"So what are we going to do for your birthday?" Niall asks. He knows that I completely hate my birthday. The only reason why is because it's on the absolute worst holiday every thought of. Valentine's Day. "Ugh, can we just do nothing? Sit in and watch a movie maybe?" I ask hoping that I can convince him. He smirks and shakes his head. "Nope, we are definitely doing something. And you're not getting out of it." he says proud. I sigh, knowing I'm defeated. "Fine." He smiles and gives me a wink. __ See, Niall is my best friend. He has been since, well, ever since I can remember. I can't think of a time that he wasn't with me. He's always been by my side through everything. Like he is my protector or soemthing. When I had the flu, he was always there, right beside me giving me anything I requested. When my grandma was murdered, he came to my house as fast as he could and conforted me. The worst part of that is that the killer was never found. That worries me a lot, but Niall helps me when I start to panic.  Me? I'm Sydnee Jerrell. I'm your average girl, that nothing ever interesting really happens to. I have long blonde hair, shimmering light green eyes, and I am as pale as a ghost. Sometimes I think there is something really wrong with me because I am so pale. It's just abnormal.  __ I yawn and rub my eyes. I blink a few times to let the light sink in. "Up, up! Big day my love! Should I start it by singing happy birthday?" My mom is at the edge of my bed ruffling the covers to try and get me to wake up. She does this every year. I think it's the only time that she actually comes in to wake me up. "Ugh, no. Don't remind me!" I say and cover my face with the pillow. She gets up and sings anyway. After she is done, she removes the pillow from my face. "I love you, sweetheart. Have a good day at school." With that she leaves the room. After a few groans, I get out of bed and get ready for the horrible day ahead. __ As soon as I open the doors to the school, all I can smell is ciggerette smoke coming from the bathroom.  I think it's stupid how today's generation thinks that it is so cool to smoke, when the only thing you are doing is practically killing yourself. I shake my head and continue to my locker. As I get closer, my heart drops a little.  Niall isn't there.  He's always at my locker when I get here in the mornings. Always.  I hope he's okay. I open my locker and grab my books, still looking around for Niall. There was only one time that he wasn't here in the morning and that was because his mom was getting sick and he had to take her to the hospital. I look around one last time, knowing he's not going to show, I walk on to class. __ Blah, blah, blah, science, blah, blah, blah, human body, blah, blah, yuck. I hate science. It's my worst subject. Just lucky me I have it first period of the day.  I am not getting a single word my teacher is saying. At all.  I sigh in frustration and look out the window. The outside of the school is filled with tons of green trees, flowers, decorations and Niall.  Wait, Niall? I take a second look and sure enough, my best friend is standing there outside the window. He doesn't look like his usual happy self, he looks a bit down and in thought.  He notices that I see him and he motions me to come outside. I give him a look like he's crazy, but go anyway. "Mr. Jamison, may I go to the nurses office. Girl troubles. I might be in there a while." He gives me a strange look and nods his head. __ "Are you crazy? What are you doing out here?" I yell as soon as he is in hearing range. His head shoots up and he runs to me. "Thank God you're okay!" he says desperately and wraps his arms around me. "Harry said that you were attacked by Max and his goblins. I went to Simon to see what he could do about this and he said that they would probably come for me next." He pauses as if he notices that he has said too much. Wait goblins? Max? What the heck is he talking about? "Umm, Niall what are y-" I'm cut off by a loud noise in the distance. His eyes widen and he grabs my wrist. "We have to go. Now. I will explain on the way." He says coldly. He's never been this stern with me. Something just isn't right here. "But, what about class?" I ask hoping we won't go back in there. "Forget about class, Sydnee. We need to leave." He starts running, my hand in his, I have to run along with him.    We approach an alleyway that I never noticed before, and I am left confused. "Niall, there isn't anywhere to run or hide in here. What are you doing?" He dismisses me and walks up to the wall.  He stops right in front of it and something happens.  A green glittering glow starts to surround him, getting faster and faster as it goes around his body. As I'm looking at the green engulfing him, I notice he is changing. His ears morphing into pointed ones, his eyes turn an immortally shade of green and his skin collecting little bits of the green substance.  I'm standing there in awe, I notice something I never noticed before. Niall has always been beautiful. His features always being unhumanly perfect. I just never realised until now, my best friend is gorgeous. I haven't had these feelings for him before. What is happening? I'm shook out of this daze when the green glow stops for a moment, then drops to the ground and vanishes in an instant. I let out a little scream of shock, I definitely wasn't expecting that. Well, I wasn't expecting any of the other stuff either. I'm still in amazment and shock over this whole thing and that scaring me doesn't help. He turns his head to me and gets me a smirk. Then almost as soon as he looks at me he draws his attention to the wall in an instant and slams his whole body against it. Earning another scream from me. More green dust emerges out of no where in a puff as his body collides with the wall. As I blink to adjust my vision, what was a solid brick wall is now a long forrest corridor. Niall grabs my hand and we start running again, not giving me any time to take in what is going on. "Okay, I know you are probably a little freaked out and maybe a little scared, but let me explain. I am a faery. No not the little froo froo Tinker Bell crap. I am one of the original fey. A long long time ago, my great grand father was cursed by an old hag. He used her, so she put a spell on him so that he would be compelled to protect and love a girl that would never feel the same way about him. This spell has taveled down and now I have it. The old hag grew to completely hate love. And eventually when the humans came up with the holiday Valentine's Day, she vowed to destroy any love she can." He pauses the story to jump over a good sized rock and continues on. "My great grand father bared a child with her. Max. After she realized that he used her, she trained Max to destory love and to keep a close watch on my family line to make sure that the curse is still working. Max and his goblins have noticed that the curse is starting to weaken for some reason that I am still trying to figure out. Now that it's Valentine's Day, and love is all around Max is out to destory what is making the curse break.."  The corridor ends and we stop. What is making the curse break.. He can't mean me. Right? "You're in danger, Sydnee. And I am your protector. I have been my whole life. I never told you because I didn't want you to be afraid of anything, or freaked out. I couldn't stand you not talking to me. I just couldn't bare it. But, Max is coming for you and he won't stop until you are out of the picture so the curse isn't broken. And when he destroys you. That destroys me. When you die, I suffer a torterous death without you. I literally can not survive without you." I'm left speechless. This is all way to much to take in all at one time. I just want to run and hide away from all of this.  A trace of fear shoots through his eyes. "Please. Say something." Niall says in desperation. We are standing face to face and I am looking directly at him, held in his grasp. I can't budge. His features so unhuman now, it's strange, yet alluring. "You're my prtector?" He nods. "Then protect me." I throw my arms around him and hug tightly, he does the same. "What now, do we run, do we hide? What is it?" Niall smiles, probably glad to know I'll do anything to help. But, his smile goes away quickly, getting to business. "Anywhere we go they will find us. They are trained to know our smell, Max has trained all of his life for this. And he has trained his goblins too. So I have to fight them. I might not have a great chance of surviving, but it's the only chance we have." he says strong. As soon as I figure out that I love him, I have to loose him? No. I am not letting that happen. Not now. Not ever. "I'm fighting with you." I say. His whole body tenses and his eyes widen. "No, Sydnee. No. You're not fighting with me. You might be half fey, but that doesn-" Niall takes his hand and covers his mouth to make himself stop talking. I freeze and my heart about stops at what he has just said. "Half fey? Half. Fey. What the-?" I pause and try to compose myself. "I'm what?" He lets out a long sigh and I feel a story coming on. "The old hag tried to find love many, many times. And she was with someone for a while and your grandmother, the one that was murdered was one of the women that he cheated on her with. This wasn't found out for a long time. When the old hag finally figured it out, she killed her." Tears start to form in my eyes. "While she lived, she had children. Your mother and her twin sister. Both born from the man that cheated on the old hag. He was a full blooded faery. In the royal family to be exact. Any fey in the royal family that have a child with a human, the immortal jeans stay for a long time. So you, your mom, your aunt. All fey." By now, the tears are flowing down my cheeks, and Niall has brought me into his chest holding onto me tightly as if protecting me.  I pull back to reply, but am interrupted.  "You sure do leave a good trail of glitter, pretty boy." says a voice who's owner I don't know. Niall instantly turns his head to the direction of the voice and his grip on me tightens.  "Max, you don't have to do this. You don't have to do everything that your mother says. You can just leave now, and no one will get hurt. And we can both be happy. Sound like a plan?" The person who is apparently Max laughs. "You just don't get it do you? My mother has made me devote my entire life to training to track and stalk the two of you. I know you both better than I know my own self. Don't you think that I am getting a little tired of that? With thw two of you out of the way, I can actually have my own life instead of having to follow you all over the world. I need you out of the picture. Maybe then my mother will let me be." My heart drops at the statement just made from this man. I mean faery, still new at this. "Please, don't listen to your mother. Love isn't a bad thing, love can be beautiful once you find the right person. If that person is there for you, if that person will do absoutely everything just to keep you safe and happy, love can be amazing. Your mother just had some bad experiences with it because she hasn't found the right person yet. If she keeps pushing love away now, she'll never be happy. And if you keep following her exact orders you'll never be happy.  Just give it time,  you never know when the right person will come around." I pause and look over at Niall who is watching my every move. "And sometimes, the right person has been with you all along." Niall looks like he is in a daze of amazement as he looks at me. I smile and mouth the words "I'm talking about you." to him. And before he could react, he is slammed down to the ground by Max. "Love makes me sick." he says disgustingly looking at me. While his attention is on me, Niall grabs his ancles and jerks him to the ground, and he jumps on top of him, holding a dagger to his throat. "I swear if you hurt her, I will kill you before I die. No matter how much torture and pain I will go through." Right as Niall finishes his sentence, Max somehow gets the dagger away from his throat and switches places with him to where Max is on top now. Max pulls out an arrow from an arrow case on his back that I didn't notice before and holds it right under Niall's jaw line. Max says something, but I can't hear him because of noises coming from the bushes. I turn to look at the direction of the noise and out come four ugly looking creatures. They are short, green, and look and smell as if they haven't taken a bath their entire lives. They start getting closer and closer to me, which forces me to back away. One of them mutters something to another one of the ugly looking elves, and they start to make sreeching noises as if they are singing. But, the singing turns into noises so high pitched and ugly that my ears feel like they are going to start bleeding and fall off.  I cover my ears and try to block out the sounds, but it's no use. They just keep getting louder and louder. I look over at Niall, and see that he is starting to weaken in the battle with Max, but he's still trying. My attention is drawn back to the creatures that are getting even closer now. My breathing starts getting heavier and my blood starts pumping harder.  I'm starting to loose my senses.  I sit down and bring my knee's to my chest and hug them. A cold feeling runs througout my whole body, and all I can see is red. Red.  These feelings are taking over and I know there is no use to try and stop them.  The ear bleeding sounds coming from these things are too much. I scream and stand up within the blink of an eye. A red glitterish glow bursts out from what seems to be no where and attacks the goblins.  They are thrown back a good 6 foot and are temporarily immobile. I feel the features of my face changing and my ears morphing like Niall's did earlier. Niall. I quickly turn my head to look at him and see that he is laying on the ground, motionless and Max has a bow and arrow aimed on him. My first instinct is to save him.  I run unhumanly fast and tackle Max right before he lets the arrow go. We crash onto the ground, unphasing me, but stunning Max. I quickly jump up and draw my attention to Niall and go to him. His face is stained with blood and he has cuts all over him that just keep bleeding. He clearly can't survive the damage that has been done to him. "Niall, please no. Please!" Tears start pouring down my cheeks. "No! You can't leave. You can't die on me." I check his pulse. His heart is beating, but barely and is fading more and more by the second. I know there is no hope. "This isn't fair! I just got you and now you're being taken away from me." I caress his head and lean my head down and put our foreheads together letting my tears touch his features. I can hear movement really close and starting to get closer. "Niall, if you can hear me. I just want you to know that I should have realized how I felt about you sooner. You have always been there for me, I-I should have known." I pause for a moment, the tears starting to get the better of me. "I love you Niall James Horan." I press a light kiss to his cold lips.  His little breathing completely stops and tears just gush out of my eyes. "No! No! No!" I choke out. As soon as I finish I am thrown to the ground and the breath is knocked out of me. I look up to see Max grinning at me with a blood trickling down the side of his mouth. "Aww, did your precious little lover die on you? How does it feel to be heart broken? Not so nice is it?" he says pushing his foot down on my chest. He takes out an arrow and aims it right at me. "Love is a figment of imagination. Never real. Never true. Always fake." he pulls the arrow back farther. "Happy Valentine's Day." I close my eyes and wait for the impact of the arrow. Nothing happens. I open my eyes to see Max with blood running down his chest and a dagger in his heart. He drops his bow and arrow down to his side and I watch him take his last breath. He falls on top of me, knocking the breath out of me again. I push him off and stand up to see my savior. It's Niall.  I try to catch my breath. I jump up and run to him. I crash into him hugging even tighter than before.  "I thought I lost you! How is this possible?" I draw back and give him a desperate kiss. "You said you love me. That's what it took to break the curse." he says kissing me again. I'm just glad to still have him. He rests his forehead on mine, like I did when I was holding him and looks at me. "I love you too." This is a Valentine's Day that will definitely not be forotten.


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